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tower of light

March 2017

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tower of light

Premonition (FF7CC, A/S/G)

Title: Premonition
Author: Renata Lord (snowlight)
Pairing: Angeal/Sephiroth/Genesis
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.
Summary: Genesis dreams.
Author’s notes: My first try at FF7 fic. All forms of feedback greatly appreciated! :D

by Renata Lord



Genesis' murmur sounded like a whispered secret in the dead of the night.

Angeal knew Genesis must be dreaming. True deep sleep was a rare occurrence for them, achieved usually only through complete physical exhaustion to the point of collapse. But Genesis could choose to sleep like this when they are by each other's side, and that knowledge was dear to Angeal like few others.

Yet Genesis was having a nightmare. Soon he called out Sephiroth's name again, this time with urgency and apprehension. Those auburn eyelashes began to tremble, and a foreign look of pain descended upon that face. There came a small gasp that sounded more like a choke.

Then he became quiet and motionless.

Angeal moved to cover Genesis' tightly shut eyes with his hand, and suddenly Genesis was stirring. The face underneath his touch tensed, then relaxed again when Genesis realized—must have realized—that it was Angeal, no other.

He removed his hand and let it fell by his side. For a long while they both stayed perfectly still in silence, and he was about to drift into sleep when Genesis let out an even sigh.

"I dreamt that he died."


Genesis nodded and turned to him. Angeal felt those searching fingers creeping up and met them with his own. Genesis' skin felt cool and slightly moist, and infinitely real. He had Genesis in his hands, and in this moment it felt like the whole world.

"He won't die." And he meant that simple statement in all sincerity. It was ridiculous to even consider such a prospect. Angeal had sometimes pondered about his own demise from a purely philosophical point of view, and Genesis' death was something he did not dare to think about, but Sephiroth's—that was a closed-off impossibility which never even entered his mind. The hero of the SOLDIER would not die, could not die.

"It's not that," Genesis breathed, the tone growing softer still. "I saw him engulfed by flames and somehow I knew he was dead. But...it wasn't that."

The voice halted, and Angeal could tell that even Genesis was unsure of what he was about to say himself. But at last he began to talk rapidly, as if he wanted to confess everything before he changed his mind.

"I was beyond horrified. It felt like...like the world would implode and bury everything within it. But then there was something else too. In a split second, there was something in me that said—'Now I can prove I am the true hero of LOVELESS.' You understand? That was what went through in my head then, in those exact words. And in that moment I was so fucking happy again."

Genesis practically spat that last sentence out, there was so much venom in that voice. Angeal felt the hand in his trembling slightly, those fingers writhing like restless newborn snakes. He tried his best to soothe, to restrain, to subdue; but the beast refused to be vanquished. Some people say that love is a certain kind of panic, and he certainly saw that in the way Genesis' whole body now shook. The movement was barely perceptible, but he knew it meant that Genesis had lost the battle for control.

Somehow the confession came less as a shock as it was supposed to be. They have been with each other for so long, intimate in all senses of the word. And Angeal knew Genesis—not General Genesis Rhapsodos 1st Class SOLDIER of Shin-Ra, but Genesis the man. He had seen all the faces of Genesis—romantic, tempestuous, vengeful, jealous, gentle, abrasive, playful and oh so many more—and he had chosen to love all of them. In truth it was quite impossible not to, because it was Genesis.

Thus Angeal did what he could not express in words. He sat up and aligned himself over his lover, taking care so that their bodies did not touch save for the still-intertwined fingers. He hovered over Genesis like a shadow: eyes to eyes, shoulders to shoulders, mouth to mouth.

It was a hollow embrace, completely devoid of heat. But Genesis moved like a bird of prey, and Angeal could swear that he saw a bitter glint in those azure mako eyes before he was pulled down for a deep and thorough kiss.

There was nothing else to be said, and the night fell back into silence.



LJ在我们这边也被万里长城给挡了啊……之前的代理被废了,这才找到一个新代理……好久没来了 T T

aaaaw that was cute!!
Oh, poor poor Genesis. It's such a good thing he has Angeal. This was very nice indeed.
Thank you. ^_^ I actually don't feel bad for Genesis even though I adore him to death. If anything I feel bad for Angeal, heh.
Vivid. Warm too, perhaps, with a faint sense of foreboding. Intriguing piece.
Thank you. :D Hopefully I will be able to write more in the future.