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March 2017

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....both muscle atrophy and bone density loss are at acceptable level (Star Trek XI, Kirk/Spock)

st_xi_kink request filled: Jim is kind of very old now and can't take care of himself anymore. Spock does it for him. Also written for kirk_spock100 prompt #3: "Alive".
A/N: I have not taken a biology course in about ten years. Hopefully my jargon-faking was passable. If not, my apologies.

Title: ....both muscle atrophy and bone density loss are at acceptable level
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: G
Word Count: 500
Disclaimer: The characters belong to each other. The franchise belongs to Paramount.

....both muscle atrophy and bone density loss are at acceptable level
by Renata Lord


Starfleet Medical Home-care Case Report
Case Number: TJA-39-251
Date: Stardate 2351.50

Patient Name: Vice Admiral James T. Kirk (retired)
Caregiver Name: Commodore Spock (retired)
Caregiver's Relationship to Patient: Spouse

[Page 5]
Summary Findings

Admiral Kirk is currently in overall stable condition. No significant biostats change from last visit (Stardate 2351.05) aside from a temporarily low SMR reading. Commodore Spock informed me that they have been strictly following the treatment program.

Hygienic: The Admiral appears quite clean and properly dressed. He is bathed at least once a day, more if needed. The Commodore also cuts his hair once every two months.

Mental capacity: Since the last visit, there had been two episodes of non-narcoleptic altered consciousness, one of them due to drug usage. Admiral Kirk's emotional and behavioral stability remains unaffected, however, and he appeared to be in good spirits. During my visit he maintained a relatively high degree of lucidity, occasionally conversed in short sentences, and spoke through Commodore Spock via mind link when necessary. The Commodore reads news to him each morning to keep him updated on current affairs. Thus far there has been no large-scale memory loss.

Internal organ systems status: Renal failure progression is slowed but not halted. Nighttime catheterization is in effect. Respiratory, digestive, and pulmonary systems are intact. Dietary concerns from previous visit have been addressed. Myocardial infarction risk remains high. The Commodore and I agreed that we will discuss the possibility of an operation at next visit, though we both fear that the Admiral's body is far too frail to survive a full operation.

Anatomical system status: Integumentary system shows marked improvement. Lesion marks are fading. Artificial tooth set is in good working order. Both muscle atrophy and bone density loss are at acceptable level.

Motor control: Poor with no signs of improvement despite therapy. Admiral Kirk cannot walk unassisted. At dinner he attempted to give the Commodore a piece of food but failed five times due to inability to either pick the food up or move the fork across the plate. He succeeded on the sixth time. I raised the suggestion to Commodore Spock that he might consider beginning feeding food to the Admiral. However, the Commodore insisted on postponing that change for as long as possible.

Caregiver relationship evaluation: Commodore Spock has, as always, shown infinite patience and grace in his task. When I expressed deep regret regarding the failure of our new drug PYRION-K8, the Commodore replied that he is grateful enough for the very fact that the Admiral is still alive despite the odds, and that he is very happy to be able to care for the Admiral himself. Admiral Kirk, although he could not speak, smiled at me and nodded his head in apparent agreement. As with every visit, I come away deeply moved by these two Starfleet icons' clearly unshakable devotion to their mutual bond and each other.

Scheduled date for next visit: Stardate 2351.95.

Confidential Record, Signed and Sealed
Dr. Felisa Rumiko Haas, Starfleet Medical
Stardate 2351.50


[End of Document, 5/5]


Despite that it reads like a medical report, you can still feel the friendship and love between Kirk and Spock. Well done!
i'm the op.

this is so beautiful. thanks so much. :D
I'm all moved. <3
Way to pull my heartstrings. I've met people who are caregivers to their spouses/partners and it's... complicated, to say the least. It's a really difficult, challenging relationship so well done for recognising how dependable Spock would be in a situation like this.

I reckon having written it from one of their PoV would've made it unbearable to read. Is Kirk feeling guilty? Grateful? Frustrated? All of the above? Hmm. Really gets you thinking. (And they're married. You're such a romantic. <3)

Nicely done! And the summary report worked really well! I semi vouch for its integrity. And my vouch comes with two years of med school. (Yeah, $50000 into the educational cesspool and the best I can come up with is "Your K/S fanfic totally rocked the patient history," My parents are going to be so proud.)
Oh, this is so lovely. And not sentimental or pathetic. It is sweet and full of love...
I admire you for the way you chose to tell the story and how you managed to do it wonderfully.
At dinner he attempted to give the Commodore a piece of food but failed five times due to inability to either pick the food up or move the fork across the plate.

Eek. This made me cry :(

This was lovely in a really bittersweet way. And I liked the med report style!
:( ♥
Oh Kirk, Spock. You two are so wonderful. ♥



...years ago I worked as both an orderly and a ward clerk at a rehab hospital. You got the medical report schtick down *perfect*, luv. Bloody well done. Sad -- but in a good way, yah?

Greywolf, impressed
Very well done!
Very beautiful. The love is so clear, even when written as a report.