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tower of light

March 2017

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Star Trek icons and color bars

Comments and credits are much appreciated but not required. Just don't claim as your own please.

Featuring gems such as:

Got most images from tos_rewatch screencap picspams. Thanks! ^o^ (Actually, does anybody know what happened to that comm....?)


I'd love to know what happened to the tos rewatch comm. Their picspams were the best. Then suddenly, nothing.

PS love the icons! So funny!
Oh your icon.

So wrong.
Same here! Where did everybody go?
i love the bars i will put them in my bios right away

and the icon are really amusing!!!
Surely it ought to be Plomeek Soup?
Hahah, great point. I'll do some of those later.
I'll look forward to seeing them.
Thanks so much! Great job! I especially love the color bars... *g*
awww cute! I like nr. 3 and the ponfarr face. XD
The Kirk bar made me squee! And I adore the Spock colour bar too. XD Have nabbed and will credit! Also love your icons...if I take any I will credit!
Yay thanks. <3
I love all the chicken soup ones! And I'd like to use the color bars.

I really don't know what happened to tos_rewatch. I miss the discussions! But kirkspock and ontd_startrek are both holding rewatch activities although I'm not so sure about their viewing schedules.
Thanks! And your icon, OMG SO AWESOME!!!
I just wandered over. OMG, seriously, I love the Uhura love bar. It's so adorable. Snagging and crediting, of course!

These are awesome!
Love it!!!