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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

Sight (Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Yomi/Kurama)

Uh, so hi Tekko (dissociate). I know I have owed you a YYH drabble for 4 years by now...and I know you wanted one about Koenma. But I've finally decided to face the music on that one. Here is something a teesy bit longer than a drabble to show the sincerity of my regret about the whole fiasco.

Oh, and it occurred to me that we have known each other for nearly a decade now. O_o That's insane.

Title: Sight
Pairing: Yomi/Kurama (+Shura)
Rating: G
Summary: Kurama finds something in Yomi's garden. Emo ensues.
Disclaimer: Not mine don't sue, blah blah blah.
Note: This takes place after the ending of the series and assumes that Yomi & Shura had returned to reside in Gandara for the time being.

by Renata Lord


At that particular moment, Shura was not a happy boy.

The visitor had shown him a neat trick involving the disappearing waterfall, but he could not wrestle an explanation out from the man. As he had not yet grow accustomed to disappointment, the son of Yomi stomped off in a hurry after being gently told by his father that it was time to leave the adults alone. The tea was being served without desserts, and if Shura wanted any he'd have to go get his own. Normally Shura did not respond well to plain orders outside of training, even ones from his father. However, given that the dessert in question was something exotic from the human world called "meron pan", his curiosity got the better of him. After registering his protestation, he ran down through the hallway in a flash.

"What a spirited child."

On the other side of the room, Kurama nodded at Shura's trail. There was no doubt that he was Yomi's son: Even though his body's contour is already showing the onset of adolescence, there was no awkwardness in that boy, only an exuberant joy of movement and freedom. It was fascinating to see how he controlled his body so perfectly without realizing it. Kurama had to admit, Shura was a masterpiece.

"They say he's like me, but I don't think that's quite true," walking over to the tea table and sitting down comfortably, Yomi observed with quiet amusement, "for one thing, he's a lot noisier."

Being the polite guest, Kurama poured tea for both of them. White steam rose up, then quickly dissipated into the cool air. He momentarily felt a tinge of chill and had to remind himself that it was autumn already, even here in Makai.

However, he quickly forgot about the passing of seasons. Very few souls could be drinking the famed Gandara Silver and still be weary of the world. The tea was as divine as he had remembered from his days in Yomi's former kingdom; the fragrant liquid felt soft and warm to his lips, with a bittersweet taste that caressed his tongue like a lover's kiss. On his first tasting, he was told that it was made from leaves gathered in this very garden in front of him: Yomi's quaint little personal creation, with its star hexes and grombloods, nightmare grass and maiden's thorns.

...maiden's thorns?

Kurama blinked. Very slowly, he put the cup down.

"Tell me something."

"Yes?" the other youkai did not let go of the tea.

"Why is it that you have not tried to regain your sight?" he asked conversationally.

After a surprised pause, Yomi allowed him a small smile.

"To think that of all the people in this world, you are the one who ask me this with a perfectly normal heartbeat."

Kurama shrugged and studied Yomi's face. There was still only a terrible calm, like the silent ocean under a lethargic moon.

"I don't know how it was possible that I missed those plants before... But I see maiden's thorn in that corner now, the host to seimeigusa. Not to mention that lovely nakuhana tree is about to flower again, at last." The green eyes scanned the rest of the garden for the other restorative plants, and surely enough there was one, and another, and another. "I don't believe in coincidences, especially when the facts are right in front of me."

Sitting across from him, Yomi simply sipped the tea.

"I suppose it's true that the exact portion and such is difficult to gauge and potentially disastrous, but that does not pose much of a problem for a master—" he saw the barest ripple in Yomi's expression and sighed in spite of himself. "No. You are right, of course. This is not some kind of reparation, or repentance. That idea is as foreign to me as it is to you. I just thought...."

He had to stop because for once, he was searching for the right words that wouldn't come. Everything seemed wrong.

Behind Yomi, the golden flower buds of nakuhana dangled carelessly in the gusty Makai wind.

"—I thought that you'd at least like to see Shura now. He is beautiful."

"Does he have his father's eyes?"

The air changed all the sudden as Yomi smiled pleasantly at his silence. He sat at his end of the table, momentarily frozen as he saw blinded youkai leaning towards him. If only he could sense one single speckle of anger or malice in Yomi, he would have had the reason to escape from here and never return. Yet even after two betrayals that spanned across one thousand years, in front of him Yomi was still as serene as Gandara's October moonlight.

And when Yomi finally spoke, his voice sounded like that sleepy, sonorous sea.

"As much as I long to see my child's face, there is something—or I should say, someone that I would loathe to see even more."

To Kurama's shock, Yomi opened his eyes.

The wounds had healed in the wandering centuries, but there was nothing in the eye sockets where the amber spheres had been. Funny how even though he hardly gave a thought to Yomi's fate for all these time, he still remembered the color of those eyes as if by instinct alone.

"Do you understand now, Kurama?"

The savage emptiness was crushing. His fingertips began to grow numb despite the warmth of Gandara Silver in his hand.

"The sight of you in the body of a human...that is something these eyes of mine shall never see, for as long as I breathe."



Oh, and the meron-pan that lured Shura away from the grown-ups?



I know I haven't been commenting for ages, but that's mainly because I still don't know how to read Chinese! :( But hope you've been fine, dear friend. :D

This brings back memories of the yesteryears, when I was a fan of the YYH series as a young child. I absolutely love the interaction between Kurama and Yomi here, and more so the way you brought in Shura at the start (he's one of my favorites, even if his appearance in the comic is limited). I love the delicate feeling that you wove into this story, and Yomi's serenity despite everything is just brilliant. :D
Hey hey!

I'm pretty bad with commenting too, mostly because I forgot how to read English outside of the context of fanfics (true story...), and I've been moving away from F1 altogether now that MS is gone.

And yeah, YYH is such ancient history isn't it? But it's such treasured memory for me. :) One of my favorite series of all time, without a doubt. I've never written anything based on it before (well I was really into Hiei/Kurama about eight years back), so this is the culmination of...a childhood dream, I suppose you can say.

I'm glad you enjoyed the ficlet! Shura is such love isn't he? ^^ I had intended to write a colder/calmer Kurama, but for some reason Yomi totally pwned him...:P

I feel terrible that not writing the Koenma drabble made you feel that way, but it did bring about this beautiful work, sooo I have to admit I don't feel too bad. :3

I love the mood and interaction between Yomi and Kurama, it's poetically serene in a wonderfully descriptive way, that at the end, without breaking the mood, Yomi's words just crush you. And even though I read the summary, when I got to the end those few efficient words were still like a punch to the gut. The description is perfect, with Kurama's fingertips growing numb, and the setting around them.

Thank you so much! I love it; it has such exquisite grace I couldn't mistake it for anyone else.

And good gracious, it really has been almost a decade, hasn't it? @_@ Actually, aside from maybe one other person, I don't know if I even am in contact with anyone I knew from back then, IRL or otherwise.


But that picture looks much tastier than the ones I typically have. D8
I'm glad you liked it. Finally a load off my shoulders, I gotta say. Yomi came off a lot more forceful than I intended, and Kurama lost some of the composure that I am so used to see in him. But meh, they took the story where it went, not much I can do about that.

As for the bun, the ones I had in mind when I wrote the story were actually green, with powdered white sugar on them. Not sure what kind of melon was it, but definitely not pineapple, heh.
AWWW. That was so well written. I absolutely love you for it. Amazing. Great job!