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February 2017

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Blue as Blood (四+卡)


Disclaimer: Not mine. Kishimoto's (yes I do resent this fact).
Spoilers: Through Kakashi Gaiden.
Characters: Yondaime + Kakashi + Sakumo.
Note: The personal name for Yondaime is borrowed from Japanese fanon: Shimenawa. The fic takes place before he becomes hokage, so I had to find a personal name for him.

Blue as Blood
by Renata Lord (snowlight)


It was Shimenawa who taught Kakashi how to take care of the transplanted eye: meticulously applied chemical solutions, special-order contact lenses, and--for this was the most important part--never, ever rubbing the eye under any and all circumstances.

"....and it wouldn't hurt you to cry for a bit once in a while. It's good for the eyes." At the end of the medical lecture the man added this rather thoughtfully, his face a perfect study in equal measures of calm and distance. One would have trouble trying to tell if he had only meant to tell a terrible joke by that last statement.

Nevertheless, Kakashi instinctively took it as one. Unlike his own teacher Jiraiya, Shimenawa was not known as a joker. It's not surprising, then, that one of his rare attempts at lightheartedness would sound so....out of tune, even alien.

It should be noted that Rin had imparted to Kakashi the exact same eye care advice, minus the crying part. But it was Shimenawa's words which wielded a simple yet undeniable power over Kakashi like no other person's could have had. In the end Kakashi religiously observed the routines because, above all, these were the instructions from his teacher. It might be deemed macho or gutsy for a ninja to disobey the doctor's orders under certain circumstances--stupid, but gutsy; but one never defied his teacher's commandments. At least, this was the logic which made sense in explaining the world to Kakashi at the age of thirteen, the Kakashi who was already a jounin by the merit of his polished deadliness but still, alas, only possessing the eyes of thirteen-year-olds.

"Thy father and thy mother are like heaven and earth. Thy teacher and thy lord are like the sun and moon."

That was the Hatake family motto. Of course there wasn't really a Hatake family now, nor were the father and mother still here. Thus there wasn't much left for Kakashi to swear loyalty to, except for the man looming before him and the hokage himself. And in all probability the two entities would converge soon enough: Sandaime had repeatedly voiced his desire to step down after the war, and the heir apparent to the hokage's seat was none other than the Yellow Flash, provided that he survive the bruising war.

But beyond all these--beyond his stature, his fame, or the sense of majesty that his body emanated with every movement, Shimenawa held a special card in commanding Kakashi's obedience in the matter of the eye. After all, first hand experience pays.

It was written thus in the annals of Konoha history: The fourth hokage possessed a pair of extremely rare eyes, called the Reigan (Spirit Eyes). Although originally more like a recessive genetic disorder, with vigorous spiritual training and more than a little bit of dumb luck, the eyes could be transformed to a person's immense advantage. Their users could see through the fabric of space and time, and discover the miniscule yet highly useful cracks within. To cheat time by tricking space and then do it backwards all over again, that was the Reigan's most famous power. It was also possible; it was said, for the Reigan user to communicate with the dead who linger in this mortal world long after their due time had past.


Kakashi had wondered, on more than one occasion, if his teacher could catch the vestiges of his father's ghost. According to legends and lore, the ones who commit suicide for selfish reasons were exceedingly hard to placate after death. Although Kakashi had never experienced any abnormal chill creeping down his spine, somehow he steadfastly held onto his belief that his father was still bound to this earth. This thought proved to be more troubling than comforting to him.

For his part, Shimenawa never told Kakashi of the conversations he'd had with Sakumo, dead or alive. Sakumo insisted on it. Not that he wanted to get involved in the first place--father-son relationship was such a delicate thing, and given that he never even knew his own father's name, Shimenawa considered himself ill-equipped to even approach the topic. A person's emotions are infinitely more complicated than the principles behind even the most difficult jutsu, this he had learned from very early on.

Still, it troubled him sometimes. Before Obito's death Kakashi was constantly on guard like a wounded animal in the wild, always ready to start a fight with the people around him by way of a certain passive-aggressiveness. Although in this case "the people around him" would primarily mean just Obito, since Shimenawa was the teacher and Rin was too soft-hearted to have an argument with anyone. (Why did that girl decide to become a ninja? It was a question Shimenawa never found out the answer to.)

But after the battle at the bridge, it seemed that Kakashi had lost more than just a teammate and an eye. The breath of life had escaped from him, and now his remaining eye sometimes uncomfortably reminded Shimenawa of the dead Sakumo's. It no longer held any firm emotion, and by losing its focus appeared hollow. Although for his Reigan training Shimenawa had spent a thousand sleepless nights holding his own ground against the manifestations of death and emptiness, it nevertheless disturbed him to see it in his own student, so close and so personal.


"Isn't there anything you can do for him?"

Not long after the team had temporarily returned to Konoha from the battlefield, the ash-gray ghost appeared before Shimenawa and asked him this, while the latter was innocently taking a midnight forest stroll under the full moon. However, as he had expected the visit and even the question itself, he did not resent it. Stopping in his tracks, he turned to face the dead.

"Good evening, Sakumo-san."

The ghost did not immediately return the polite greeting, but rather continued on with an insistent urgency: "Please, whatever it is, help him exorcise it. I am......unclean, and will remain like this as long as I stay here, but you, who has the Reigan.....with this much spiritual power......" He trailed off, looking more defeated and pale than ever.

Shimenawa found himself sighing inwardly, without quite understanding why.

"Sakumo-san, do you know that I pray to the gods every day, with three wishes?"

Registering the surprise on Sakumo's face, he continued. "The first wish is for Konoha's peace and safety, the second is for the souls whom I have sent to death, and the third," there was a small pause, but his tone did not rise nor fall, "is for Kakashi and Kakashi alone."

There was a long silence.

Finally the ghost gave out a deep sigh, and nothing more was said. Shimenawa continued to walk at his own pace, and Sakumo followed him until they reached the heart of the forest, a lovely small lake hidden behind the old gingko trees and wild reeds. Shimenawa walked up to the rim of the lake and looked down--there was only his reflection. He was strangely displeased by this asymmetry.

For Hatake Sakumo was most assuredly by his side. Or at least, what remained of the once proud ninja known for his ability to stop Jiraiya and Orochimaru from fighting in public. That such a person would be pleading for his help with taking care of a young boy was utterly unthinkable to Shimenawa at first, and he was not used to the idea even now. The truth was, he would do the exact same things for Kakashi as he was doing now, even if Sakumo's ghost never appeared before him.

But there was no use in trying to persuading Sakumo to leave this world in peace, Shimenawa correctly reasoned. Nothing could assuage the conscience of a father who willingly made his only child an orphan. Nothing, that is, except for time and pain.

He knelt down by the water to refresh his face. His eyes were getting tired from the other's prolonged presence, and some moisture was badly needed. As he carefully massaged his temples, the eerily hollow voice echoed once again.

"I thought that gods answered all prayers."

"Me too."

By the time Shimenawa got up and straightened his body again, the shadow had vanished. The moonlight was calm and soothing, yet he felt like a nameless weight had settled upon his heart. It was not until a year later, when the fourth hokage faced the Kyuubi on a tall hill under the languid setting sun, did he suddenly realize what that weight was--the finality of fate, the powerlessness of mortal men, and the revelation that gods do answer all prayers--sometimes, with a "no".

"Ah.......Kakashi, I wish you could see this now. It's so beautiful."


It was Kakashi who brought his teacher's body back, along with the baby with the Kyuubi seal. But before that, he spent a moment alone with the man, completely oblivious of the baby's cries. Taking off the clawed Anbu gloves, he closed Shimenawa's still-open eyes with a gentleness he did not know he possessed. Kakashi knew he would miss those eyes terribly, in the same way his Sharingan longed for its true predecessor.

Perhaps that's why before the final gesture, he bowed his head and kissed the now-vacant eyes as if to purge them from his memory. They had no luster now, no kindness and no resolve. The only thing that remained was the color--in death as in life, always blue as blood.


The End



谢谢蝴蝶啊~~~~ 太高兴了太高兴了~~ 小心的收好来。^0^

飞花好幸福!我想,里面的四代和卡卡应该和很幸福的吧!蝴蝶一向是亲妈妈~~ XDDDD

我赶快下去拿翻译看了哦~~ XDDDD



Thanks for linking from the chunin community.

I found a lot of nice ideas in this, elegantly put.
I'm glad it was....um, useful to you. I was pretty sure nobody would read it because it no pairings... ^_^
This is really really good. It's been a while since I've read a story this good. The idea is very original. I love the concept.

I'm adding this to my favorites, if you don't mind :3
Thank you. I'm happy to hear that~~ ^_^

Now if only somebody would show me where to post the thing aside from Chuunin...
There's quite a few places.. Your fic would be like a beacon for it *-*

Mediaminer.org, fanfiction.net and adultfanfiction.net are some of the more popular multi-fandom story sites.

Other than that, I'm not too sure. If you search for "Naruto+fanfiction" you should be able to find more. I just don't know which ones would be best =\
*laughs* Please don't put it that way. I am very much aware of the shortcomings in my writing...in English especially.

Thank you for the suggestions! I didn't know Mediaminer did fanfiction... As for FF.net...ah the good old FF.net.... :P
Oh please XD If I hadn't looked at your journal, I wouldn't have known you spoke primarily Japanese. I think you write English very well. :)

You're very welcome. :3 Mediaminer seems more of a multi-fandom/multi-talent sort of place to me.. or something XD;

See? You write English just as well as a native speaker =P
Just so you know, most of the stuff on here is Chinese, not Japanese. *sweatdrops* I do know some Japanese, but not enough to write, just translate.

As for English, I consider it my first language at this point. It's just that my writing style in English is different from the one I use while writing in Chinese, and shows far less emotion. I guess that's what I get for writing one too many academic papers in English. :P
*falls over* Wow.. I am so sorry XD;; I just recognized some of the characters as being Japanese.. So heh~~ >>;

I don't think your style is emotionless. I rather like it. I'm just sorry I assumed so many things XD;; I feel kinda bad for that now. Totally misjudged, I guess.

Academic papers can do that. >> They can really do that. *remembers*
Thanks. ^^ I tried to match the style to Yonsama's personality, as per Kakashi Gaiden.
That is one splendid writing. No, honestly. I love the idea of it, I love the feel of the story, I love the characterization. Simply put,I like your writing style :).

I mean just.. wow. Thanks for informing me about this, this is really one enjoyable, well written piece of writing :).