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tower of light

April 2017

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the one where Commander Spock points out the truth -- translation (Star Trek XI, Kirk/Spock)

Title: the one where Commander Spock points out the truth
Author: Rin-chan (translated with permission by Renata @ snowlight)
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Do not own, sadly.

the one where Commander Spock points out the truth
original fanfic in Chinese written by Rin-chan
translated into English by Renata Lord (snowlight)


"This is ridiculous."

As soon as Jim Kirk said this, everybody on the bridge diverted their full attention back to the work at hand, as their captain had gotten into a back-and-forth argument with his superiors again. The only officer still listening attentively was Spock.

"I mean it, this is beyond ridiculous," Kirk went on with his venting to the image on the view screen, "Having us abort our current mission, traveling through an entire quadrant to visit a planet at the feudal stage of development, all this for me to attend the wedding of an eight-legged, four-eyed woman? And on top of that, as her groom!?"

"A decoy," Rear Admiral Robinson reminded him patiently.

"I don't care if it's a decoy," Kirk waved his hands, "There is no way I am going through with this circus, sir."

"This is a mission, an order, captain! We need the Enterprise to stall her in order to give enough time to—"

"Then please do enlighten me," crossing his arms, Kirk sounded like he was starting to get really pissed. "There are other starships much closer to Korim VII than we are, and I am quite certain that one of their captains is better equipped than I am for dealing with an eight-legged, four-eyed woman. Why was the Enterprise chosen? This is ridiculous..." and he paused here, as if realizing he found an even more powerful argument, he raised his voice, "This is illogical!"

Standing not far behind him, his first officer raised an eyebrow. All bridge personnel stopped in their track again, staring at their captain. Only Chekov leaned over and whispered to Sulu: "Vhat did the keptain say?"

"....at least you are talking about logic now, Captain Kirk," the Admiral said with a touch of weariness. "I am happy to see this improvement."

"Is that so? Please rescind your order then, sir."




"I agree with Captain Kirk, sir. I recommend that you rethink the strategy for this mission."

Before Kirk could blow up at his superior (and possibly lose his job), he was interrupted by his first officer. He turned his head and realized that Spock was standing by his side now. Admiral Robinson was looking at them both.

"Commander Spock," the Admiral seemed to have finally lost his patience, "I do not believe you have the right, or the reason, to interject into this conversation as you just did. What you should do is wait for your captain's orders—"

"Hey hey hey hey!" Kirk took a step forward, even louder now, "with all due respect, sir, please do not ever question Commander Spock's credentials in front of me. He is the best first officer in the entire Starfleet, and if you actually read his files, you would know that he is not one bit less deserving of commendations than I am!"

"In any case, I rather think that I have both the right and the reason to express my opinion regarding this matter, sir." By his side, Spock's voice was calm, the tone nothing less than polite. "Because Captain Kirk happens to be my husband."

...and the Enterprise bridge sank into an utter silence, so quiet that even the computers seemed to had stopped working.

Chekov leaned over again: "Vhat did he say just now?"


Jim Kirk was floored for approximately two seconds. Frowning in apparent disbelief, he tilted his head to look at Spock.

"Did you just...."

Suddenly he flashed a brilliant smile. His shoulders wouldn't stop shaking.

"Captain?" this time Spock did not do the eyebrow thing but simply looked at him as if puzzled by his outburst of joy. That look reminded Kirk that the conversation was not yet over. He promptly cleared his throat and solemnly nodded at the image on the view screen. "About that, sir, I can confirm that Commander Spock's report is accurate."

Another bout of eerie silence reigned.

"Very well. I will concede. However, at the end of your current mission, I expect both of you to be present at the headquarters to provide an explanation," the Admiral said at last. "Order retracted. Robinson out."

Kirk could have sworn that he heard a faint curse from the Admiral before the transmission was terminated. Grinning, he took a survey of the bridge with an air of great accomplishment until all the officers pretended that they had returned to work. All except Spock.

"You know what, Mr. Spock? You gave an...exceptional performance, just now," he patted Spock's shoulder, "almost as good as my passing the Kobayashi Maru test."

"I fail to understand why would you compare two incidents of entirely disparate nature, captain." Spock moved the other eyebrow this time. "You cheated, while I merely pointed out the truth."




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Haven't read it yet. xD



OMG you know what not only am I first.....


Dammit Spock, I LOVE YOU.
And Chekhov, oh Chekhov.

"That's illogical!" ROFL
I love love love love how Spock raised his eyebrow after Kirk said that.
And I love love love love how Kirk doesn't let anyone disrespect his first officer at all cost. XDDDDDD

Re: OMG you know what not only am I first.....

LOL. this was great! XD

LOVED IT. <333
Very entertaining. Will there be a fic follow up on how Spock became a wife? 8) ?
I will try to write one, as long as I find out where, when and how they married. =w=
hee, i love this!
& aww, kirk defending his vulcan, *squishes* that makes me all warm inside.
Ooh, we are being posesive, hehe XD Me like it, also Checkov is just so adorable, just sitting there and asking questions when he should just stay silent XD
Loved it, loved it, loved it. Spock is wonderful in this, and that last line KILLED me. Woe betide he who crosses him; he will kill you with one line and a raised eyebrow. XD
I love this. ^_^

And I cheered when Kirk pwned the Admiral after he tried criticising Spock.
PWND! Take that, silly Admiral! Cute little fic! I liked it a lot!


copy and paste


对,TOS本身有极多的slash情节……这是一集很有名的,Amok Time,你先看看能适应不=_=


Live long and prosper! Renata out.
This was great! Thank you for writing.
*grins* I enjoyed this piece. Thanks.

Great! :)
KirkSpock FTW!
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