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April 2017

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tower of light

the one where Jim Kirk needs a glass of champagne -- translation (Star Trek XI, Kirk/Spock)

Kudos to dissociate for translation debugging. I'm pretty bad as a translator...orz

Title: the one where Jim Kirk needs a glass of champagne
Author: Rin-chan, translated with permission by Renata @ snowlight)
Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Do not own, sadly.
Summary: Jim Kirk, meet Ambassador Sarek.

the one where Jim Kirk needs a glass of champagne
original fanfic in Chinese written by Rin-chan (nashaya_rin)
translated into English by Renata Lord (snowlight)


It's now five minutes before scheduled transport, yet the captain was nowhere to be seen, so Spock stood before the doors of the captain's quarters. He had to press the bell twice before the occupant answered.

"Mr. Spock?"


"Come in."

The room was almost exactly as Spock left it this morning. The blanket remained unfolded, the captain was still only covered in a bath towel, and only a few daily household items were moved slightly. Whenever Kirk was at a loss to find his own things, Spock could always pinpoint their exact location. Though this could probably be attributed to the natural-born and vigilantly tuned Vulcan tendency of orderliness, Jim privately regarded it as something akin to magic.

"Just the person I want to see," he said as he dried his hair vigorously.

"…Five minutes until beaming down, Jim." There was a very courteous request to speed up the process in that line.

"I know, I know." Kirk threw the towel on the bed and began to dress in a hurry. "I just wanted to look better for this, more…alive."

His first officer politely waited on the side, hands behind the back. "Captain, I don't think anyone can question your vitality."

"I'm flattered," but the archetypical Kirk grin was soon replaced by an earnest, searching look. "So tell me, is there any thing I need to know?"

"Things you need to know?"

"Customs, protocols—you know, things to watch out for when dealing with Vulcans."

Spock considered this briefly.

"Only one."


"Do not let your worries influence your regular demeanor, instinct, and judgment."

Jim Kirk was floored about two seconds before he broke into a smirk and leaned into his first officer. "Done and done."

Spock only dodged it and spared a look at the computer. "Captain, allow me to remind you that we only have two minutes and thirteen seconds left."

"Ah, dammit!"


All went quite smoothly.

Perhaps thanks to Sarek's long history of living amongst humans, Kirk didn't feel any glaring discomfort in their conversation together. This lighthearted feeling lasted all the way until dinner time, when he mentally prepared himself to face a table of strange Vulcan fare curious in both color and taste. (In fact, due to this very reason he couldn't help but cast anxious glances at his first officer on the way to the dining hall. But despite sharing a highly synchronized mind forged from countless life-and-death battles, Spock did not appear to notice.) Fortunately, thanks to Spock's human mother and Sarek's profession, Kirk found that he could at least name all the food ingredients on his plate.

Captain James T. Kirk felt quite confident in another total victory tonight.

And about twenty minutes later, he realized rather ruefully that he was wrong about this matter.

"Iowa is an interesting place," Vulcans were taught to keep silent at meal tables, but Ambassador Sarek had clearly already mastered the human social protocol. "Amanda had mentioned to me that there are some excellent educational institutions there."

"Yes, indeed."

He felt a numbing sensation in his skull in addition to breathing difficulties and cold sweat down his spine, and it was definitely not because he had the honor of being kicked out of two of the "excellent educational institutions" in question.

"It's said that a great number of Starfleet members are graduates from there."

He tried to put on his most charming smile. Spock stopped mid-motion of eating something blue and looked at him thoughtfully from across the table.

"Humans have different methods of teaching from of Vulcans," Sarek continued, "but it is equally effective. In certain areas, I would even say, Vulcans would benefit from learning about the human method."

Kirk wanted to reply, but sweat drops had begun to appear on his forehead.

"My apologies. This environment is too high in temperature for you," Sarek calmly explained, noticing his abnormal physical condition. "With Amanda gone, the new computers had been coded to adhere to Vulcan standards."

"Computer, lower the temperature by 17.5%," said Spock.

"Temperature adjustment completed," the computer answered.

"Thanks." Jim didn't dare to tell his lover that it was a cold sweat. He smiled at Spock and turned back to Sarek. "Uh, the lamb meat's taste is definitely…unique. May I ask how was it prepared?"

Sarek looked at the plate in front of Kirk. "I remain largely ignorant of the details of human cooking after all these years, but I can at least ascertain that the chef flavored your dish with merenki roots. It's a Vulcan spice…the green plants by your fork."

Kirk could only imagine his expression at the moment, but at least he found the cause. In the next ten minutes he tried his utmost to drink as much water as possible without arousing suspicion. But he also noticed that Spock was looking at him with increasing frequency and alarm. Puzzlement had turned into clear concern.

"This lamb tastes great," he spoke up immediately in firmest of tones when he saw Spock's lips moving. "Really, really great."


At last the dinner passed without too much of a hitch. Spock was called away temporarily, having received a message from the new Vulcan Academy of Science. However, Kirk suspected that it was merely a convenient ploy set up by Sarek, because as soon as Spock departed, Sarek did away with the human-type social bantering.

"I must admit, when Spock raised this matter to me, I was caught by some surprise," the Ambassador glanced at Kirk and broached the topic with a friendly air. "There had been a time when the relationship between the two of you was quite unstable."

"Yes, sir. I think I understand you." Delta Vega was no Disney, that much was certain.

"Vulcans and Terrans may be compatible as colleagues, but to establish a relationship beyond that level with a human...I'm afraid a very small number of Vulcans are both willing and capable of it. I say this not to compliment myself, for you see, it may be difficult of you to imagine the particular troubles I encountered when I was first assigned to live on Earth."

I can imagine just fine. The memory of that first meeting with Spock resurfaced in his mind. That pointy-eared bastard.

"What you are trying to say is, Vulcans are in fact unwilling to establish—uh, let's say, 'intimate relationships' with other races, especially humans?"

"And vice versa," Sarek nodded slowly, "For humans, the Vulcan way of thinking and emotional control is nearly unbearable."

"Then—" to his own surprise, Kirk realized that he was looking for the right words, because he didn't want to offend Sarek. "With that in mind, you and Lady Grayson—would be an exception?"

"Amanda?" Sarek considered this. "Good question, young man. There is not one person in this galaxy, I believe, who can abide me more than her did." His expression rippled ever so slightly, but soon calmed itself. "You perhaps think that Spock takes after me."

"Yes, sir. I can tell." From the way they held their utensils, to the kind of food they preferred, even down to the order by which they ate the dish.

"However, if you had ever known Amanda, you would know that he is much more like his mother. That is why I have always doubted that it may have been a mistake, from the beginning, for me to ask him to consider undertaking Kolinahr."


"A Vulcan ritual to purge all emotions from the individual."

"Oh," and that sounded positively barbaric. Kirk tried to organize his words, but the reckless streak in him was beginning to show its color. "Of course that was a mistake, sir."

Sarek raised one eyebrow. So that was hereditary, too.

"Because he wouldn't do it." Kirk explained.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because I know, because he's not…gonna do it," his brain was working overtime, until a simple fact emerged from all the memory fragments. "Because, he's happy when he's with me."

Sarek fell silent. One of the virtues of Captain Kirk, however, was to soldier on doggedly despite the apparent no-win scenario.

"So maybe it sounds illogical," he said loudly, "But emotions can't be measured by logic in the first place, now can it? I want to say, no matter how much effort it takes me, I will never let Spock even have the thought of taking Kolinahr. Sure, I'm a pretty reckless guy, but I'm not stupid enough to gamble with his happiness and my own. I can't guarantee that everything goes according to plan, just like I can't guarantee that the Enterprise will never get a scratch on her. But I will never give up trying, for as long as I live."

Sarek turned slowly and gazed at the world outside the window, leaving a persisting silence. Returning to the room, Spock noticed the weighty atmosphere and looked Kirk with an inquiring eyebrow.

Jim stared at his lover but could not formulate a reply. By now he had largely forgotten his little speech, even though he still felt that aftershock of emotions. He could only hope that he didn't mess it up.

"If that is the case—" Finally, Sarek turned back and regarded his son. "Spock, just now your captain had something to say to me. Unfortunately, I have found every sentence of his to be highly illogical."

Spock's dark eyes gave Kirk a quick glance, and the human felt that look like it was on a bird's gentle feathers sliding across his face.

"Father, if you served on the Enterprise, you would know that Captain Kirk's illogical ideas are often surprisingly effective."

Sarek nodded and looked at Kirk. "—in that case, young man, I find myself agreeing with you: this is something worth trying."

"Thank you, sir." Grinning, Jim relaxed his grip. Even though Spock had adjusted the room temperature, his palms were still full of sweat.


"I hope the merenki roots did not give you too much trouble." Spock remarked when they got into the turbolift.

"Nah, I'm fine," Kirk's blue eyes positively shone. They walked out side by side. "In fact, I'm feeling just a bit too high."

"Oh really?" McCoy walked past them and got into the turbolift. "You sure you don't want to come for a checkup?"

"Nope, doctor," Kirk looked back at him and waved while the door was still open. "What I need right now is a glass of champagne."




Nice 'meet-the-in-law' fic. :)

The merenki roots scene made me giggle. :)
Kirk's mouth nearly got him into trouble again XD
That's such a lovely story. :-)
What a lovely story! I like Kirk holding his own with Sarek and how Sarek relents in the end. Kirk probably reminds him of Amanda and her stubbornness. XD Thank you so much for translating Rin-chan's fic and thanks to Rin-chan for sharing it! :-)