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tower of light

March 2017

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tower of light

shortfic: Habits (FF7CC, SGS)

Title: Habits
Pairing: Sephiroth/Genesis (and vice versa—G side is SG and S side is GS)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Characters owned by Square Enix.
Summary: Of the post-coital kind.

by Renata Lord

G side

As Sephiroth found out very early on, Genesis abhorred all forms of body contact after sex.

They were in an abandoned corridor, hidden away from the sun and the world. Genesis, writhing against the rough wall, had just came all over his hand. He took some pains to clean himself up, then offered the same to Genesis. It was an innocent touch, nothing more than a fingertip that brushed against an exposed shoulder.

—and he saw Genesis shudder. The other man practically fled from him, eyes suddenly alert and blazing.

Sephiroth looked down at his hands. The scent of sex still lingered there on the leather gloves. Even him couldn't help but feeling insulted somehow.

On the other side of the corridor, Genesis drew up both hands in a gesture of truce.

“Nothing personal.”

“I see that,” he replied a little more coldly than he intended to.

Genesis opened his mouth but in the end said nothing. Instead, he quietly reached down and picked up the rumpled red coat from the floor.

Leaning against the wall, Sephiroth watched him dressing in the dim light.

S side

“You are giving me that look again, aren’t you.”

Sephiroth’s assertion came out in a half-yawn. Lying comfortably on the bed, he was on the verge of drifting into a sated sleep. The velvet curtains were drawn and the afternoon felt like dusk.

“I enjoy looking at you,” next to him, Genesis grinned innocently, “is that not allowed?”

“Will you stop if I say no?”

The redhead flashed a wide happy smile, “like hell.”

Genesis liked pushing people’s buttons. It was, as Angeal once ruefully surmised, the only way he knew how to deal with actual human contact. Thus when he could find no weakness or imperfection in the Silver General, he was at first surprised, next angered, but finally overcame with an intense fascination.

He took Sephiroth to bed then, to taste his childhood hero in the fullness of flesh. When naked skin slammed against naked skin, Sephiroth smelled like blood— frenzied blood that echoed the red liquid racing through his own veins. Yet even when he was brought to the apex of delirium, Sephiroth never made a sound during sex. The most Genesis had ever been able to extract from him were small sighs that died in the pharynx.

Here and now, gazing at that exposed white throat, Genesis wondered if Sephiroth would finally scream, if only he bit down with enough force just like that.

He knew he was bound to find out one day.


Postscript: Yay, my first direct attempt at SGS! I am actually pretty happy with the result, even if it came out edgier than I had planned. But still! ZOMG! SGS! *squee*


That was interesting.

Such a different take on Genesis as most stories have him as a complete sensualist. I'd be interested in seeing if you have a backstory to explain his reaction to post-coital touching.

The whole thing with him wanting Sephiroth to make a sound during sex almost comes under the heading of dominance games.


Grammar note:
"He took a bit of pain to clean himself up" is a little awkward. Perhaps a better phrase would be "He took some pains to clean himself up" or "He went to some trouble to clean himself up". Dunno. Think about it.
Hi! :D

Genesis in my book is more of a lunatic than anything else. Not in a bad sense of the word, but the wiring in that brain is not standard. He is actually my favorite character and I enjoy the sensualist portrayal of him as much as the next person, but my personal interpretation of him is not very forgiving.

As for the backstory, I'm sure one of those days the plot bunny will bite me again. Until then, more 1st Class stuff here and there.

And thank you for pointing out about the phrasing. I went back and changed it. :D


I like it, it's a change from the usual portrayal of Genesis. I'm also impressed that you're writing in two languages, with completely different alphabets.

One grammer note, "had just came" popped up as awkward when I read your writing. I think it's "came" or "had come" but not "had came" together. Even if it's technically correct, it still feels odd.

I am now faced with the sad fact that my Genesis is quite different from how people commonly view him. :P

I know what you mean about "had come" vs "had came". Had trouble deciding what to do about that one, heh. Thanks for the note though. :)
This is definitively an interesting Genesis. And an interesting Seph too :P
Thanks. They kind of went in their own direction. Gave me headaches really.
I thought this was a little sad but still great! Sad because of Genesis not liking to be touched afterwards, like he's done something wrong or like he thinks something is so wrong with himself that he can't abide it. I also like Sephiroth's moment of insecurity that Genesis's flight caused him, like, "WTF? I'm SEPHIROTH! Why would he run from ME?" The second part was hot, I thought it was very feral of Genesis to try to get a reaction by violence instead of by gentleness. All in all, good short bit! And PS--I LOVE your icon!

Edited at 2008-10-08 01:04 pm (UTC)
like he thinks something is so wrong with himself that he can't abide it

I think that's the best way to put it really. Genesis is damaged in certain ways, and he is very much aware of it. Add Perfect!Seph to the mix and things just get worse.

like, "WTF? I'm SEPHIROTH! Why would he run from ME?"

Haha. I meant to imply that Sephy felt a little used. ("I've just fucked you with my hand now all the sudden you don't want me touching you anymore. WTF?")

Anyway, thanks for the reply! Always interesting for me to see how my readers interpret my wrirings. <3
That's interesting. I like it, particularly the last scene - that hint... Nice fic :-)
Thanks! :D If only I could carry the threat out for Gen...hehe