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tower of light

March 2017

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The Narada Incident, as told by Hikaru Sulu's Twitter

This is what happens when you have me staying up the whole night due to 1) sickness 2) torrid rain 3) nonstop bird sounds.

The Narada Incident, as told by Hikaru Sulu's Twitter

# Awesome! I got assigned to Enterprise! LOL@ you Lexington pplz!
# @BreakMyBones Confirmed: pointy-eared bastard is a backseat driver.
# @BreakMyBones Shut up. Asians have mad driving skillz.
# WTF. Romulans? I feel like I'm in a bad movie.
# Cpt Pike promoted Kirk just to annoy the Vulcan guy, I can SO tell.
# Yeah I don't think I'd be parachuting again anytime soon.....
# The fuckers are blowing up the whole Vulcan planet! I AM in a bad movie! *#$#^$#^$#&*
# @BreakMyBones And OF COURSE he goes down TO the black hole instead of run AWAY from it.
# Vulcan nerve pinch is srs business. O_o
# @BreakMyBones Before you ask, no I can't redirect the damn ship to Delta Vega.
# @HappyTanaka The whole fucking lemon tree fell on my head, so stop telling me to make lemonade!
# I think our new acting captain enjoyed that strangling just a little bit too much....Just sayin'.
# Saturn still looks really cool. Silver lining?
# @BreakMyBones Come on now, that was funny!
# Kirk is touching Spock for no reason. I think he wants to get strangled again.
# Oh hai guys, guess what, I'm in charge now that they are both gone! Ph33r me!!!
# Yay, I get to shoot at stuff!!!!
# Bad guy died but we are about to die too, this is a HORRIBLE movie.
# Weird physics guy saves the day. Go figure.
# @BreakMyBones FYI, Your best friend is flirting with Uhura's boyfriend.
# @BreakMyBones No, he hasn't been beaten up yet. I'll take you upon the drink offer though after we land.


Oh hai guys, guess what, I'm in charge now that they are both gone! Ph33r me!!!

lol. this is hilarious & cute at the same time - bones/sulu gossipping about spock = ♥.
& i think sulu secretly wants to get rid of kirk & spock... he doesn't wanna wait for captaincy any longer...
Also, I think Sulu is mad that Spock criticized his driving skillz. :P

What is Sulu's username?

Lulz this had me giggling. Severe postmodernism right there. I wonder what 23rd century Twitter would be like.

I took a look at your FF7 stuff too because I have this really bad thing for Sephiroth Nice work!

Fekkit, may we friends add? I think I'm in love with you your LJ! :D

TouchMySword, of course :P

I actually don't twitter so this was kind of a stab in the dark. Meh, I was sick and didn't really care.

Sephy is yummy. I can't bring myself to write him after he's gone bonkers though. Shame that.

And I added you already. :D

Sulu is not subtle about hearting phallic stuff.

I went through a phase when Kingdom Hearts first came out. In fight sequences, I'd just stall my character's inevitable demise so I could look at Sephiroth more and imagine him in various states of undress with Cloud. Sephiroth's a really amazing villain. It's a pity he's so underrated. The uhh... characterisation is very good. Wink, wink.

Hope you're feeling better. :(

And thank you for the add! <3
I died laughing. XD I hope you're feeling better but from this perspective it was worth the results. I LOVED IT
I love this :D :D :D

Love this with a fiery passion indeed :D
this is so great. i love twitter-fics... even though i've used twitter maaayyybe once?

anyway, awesome.
I have never twittered myself actually. But I liked the idea of it. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D
I use it Twitter every day and I can say you got it down pat. :)

*high fives you for the awesome*
Woohoo, thanks. :)
Hehe, major :D all round!
OMG that was brilliant! You are a genius! <3
OMG LMAO!!! That was freaking brilliant!!! :-D

# @HappyTanaka The whole fucking lemon tree fell on my head, so stop telling me to make lemonade!

I think I'm in love with you (and with Sulu's mad driving skillz XD)
I'm Asian and my father taught me how to drive, so I definitely know what I'm talking about when I say mad driving skillz. :P
I fear you XD
Vulcan nerve pinch is srs business. O_o

Oh this is just lovely and hilarious! I love all his thoughts on Kirk and Spock. And all the asides to Bones.
LOL! Very funny. :)

Somebody should totally do one from the other character's POVs XD I'd love to read Nero's Tweets (or maybe he has a Facebook?)

(sorry for the repost but i totally fail at lj today apparently.)
I remember somebody wrote something for Kirk's facebook. It was pretty good, too....

But Nero's Tweets/FB, OMG, LOL4EVA.....
sorry for jumping in, but I've only encountered one with Spock's facebook: Five Ways Kirk and Spock Did Not Meet (and One Way they Did) :D

Oh, that is so much win. Thanks for the link!!
Muahahaha!! This is such fun. Thanks for posting!
Hehe. *giggles* All very funny! My fav is the backseat driver comment. :D Love how he's answering Bones all the time. XD
Haha, and now I see that I had already commented. *facepalm* Well, the more, the merrier, right.
LOL, very true!
Ph33r me!!!!

i lol'd. :D
hahaha! awesome!