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tower of light

April 2017

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ff8, ff8 - squall

Rendezvous at Cetra II (FFVIII drabble, Seifer/Squall + Quistis)

Written for ffviii_100 prompt No.35: Alternative Universe.

Title: Rendezvous at Cetra II
Pairing: Seifer/Squall + Quistis

Rating: G

The U.S.S. Lionheart hung stationary just above the dust cloud surrounding Cetra II, waiting.

"Captain, we're being hailed by another stealthed Starfleet vessel." After two hours, at 1503, Tilmitt's ever-cheery voice finally came to life.

"On screen."

The captain blinked when he saw the graceful but severe-looking blond woman's face.

"This is Commander Trepe, First Officer of the U.S.S Hyperion. Lionheart, reconfirm your position."

"Confirmed. Still at five-gamma-eight."

"Alternative positioning system now operating, three minutes to completion," Trepe smiled a little. "On a side note, Captain Almasy is perfectly well. He's in the med bay only for a routine decontamination procedure."

The young man in the captain's uniform almost frowned.

"That's not a concern of mine at the moment, Quistis."

"Of course not. My apologies. Trepe out."


A/N: As Star Trek has eaten my brain, my first reaction to the AU prompt was, of course, U.S.S. Lionheart! At first I wanted to have S&S serve on the same ship, but in the end decided it would be more interesting if they were separated for the time being.

Lionheart Hyperion
Captain S. Leonhart S. Almasy
First Officer Xu Q. Trepe
Science Officer E. Loire Q. Trepe
Chief Medical Officer E. Loire Raijin
Communications Officer S. Tilmitt R. Heartilly
Helmsman/Navigator I. Kinneas Z. Dincht
Chief Engineer Nida Fuujin

I'd pay to see Seifer trying his best to not yell "CHICKIE" at Zell during the more pressing moments. *snicker*