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tower of light

February 2017

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tower of light

Perfumed (Star Trek XI, mirrorverse Kirk/girl!Spock)

Written for issenterprise kink meme, spookyfbi's prompt: girl!Spock is the Captain's Woman. Sadly, given that it was like 4AM when I saw that prompt, my brain decided to ignore the rest of it and ran with just that.

Title: Perfumed
Author: Renata Lord (snowlight)
Pairing: Kirk/girl!Spock (mirrorverse)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~600
Disclaimer: Still not mine, much to my chagrin.

He could not see her expression clearly as she stood at the closed door, a silhouette cut against the dusky light. But he didn't need to see her face to know how she looked—calm, quiet, disapproving in painstaking neutrality.

"Captain, I have concluded the interrogation of the Voralian rebel leaders. As you requested, here are the reports." His first officer put the PADD on the short table closest to the door and eased back into the standard posture, very pointedly ignoring the pink elephant in the room—or, in this case, the pretty blonde from Engineering who was trembling in the captain's bed.

Kirk couldn't help but feel a twinge of disappointment at that.

"Yeah, give me a second here, Spock." He said lightly and turned towards the blond woman, voice still playful but with a harder edge: "Dismissed, Ensign."

He gave the woman a pat on the ass as she gathered her robe and made for a quick exit. Spock did not obstruct her way to the door, although Kirk noticed how the two's eyes never met once. He smiled a little wistfully with the knowledge that he'd probably never see her again, not if Spock was any good at this fleet officer business.

And as they both knew, Spock was very, very good.

"Permission to speak freely, Captain." Spock said after the door was closed once more with a gentle whirl. There was no heat in that tone. No threat. No urgency.

"Yes, of course," he looked up at her from the bed, fully knowing what's coming but still giving his most charming grin.

"I find you an adequate commanding officer, and I do not wish to disturb the ship status quo if possible. However, such behavior on your part, should it continue, would not be tolerated."

"I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific than that, Spock." Kirk half-yawned and stood up. Not bothering with the robe, he moved across the room with great ease and sat on the short table by Spock's side. He tossed the PADD aside, eyes fixated on the Vulcan. "Just what kind of behavior are you talking about?"

Those dark eyes returned his gaze, glittering like embers amongst cold ashes.

"I was, of course, referring to the fact that you knowingly compromised an agent under my command," Spock sounded pleasant, almost gentle. "Furthermore, you purposefully made me aware of this transgression in an ostentatious display of your power."

She slightly tilted her head then, a most curious gesture: Normally the body language would have been uncertainty or nervousness, but when it was Spock who did that, Kirk just noticed the exposed smooth neckline. Under any other circumstance, he would have taken it as an invitation to fuck.

"Smart girl," Kirk murmured and extended out a hand. After some apparent consideration, Spock took it and allowed herself to be pulled into his lap, settling between his legs. The blue science uniform felt rough against his bare skin, but her body heat enveloped him like a searing kiss.

Yet there was something else—a faintly sweet, almost flower-like scent. It seemed to emanate from Spock's very skin, even though he knew for a fact that she never wore any perfume. With a start Kirk realized it must be the smell of the Voralians' blood clinging to Spock's body. Down on planetside, the entire battlefield had smelled like an overly ripen fruit, bleeding out all of its sweetness for the taking.

And at that moment, the fact that Spock wore that scent pleased him in the truest sense of the word. It linked his prim Vulcan to decay and death, to tears and blood. Beyond all reason, it made James Kirk's little black heart sing.




That was short, sweet, and spectacular. *applauds*

(I feel sorry for the blonde from Engineering, though.)
I actually don't think she got killed. Spock probably just had her transferred. :)
Spock sitting in Kirk's lap = UNF!
I liked this :) It was sweet in a dark way... Or dark in a sweet way, I'm not entirely sure... And it's very much their dynamic too, with Spock quietly tolerating the Captain's conquests (or maybe not), and Kirk kinda knowing deep down that Spock's really the only one for him. Oh, twisted love <3
Yeah, I'm really sorry it wasn't what you requested. I was so taken with the title (omg Spock as the captain's woman!! this mst happen!!!) and I just ran away with it without reading the body. -_- Sorry about that.

As for their dynamics, I really am very much fascinated by the mirror verse relationship, and the possibility of a love to exist there. Maybe one day I'll write a true mirror love story, who knows. :P
Aww, no need to apologize, I'm just glad to have inspired something. In all honesty, i don't care if none of my prompts get filled, just as long as they don't go to waste sitting in my own brain, lol.

I think watching the episode, it's plain to see that M!Spock loves M!Kirk, but it's kinda hard to tell exactly what M!Kirk's feelings are (probably because we only see one scene of him).
Yeah, I was thinking about that—and for a while I kept confusing mirror!Kirk with evil!Kirk. Still, something tells the OTP shipper in me that K&S are meant to be together, no matter what universe....
this was sweet in its own special way. x3 bravo!
Scary and perfect.
That was sweet and dark, but a perfect combination.
Sweet as Voralian blood, and dark as Kirk's heart. :P
Your prose is gorgeous; wonderfully paced and extraordinarily vivid.
The last paragraph was frightening - such a horrifying image! the way your Kirk turns fear and blood into an aesthetic pleasure gave me shudders, literally. A fantastic piece.
I'm not sure how much of that high praise did I actually deserve, but I'm glad it worked for you. :) Thanks!
Ooh, I love mirrorverse fic and this piece was excellent! So simple and yet so elegant.
And then that last paragraph? Gave me the chills.

I loved it!
You are great!!
Spock really want to kill Kirk because of the girl, so i think too she will be transfer to the worse ship of the empire! and Mirror Kirk will be happy thinking what infernal punishment she had

I think K/S work in Mirror verse, but in a twisted love here was elegant and dark, because Kirk is male, and Spock female.
But in a male male relationship
i think it could be a more predatory relationship were the balance comes of dominant bedroom Spock and dominant out of bedroom Kirk... but even if it's a little or a lot brutal and twisted the love is there, but no one knows except them (the danger will be so great if the love it's not a big secret)
Oh, I think Spock's used to Kirk sleeping around (some things never change, I guess).

I agree that the aggression element is much more apparent in the M/M version, although I am not quite sure why. But in either case I think it's a very twisted kind of love...perhaps neither of them want to admit he is in love with the other.
the risk is too high if they admit it!!
Love it's a weakness in mirror verse and any weakness could end up in dead.
So Kirk must be totally in control and more strong than Spock in public, if he wants to remain captain, without trouble, that imply he can be showy that Spock isn't the only one too!!
But Spock is not everybody and mirror Spock have the necessity of being powerful and dominant too... So i really think they have an arrangement that in the bedroom Kirk is the submissive one... and Spock can dispose in any way he wanted of the girls in K/S way

It's the only way of equilibrium not only in the relationship. And their love must to remain a secret that they never confess, but the two of them know they share with one another.

It's difficult to keep the balance of an equal relationship in here. But it's really interesting.
Oh, when I say they wouldn't admit it, I meant they wouldn't admit it to themselves. I think they associate love with weakness. But I think they trust each other, whether they want to or not.
that it's truth too!!! they love and trust each other even if they don't say a thing, or try to hide it!!!