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February 2017

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Edge of Clarity (FF8, Seifer/Squall)

Title: Edge of Clarity
Pairing: Seifer/Squall (and vice versa)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Rating: PG-13 for language (sigh)
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Square Enix.

Edge of Clarity
by Renata Lord


Seifer made sure the door opened and closed quietly as he entered the kitchen. For a second he thought of turning on the lights, but then he reminded himself that he didn't want to risk waking up Squall, who was getting a first good night of sleep in a whole week. The Deling City envoy incident was a bloody mess—he really should have gotten rid of the bastard when he had the chance back then.

He smirked at that thought. Funny, how he can joke about it to even himself now.

Almost absent-mindedly, Seifer pried the steel cabinet open and grabbed his usual mug. With the back of his hand, he carefully nudged the cabinet door back in its place without a sound. Then he sauntered over to the water filter at the other end of the room, and was quite pleased with himself when he heard the water streaming down into the cup.

/Hyne. It's pitch black but I know where everything is in this darkness. Didn't even have to stop and think about it—/

Out from nowhere, that innocuous thought hit a nerve like a particularly nasty firaga spell. Suddenly he felt the coldness of the marble tiles under his bare feet, and every bone in his body ached like it did not belong in its place.

The chilly wetness on his fingers was a vague reminder that the water had already overflown the cup, and was starting to run down over his hand onto the floor. He hurriedly turned the device off with his free hand, but the mess was already made.

/Shit, shit shit shit!/

When the hell did he get so…domesticated? Seifer Almasy, ex-Sorceress Knight, sneaking into the kitchen at 0300 to get a cup of water from a fucking water filter. A water filter that Selphie had insisted on giving them last Christmas. With a mug, because apparently paper cups are tree killers.

He held onto the damn mug like his life depended on it because he felt like if he let it go, the real Seifer Almasy in him was probably about to do something incredibly stupid. The latter option was appearing increasingly tempting, at that.

Then just as abruptly, the world came into light.

He spun around in the direction of the kitchen door, only to find a tired-looking Squall Leonhart standing there in that faded t-shirt of his, hand still on the light switch.

Seifer felt like he got caught red-handed in the middle of a crime.

But Squall didn't seem to care. Didn't even ask why he got up at this ungodly hour. Squall just said, "come back to bed, Seifer."

He opened his mouth despite the dizziness singing in his head, wanting to explain the sheer wrongness of it all—the fucking water filter machine, the fucking non-disposable mug, the fucking water puddle on the floor, and the fact that he was standing here, in front of Squall like this, after all this time. None of this was supposed to happen. It couldn't have been. Not with what they were, what he was. Or is.

The headmaster of Balamb Garden, however, was clearly not interested in any midnight banter. Before he could even get a word out, Squall had already moved to close the distance between them and placed a hand on his arm.

Even past the night shirt's fabric, that touch was still like electric shock. Seifer stiffened up, but Squall didn't seem to notice—or just pretended not to.

The mug got snatched out from his hand. Squall took a few gulps from it, then shoved it back into his other hand.

"Finish it up."

The water went down in his throat cold, but different from the numbing chill he was feeling but a moment ago. He blinked hard as the world shivered back into focus. Maybe he just got used to the lights.

"Now, come back with me," Squall's voice was oddly soft, like many years ago.

And, like many years ago, he did.



A/N: My first FF8 fic, 4 years after my first peek into the fandom. Took me long enough. Any reviews/concrit would be great, thanks! ^_^


And, like many years ago, he did.

OMG you wrote a FF8 fic!!
I remember you asking me about FF8 websites, like, four years ago. xD

Love the fic, love the pairing, Seifer is so cute. ^^


It's hard to read all those fics without some ideas coiling up in your brain, you know.

I'm glad you like the pairing! Hopefully there will be more. Knock on wood.


Well I've always loved this pairing, I just didn't know where to look four years ago and English was damn hard for me.

But I can read them now. All of them. ^^

I really like the fact that students gossip about their relationship. (some even took bets on it) xD

.....I'm still waiting for the second part of Sunkist you know. =w=

Re: Hopefully

Outsider POV is always fun! You can HC all you want with that, hahaha.

And right. Sunkist. Coming up sooner rather than later. I think.
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于是考虑搬家= =

Re: /patpat

然则FC也被封了么?不至于吧。= = 虽然你那个一直打开都很慢……


Re: /patpat

unable to acess to u
I will try to call you in this week