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February 2017

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Five Times A Character I Love Did Something I Hated by Hatake Kakashi

Five Times A Character I Love Did Something I Hated by Hatake Kakashi
written by Renata Lord
(snowlight), original idea by magnetic_pole

1. Hatake Sakumo
Hi, Dad.
Even now, most people don't say your name in front of me, in the same way they avoid mentioning a lot of people's names to my face. I know it's out of respect and all that, but after the first ten years it just gets ridiculous. They talk about my life as if I was born without a father or mother, and got to be a jounin without a teacher.
You were my first teacher. In all things, from how to wash my hair to how to tie an Anbu knot. The latter I could have learned from any number of people, but the hair—nobody except you could have taught me how to deal with the cursed Hatake family hair.
Still, at this New Year's banquet, when the old lady Koharu commented that I look more and more like you every year, I didn't know how to properly reply to her. Maybe it was because of the alcohol, but at that moment, for the life of me, I could not recall your face.
If I had to pick one thing I hate most about you, it probably would be that.
For all the things you left me, there still isn't enough of them to replace you.
Bye, Dad.

2. Jiraiya
Icha Icha Paradise, good!
Icha Icha Tactics, good!
The two years of waiting in-between the two books...not good. Not good at all.
Respectfully but disgruntledly yours, H.K.

3. Uchiha Obito
As much as I would never admit it at the time, you were my best friend, if only because I didn't have any other friends. (Rin didn't count—she was a girl and you don't make friends with girls, not when you are 12.)
Anyway, this is not even a question, but in the name of all that is holy, why did you have to be so stupid?
You were supposed to grow up, realize that you suck at ninja-ing, get an early retirement, marry Rin and have a bunch of disgustingly cute babies.
You were supposed to have what I couldn't have.
And you blew it all away. In a snap.
Call me ungrateful, but I always hated you for that.

4. Shimenawa, the 4th Hokage
I really, really wish you didn't leave all your belongings to me. Why, you ask? For starters, because it took the better part of three months for me to throw all that junk out, one by one. All except that framed picture.
I hated you then for putting me through hell every day for three months, looking at your pictures, your clothes, and your precious collection of tea china.
I hate you now for letting a fourteen-year-old version of me getting my hands on all that, only to throw it all away. I even stomped on the china sets before hauling them into the trash can.
You should had known better, sensei. I know it's hypocritical for me to say this, but you really should have. After all, you always protected me from myself when you lived, why should that change just because you died?
Forgive my insolence. What I am trying to say is, I miss you. If I had more things to remember you by, it might make all this easier for me.
But then again, it might not. So maybe you were right after all, again.

5. Uchiha Sasuke
Bye, Sasuke.
I never got to say it, even though I had a feeling it was coming. You are an Uchiha kid, and that often means you don't listen when you really ought to. Still, I'm your sensei. You were my responsibility, and somehow I didn't get through you.
Guilt is a four-letter word, I think you understand that better than anyone else I know. The guilt of being the survivor, of being the only one who's not taken away. But still, it doesn't change the fact that you did a stupid, stupid thing. And quite deserving of being hated for it.
You left Konoha having never killed anyone, but I very much doubt that will still be true when we meet again. Naruto and Sakura told me about how much you have changed, about what have you done to my chidori. They thought I'd get angry at you, but I didn't. How could I? I was internally clapping your sense of innovation and pragmatism with a perverse sense of pride.
I wonder if you still think of me as your teacher.
I do believe we will need a re-introduction when we meet again.
Hi, Sasuke.


Hey, you wrote it! :D And it's very IC, both in tone and attitude as well as how he may view those characters. I think it expands on those relationships while remaining true to what's been presented canonically (and it's probably more thought than what Kishimoto's placed XD).

Anyway, this is not even a question, but in the name of all that is holy, why did you have to be so stupid?

I love that! XD It's funny, but also has a tint of pain and bitterness.

(P.S. Only minor, but I think there's a typo in responsibility under Sasuke)

P.P.S. I never noticed it in the original picture, but Sakura looks kinda like Tsunade in your icon!
And it's very IC, both in tone and attitude as well as how he may view those characters.

Oh, so that's why it was so depressing to write the damn thing. -_- I swear, one day I'm gonna write one for the 4th. With characters like him, one doesn't need to worry about IN or OOC.

Typo = fixed. Thanks!

Sakura's face may look like Tsunade's, but she ain't ever gonna get that cleavage...(Was that mean of me?)





Particularly the first and third one. as for Shimenawa, i still feel the bitterness when I was reading. But I always cannot stop reading such thing.
Well, anyway, as has been said by Iris,it's great to see you're writing something finished.

Re: 这个调调我喜欢~~

I really like how the first letter starts with Hi/bye and the last with bye/hi.

Thanks! It was out of, err, personal interest.

As much as I appreciate the comment about in-character, I do wish Kakashi wouldn't write something like this. Far too depressing/repressed.
Quite true. Same here, I think. Nevertheless, if there is a choice for him, even though I love him precisely the way he is, I still wish he could be...well, not the way he is.