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March 2017

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Memories Like Burning Snow (Star Trek TOS, Kirk/Spock+All)

This is a tribute to Oda Eiichiro’s manga One Piece, specifically its chapter #430: The Light Falling Snow of Reminisce. Written for sacred_20 prompt #7: Genesis.

Spoiler for the 3rd Star Trek movie: The Search for Spock (as such, it’s TOS verse).

Memories Like Burning Snow
by Renata Lord

They had a wonderful life together, his crew and this beautiful ship. In the darkness and silence of space, five years seemed more like a lifetime. It was where Bones ruled over the med bay with an iron fist and hollered for damned kids to get off his lawn, where Scotty got piss drunk and literally tried to get it on with the warp drive, where Uhura sang her songs and put together productions of centuries-old Earth operas.

It was also where Chekov learned to say "you look so lovely" in twenty-five languages and never got to use more than three of them, where Sulu routinely criticized the dubious quality of replicator Asian food, and where they came together for Janice Rand after she lost her baby to the Julius virus.

Five years from each and every one of them, coming up in a farewell as beautiful as any grand firework.

Zero, Zero, Zero, Destruct, Zero.

He never wanted to lose her, never thought he would. But destiny was fair on the verge of cruel, and to restore a life so precious he had to risk everything else that was dear to him. He had long made his choice—no, there was no choice at all—but the fate of Orpheus hang heavy in his mind, whispering that Genesis Device or not, men should not mock the gods.

"My God Bones. What have I done?"

He knew his blood had ran cold. Standing motionless, he watched her disintegrating over the orbit of the Genesis planet. He had already lost so much, yet he dared not look back. No Orpheus for him, no pillars of salt.

It was then he heard her, for the first and last time: A gentle yet firm echo in his mind, laden with both deep sadness and infinite love. A true lady, to the last.

Thank you for the honor of serving with all of you, Captain. Please give my regards to the Commander, should you succeed. I wish you luck.

I'm sorry. I never meant for this to happen, this isn't what I wanted.... And he faltered, unable to continue. He could feel his limbs numbing, turning into stone.

I have no regrets, Captain. One final caress. She kissed him on the softest part of his soul. As he would say, live long and prosper...farewell.

And memories crumbled all around him like storms of fire, like burning snow.





This is beautiful, amazing. I have no words.
Oh - this was beautiful! ;_;
So beautiful. Kirk's really having a bad day... Really loved the Orpheus theme (as I'm a Classics geek). Dear Kirk's such a pile of book on legs.

Fanfiction on the TWOK-TSFS-TVH story-arc always makes me happy, and a little bit sad in a pleasant way.
That was so beautiful and sad. I've never read such an intense connection between Kirk and his lady-love. *adds to mems*
ohh this is beautiful my friend!!!
Really touching :)