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March 2017

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Illumination (FF7CC, a/g+s)

Title: Illumination
Pairing: Angeal/Genesis (+Sephiroth)
Rating: PG
Summary: Angeal never figured he might actually have to fight Genesis one day.
Disclaimer: Characters owned by Square Enix.
Note: For lakehikaru, in celebration of...that which is to come.

by Renata Lord

That which yields is not always weak.


When Angeal Hewley finally faced Genesis Rhapsodos in his ruined childhood home with a sword drawn in his hand, he was surrounded by an inescapable sense of deja vu.

Was there ever a time when they had been like this? He wondered in the backwaters of his consciousness, and the answer was both "too many" and "never". They had spent countless hours sparring, complete with the requisite blood and gore. He had come to understand Genesis' combat habits even better than his own. The tendency to charge in when another would normally defend or withdraw, the willingness to escalate every situation at mere whimsy, the sheer recklessness of it—he knew all this by instinct after nearly twenty years. How ironic is that none of this knowledge prepared him for this single moment, when he somehow might have to actually fight Genesis and could not afford to lose.

A SOLDIER could always trust his blade; but here and now, Angeal doubted his own grasp.

"Hey, partner."

On the other side of the room Genesis was grinning, even though the metallic chill underneath those mako eyes made Angeal wince. He could feel Genesis' anger shimmering just below that surface, like magma waiting to break free and gush forth to destroy everything in its path. He desperately wanted to shield Zack from it—the puppy didn't deserve getting involved in any of this. Genesis had always been his care and duty, not anybody else's—not even Sephiroth's. It was almost like a curse, one that he had unwittingly put upon himself at the age of six.

"So it means you heart is decided. As childhood friends, I respect your choice."

The exact meaning of those words hit Angeal only after a paused moment, then cold fury rose from within him like a vengeful flame. He wanted to shout that this wasn't true, wanted to cast down his weapon and grab Genesis by the collar until the bastard had come to his senses. He hadn't decided on anything, and didn't want to in the first place. All he knew was that he couldn't let Zack get killed, and there was no choice involved in that at all.

Not to mention that a part of him wanted to hiss at Genesis: How dare you presume that I would ever betray you, betray us?


Apologizing was not something that came naturally or easily to Genesis. It had something to do with his controlling tendencies, and that's putting it lightly. Angeal had long given up on wrestling a verbal apology from him for most occasions of disaster, and indeed had learned to avoid those episodes in the first place. I'm getting better at this, he had thought—until the day Genesis bared his fang towards Sephiroth in full.

He had always known that the silver general was a thorn in Genesis's heart. Genesis loved Sephiroth, there was no room for any doubt. Yet in all honesty love was a convoluted thing, and Genesis never saw the point in making things easy for anybody.

Even now, at last fully conscious after that bloody skirmish in the training room, Genesis looked like he was the one who deserved an apology for having his fight interrupted.

Angeal frowned and looked down at his friend's face. Genesis was half-smiling, lips slightly curved into a teasing angle. He was subdued now, without the rancor and venom that surfaced in the heat of battle, yet somehow Angeal was afraid to touch him.


"Hey. Feeling better now?"

There was a small nod.

"Hollander said you'd be able to come back soon."

"Good," Genesis closed his eyes and turned his head away, as if this conversation was already tiring him. Standing before the bed, Angeal sighed inwardly.

"Look," he took a deep breath, "about what happened..."

He was still searching for the right words when Genesis finished the sentence for him.

"—I always make you worry about me."

The redhead's words came out with a surprising airiness, as if they were discussing yesterday's weather or the looks of a random pretty girl. Still, the relative honesty of that admission startled Angeal. He decided to try his luck.

"I'm used to it, I guess. But for him..."

He saw the cold silence in those eyes and realized this was not a good time after all. The topic was changed swiftly: "Somehow, I do feel responsible. It was my sword."

"And I was the one who broke it. Brought it on myself." Genesis shook his head dismissively, the tone once again light, almost cheery. "Besides, as if you can get that good a shot at me to begin with."

Angeal let out a short grunt and decided to let the mockery in that comment go. At least Genesis was back to his normal self now, the arrogant prick. He tugged on Genesis' hair none too gently, mimicking a punishment that both of them knew would never come.

"Uh-huh. Well, I gotta go see Lazard now. Get some sleep."

Not waiting for a reply or a goodbye, he stood up and was halfway to the door when a soft laugh from behind made him turn around impatiently—and froze in his track.

There was the sight of a lifetime, something that would replay itself relentlessly in his feverish nightmares and other private hells. But he had no idea then, Goddess have mercy on his soul. He did not know he had just looked back on the burning cities, and all hopes for salvation had been turned into pillars of salt.

For one long moment, he could only stare at Genesis.

The young man had somehow sat up half-straight in bed, and was gazing at him with a face as pure and perfect as any saint he'd ever seen in those ancient books. The expression was so open and innocent that Angeal felt an almost physical pain tugging at his chest— and understood that it was the ecstasy of a martyr. He had never been particularly religious or poetic, but that hardly mattered now. It's the kind of feeling one gets when lightning strikes a July sky full of azure, then unequivocally descends upon a marked mortal. It was something that would have the trembling unbelievers discover the existence of deities, powers, karma, and the other intricacies of fate.

It wasn't that Genesis looked particularly beautiful. The injury had left him somewhat faded in appearance: his parched lips were devoid of color, and even the auburn hair had lost some of its usual luster. However, for once all his armor had been stripped from him, and there was no more pretension or defense. Angeal recognized that unabashed nakedness, and it nearly made him sinking to his knees.

Then came the words that would echo in all of Angeal Hewley's dreams ever since, destined to haunt him through all incarnations and departings. Perhaps it was indeed a curse, but one that was both given and received with nothing less than the deepest of devotion.

"Still, Angeal, you should know this: If one of those days you are the one who cut me, I will bleed forever."



Author's Note: My apologies to Nightwish, whose song "Ghost Love Score" became the inspiration for this story.

This story is a part of my ongoing exploration of the A/S/G relationship. My OTP is actually SGS, when push comes to shove. But the A+G relationship, the kind of love they always had for each other (which is very different from the kind of love between S&G), deeply intrigues me.


This was very nice, thank you.
I'm glad you liked it. :D I love your drawings.
mutual love, its a good thing!
Oh, that ending is so powerful. I love Angeal's reaction to it.

Not to mention that a part of him wanted to hiss at Genesis: How dare you presume that I would ever betray you, betray us?


I had fun writing Angeal's reaction. Love is like a religious experience sometimes, and it somehow seemed to fit.
Beautiful... There are no other words.

P.S. I just love the quote at the beginning. Hyacinthe is such a haunting character :)
Thanks. <3

I chose that quote because I wanted to show that even though Angeal kind of just went along with Genesis for most of their lives, it wasn't because he was weak-willed or just hopelessly infatuated. It was a conscious decision he made..or, a curse willingly received. :)
I would have thought Genesis was the one more similar to Hya, but now that you say it, your Angeal has a lot of similarities too :)
I must confess that I have a rather unforgiving interpretation of Genesis, despite him being my favorite character.
His passion reminds me of Hya, and what happens to Genesis could have easily happened to Hyacinthe given a few more years on the island and a loss of sanity.
Ghost Love Score = BEAUTIFUL SONG! Infact, my favourite Nightwish song... Come to think of it, it would actually kinda of go with an Ang/Gen story...

This was pretty ^_^
Chaos liked >:3
The original song is really more Sephy/Gene IMO.

My fall will be for you
My love will be in you
If you be the one to cut me
I will bleed forever

But alas, I still haven't found the courage to write S/G...^^;;
This was beautiful and the ending was a powerful one indeed. Now I will have to check out that Nightwish song, definitely.

I do hope to see more from you, of whatever combination of the three. :)
I don't think you will be disappointed. It's a very lovely song. :)

I have every intentino to write more stories about these three in the future. Just not sure what language it will be in. But I'll definitely post my English ones in the communities. :D


If one of those days you are the one who cut me, I will bleed forever

as I said, there is the best explanation for those two. However, what kind of sentences you can explain the relationship between G and S?

the only love, the true love
those two together, until the end that everyone already know.

I hope I can wait for u tonight.......but really want to sleep now......anyway, call me when you on the MSN......
= =+