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tower of light

March 2017

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tower of light

Adoration (FF7CC, Angeal/Genesis)

Written as a response to the fic challenge posted by the lovely karadin in redleather_love. (Theme: The Apple of His Eye.)

Title: Adoration
Pairing: Angeal/Genesis
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Characters owned by Square Enix.
Summary: An eleven-year-old Genesis declared Angeal to be the apple of his eye in front of the whole class.

by Renata Lord


Ms. Celinda Ayers turned her head to check on the boy who had been uncharacteristically quiet for the past ten minutes. She suppressed a sigh when she saw that as expected, the little devil was not paying the slightest attention to her or the book. Instead he was scribbling something on a piece of yellow construction paper, as to what she could only guess.

As adorable as he could be at times, this child was going to be the death of her—clever and troublesome, that's always the most difficult kind for teachers to handle. The Rhapsodos child knew way too much for a twelve-year-old, yet not nearly enough in the way of common sense. She'd talked to the parents countless times about it, but nothing could rein the boy in.

"Genesis," she called from the far corner of the room, "Genesis—!"

The child did not respond, still engrossed in his own task. Ignoring the rest of the world around him all the way into oblivion, he was good at that. However, luckily for Ms. Ayers, there was one person who could always get his attention no matter what.

Angeal, who sat directly behind the troublemaker, rose to the occasion. He gave the chair in front a swift, hard kick and hissed, "Genesis!"

'Wh-aa-at?" Genesis turned around and whined impatiently, only to be met with one of those looks from the black-haired boy. "Oh hi, Ms. A!" he looked up and grinned blithely at that stern face.

"Genesis," the teacher tried to prevent exasperation from creeping into her voice, "We were just talking about the phrase 'the apple of my eye' from this passage, and Issara here gave a great example about how her baby brother is the apple of her eye. Do you have an example of your own that you want to share?"

"Banora White?" Genesis offered cheerfully without skipping a beat.

The girls in the class began to giggle, but the teacher did not look too amused. She had hoped that Genesis was off doing his own little thing because he had mastered all the terms on the worksheet. Well, so much for that.

"Genesis, the apple of somebody's eye means someone who's very important and very dear to them, cherished above all others. It's a figurative term."

"Oh," Genesis beamed at her, "Angeal, then."

There was a moment of stunned stillness, then the "oooh"s and the "ewww"s rose up in the small classroom. Genesis himself didn't seem half bothered by it, but the other boy suddenly became very interested in his own feet.

"Children!" Ms. Ayers quieted the room down with that severe tone she reserved for people who were in deep, oh so very deep trouble, then walked over to the two boys. Smiling softly, she tried to find the correct words.

"Sweetheart, we usually only use that phrase for people whom we have...like, when they belong to us."

"Well, yeah." Genesis frowned and said matter-of-factly. "For me, that's Angeal."

The teacher could hear the innocent but malicious whispers developing within the artificial hush. She consciously took a breath and forced herself to look into those bright blue eyes.


Maybe it was the tone, or maybe it was the look. Either way, as if suddenly sensing the air of disapproval at last, the auburn-haired child lashed out at her in full force, the small body shaking with a righteous rage.

"But it's true! He is mine!" he protested with a kind of venom that could only spring from an absolute conviction in one's cause. Spinning around to his backside, he kicked Angeal from under the desk. "Tell them!"

In response, Angeal did what any eleven-year-old boy with an extreme case of panic attack would do: he stood up so abruptly that he knocked his chair over; and, still keeping his eyes on the ground, he fled from the room as fast as he possibly could.


The two children walked in stubborn silence: Genesis in front, Angeal trailing by a few feet in the back. Genesis kept up an unusually brisk pace, as if he wanted this trip to be over as soon as possible. Once in a while, though, he did give some pebbles on the dusty road a vicious kick or two.

Behind him, Angeal said nothing.

Soon enough, the Rhapsodos House rose up on the horizon—a stately and forbidding mansion, with an intricate garden and many strange statues. Genesis found himself slowing down at the sight of the enormous front gate. He never liked being at home all by himself, so usually he stayed at Angeal's until dinner time, and only because his mother forbade him from imposing on the Hewleys with another mouth to feed. But today it was impossible to pretend that everything was fine and just saunter over there with a "hey Ms Gillian." Not when he hadn't spoken to Angeal since...well, what had happened.

The thought burned in his mind. He bit down on his lower lip hard, and that sickening feeling of abandonment made him want to throw up. He felt something welling up in his eyes and became all the more furious—at the world in general, but himself and Angeal in particular.

Damn you, Angeal Hewley. I'm never talking to you again. EVER.

He stopped at the great black gate, all too aware of Angeal coming up from behind him. Even so, to feel Angeal's hand on his shoulder was something of a shock.

He liked it. He always liked Angeal's touch. But right now it just felt wrong.

Genesis tried to shake that hand off. When Angeal refused to release him, he turned around sharply and pushed the other boy away in a violent jerk.

"Let go of me!" he intended to scream but it came out more like a choking sound.

Angeal winced as he rubbed his own shoulder.

"Look...I'm sorry."

"I don't care if you are sorry! Just...don't talk to me ever again!" this time Genesis really was yelling, his blue eyes flashing with renewed anger. Shoving the heavy gate open, he cast a last bitter glance at the reticent boy behind him before making his exit.

—and almost fell down in surprise when he realized that Angeal had charged up to him and grabbed him by both arms. Within a heartbeat he was slammed into the iron bars, Angeal's body tightly pressed on top of his.

He pushed back against Angeal, even as he knew it would be futile. Although a year younger, Angeal had always been the stronger one in terms of physique, and Genesis didn't feel like playing mind games at the moment. Instead, he let out a long stream of obscenities directed at his capturer. He may have had the face of an angel in one of those fancy paintings; but when it came to swearing, Genesis' creativity was unparalleled in all of Banora.

For a while Angeal said nothing, simply content with holding Genesis in his arms. The Rhapsodos estate was vast and nobody ever hung around the front gate, so he didn't have to worry about them being seen or heard. However, finally he leaned down at just the right angle and silenced Genesis with a kiss.

A first kiss, one that was more like a bite. Rough, stumbling, and almost vindictive. Ignoring Genesis' muffled cries, Angeal pushed his tongue to wreck havoc in that infuriating mouth, and to his surprise he liked it. As Genesis finally began to respond in kind, he felt the blood in his head vibrating with a dizzying white heat, driving him to new heights of madness until they were both utterly out of breath, slumping against the cold metal.

Once recovered, they reached a tentative truce: Angeal lowered his arms, and Genesis did not push him away. Still, wiping his lips while keeping his eyes locked on Angeal's face, Genesis did not look at all pleased.

"What the fuck did you do that for?"

"'Cause you wouldn't let me fucking talk," Angeal answered evenly. "And, because I wanted to."

Genesis glared at him with a stormy look in those darkened eyes, demanding more explanations with his silence. Angeal looked away first, but he finally tilted his head back to face Genesis.

"...I'm not you, Gen," he said earnestly, "I can't say things like that in front of everybody. But...but it doesn't make it any less true."

"Make what?"

The black haired boy sighed. "You know. Apple, eyes, and all that."

"Hmpf," Genesis scoffed ceremoniously, "it's a stupid analogy anyway. I know you are mine, apple or not."

The way he looked up at Angeal through those thick eyelashes belied the arrogance in his words. He looks so vulnerable, that thought flashed through Angeal's mind like a falling star gliding through the night sky. And it's because of me.

Angeal lowered himself to rest his forehead against Genesis' shoulder. Soon he felt Genesis' deft fingers playing around in his hair, tugging at some strands and twirling with others. Another thing they had never done before, and one that was bound to make his hair even more disheveled than it already was. Yet considering that mere moments ago they were shoving tongues down each other's throat, he found no real reason for objection. Besides, he liked Genesis' touch. Always did.

"Yes," he breathed, "of course."



A/N: When I first started writing, I had only intended for it to be a rather ambiguous A+G kind of story. However, as the plot progressed, Angeal somehow became a lot more assertive so it ended up as a definite A/G. Well, I guess he showed me. :P


Aw, thats gorgeous! And I like the not ambiguous, as Genesis never would be! Arigato!
Thanks. ^_^ BTW, I'm trying to post this to redleather_love but I keep getting an error message about maximum user-queue combination reached...would you know anything about that?
It's now posted, all postings to the comm have to be approved by a mod.
Ah...I guess I never posted in that community before. My memory capacity has taken a drastic turn for the worse these days, seeing as how all I can think about are those guys...-.-
hee hee, that's not a problem in my book! Thanks again!
OH OH CUTE! *flail*

I love these two as a pairing so much and when they're younger it's even better. So sweet and adorable. ^__^

Lovely characterisation and a cute story. Thank you for sharing this. <3

It's been forever since anybody called my story "cute", but I'm glad you enjoyed it. ;) I have one or two other A/G fics written. If you are interested you can find the link in my profile.
Oh, this is just lovely. :D
Thanks! :D
This is adorable. I haven't found many fics with Angeal and Genesis as kids, and I adore this!!

Genesis getting angry and defensive made my day XD

Yeah I definitely like thinking about A&G as kids. Genesis morphs into...well, something else, as he grows older. Of course I adore him regardless, but...yeah.
Very nice *purrs*

It was sweet and touching and hinted at just how hot these two will be when they're older.

Genesis in the classroom was perfect. I can see him doing and saying that without caring how anybody else takes it.

Angeal obviously gets used to it as they get older =)
Thanks. :D I'm glad it made you feel good about the A&G pairing.

Still I say though, poor Angeal. He's cursed with Genesis. :P
True, but until he went all jealous and insane and stuff, I'm sure he was lots of fun =p

*innocent look*

I always figured that the seeds of madness showed up in Genesis very early on. It just didn't have the proper catalyst (i.e., Seph) to make it into something full-blown. Angeal had years to watch it evolve (devolve?), but he cared for Genesis too much to be able to change him. (Hmmm, so Angeal is Genesis' enabler?)

Besides, as a Genesis fangirl, I submit that even after he went all jealous and insane and stuff, he was still a lot of fun. Mwahahaha~~
Awww, sweet!! I love the classroom scene :) I bet Gen was writing fanfic :P


That thought is certainly worth entertaining!


Of course, being Gen, he's writing fanfic about Loveless :P

Now that I think about it, being Gen, he's turning Loveless into a PWP xD


He's totally Mary Sue-ing LOVELESS. I have no doubt about that.
So adorable! Little Genesis is quite possibly even more...er...Genesis...than canon Genesis. ^-^

That probably made no sense...
Thanks. I consider that high praise indeed. :)

this story is too adorable.....*squeeeee*

you sure you wrote this? =w=

Re: this story is too adorable.....*squeeeee*

It's only adorable when you don't consider what happens to them later in canon. :P

Kinda like Obito/Kakashi, but without the antagonism.
Lovely story, I really liked the classroom scene, so Genesis. And Angeal's little confession was just sweet enough to kill me. :D
Thanks. ^^ And your icon = <3!!
Thank you! My own insanity.^^