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tower of light

March 2017

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naruto, nakama

shortfic: Warmth (Naruto, Neji + Kiba)

Title: Warmth
Characters: Neji, Kiba
Rating: G
Note: Hey Tekko, here's your Neji prompt: winter. :)

by Renata Lord


In Neji's memories, such a harsh winter had never before fall upon Konoha. Even wrapped up in the warmest uniform available, he could still feel the bone-chilling coldness in the damp air. The thick layer of crispy snow was as firm as stone beneath his feet.

Turning a corner, Ichiraku Ramen appeared on his front right, its orange-colored bright lights especially inviting on a night like this. And there were people in there talking, laughing...

"Yo, Neji!"

He had meant to walk past the shop quietly, but somehow Kiba caught him. The dog boy stuck half a body out from the low curtains, grinning at him as if they were best friends since forever.

He nodded and said good evening, but apparently that wasn't enough for Kiba, who motioned for him to come inside to have some ramen—very enthusiastically, with a hand that was still holding the pair of chopsticks. Inuzuka boys were not known for their table manners.

"I don't...." and Neji found himself trailing off, unable to find a good reason. It really was a bitterly cold night, and the temptation of a nice, big bowl of house special ramen was in fact a bit welcoming. Even if the dog boy would undoubtedly give him a very loud earful of whatever it was, it would probably be an improvement of hearing the monotonous sound of his own footsteps in the snow.

"C'mon Neji, there's an open spot right next to me!"

Neji stopped himself from debating whether sitting beside Kiba was a good thing or not, and simply went in.



Thank you so much for writing this! I felt awful I gave you two prompts, and a Naruto one. XD I love the feeling of the bitterly cold winter and a warm hand being extended to him. I love it, it reminds me of why I loved Neji and Naruto at one point. I'M GOING TO HAVE TO PROMPT YOU AGAIN NOW AT YOUR NEW POST :3
This almost seems like an excerpt out of a longer story, but I kinda like that. :)

And your writing is amazing!