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March 2017

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Outliers (Kirk/Spock, Star Trek XI Mirrorverse, R)

Written for issenterprise prompt: Mirror!Jim having to talk his partner into having gentle, vanilla, "kinky" sex. (Well, not so much talk, but the idea is there.) Also for cicero_drayon's request that there be some good old straight-up M!K/M!S. :D

Beta read by dissociate. Thanks!

Title: Outliers
Author: Renata Lord (snowlight)
Pairing: Kirk/Spock (XI mirrorverse)
Rating: A hard R
Word Count: ~1700
Disclaimer: Still not mine, darn it.


He really does not understand Terrans at all.

That's Spock's only thought as he tries his best to keep his eyes open, despite the painkiller hypos and the rising fever. He probably should have checked with McCoy regarding the good doctor's choice of medication. Then again, he hadn't exactly been in a position to issue orders, given that he was experiencing multiple organ failures from a zero-range phaser blast.

It was an unforgivable lapse of judgment on his part, to have permitted that Romulan to get so close to him without adequate measures of protection.

Thus when McCoy delivered him to the captain's quarters in midst of his recovery, muttering something about heightened security and propriety of command, Spock quickly analyzed the situation. He surmised that his captain wanted to punish him, but did not wish to do so in public. In other words, Kirk still had use for him and didn't want to destroy his credibility. Not quite the worst scenario.

After six years of serving together—a record for a captain and his XO in the Empire, he's told—Spock thought he already has the man psychoanalyzed down to every cell, having mapped out all the impulses, appraised all the strengths, and measured all the weaknesses. Yet that's the thing about Terrans: though painfully narrow-minded and predictable on a day to day basis, they have wild outlier behaviors. This one, in particular, still retains the ability to surprise him.

He had expected—something. Punishment in some form. Physical methods would have been illogical, since his system is still pumped full of chemicals. Perhaps, then, something having to do with the unfortunate mind link they acquired during the fiasco with T'Pring. Normally their minds remained completely barricaded from each other, but in his current state he has little defense against potential mental assaults.

No, in this state Spock has no defense at all. Not when he's strapped to the biobed (it's clear the doctor has some sort of a fetish) and James Kirk is sprawled over him, dropping soft kisses on his jaw while murmuring words all sweet and docile like the most prized of Orion slave girls. And Kirk's hands are sliding over his own, with cool and smooth touches that remind him of a traditional Vulcan salve. It doesn't have the calming effect of the ointment, however, and Spock would have thrashed against the restraints had he any strength remaining.

"Since when are you so impatient?" Kirk chuckles against the hollow of his throat, voice so lazy and golden it could be glazed by honey. His fingers caress Spock's own more intently, still teasing but God, that feels good, no point in denying the fact. And Kirk is either far too ingenious at improvising or he's looked this up somewhere, because the next thing Kirk does is rub their palms together in a slow circular motion and Spock has to close his eyes as his vision is failing.

This was Spock's third significant injury during these six years. The first time, when he was shot while guarding Sarek, Kirk looked very close to punching him (an overtly emotional gesture, to be sure) but opted for the far less personal agonizer instead. The second time, on Themrin III, he didn't let go of a denotation device quite on time in the interest of launching precision. That one earned him a real punishment behind closed doors after the long rehabilitation process, because his captain could not, would not, accept his immaculate line of reasoning.

"You don't get to die until I give you fucking permission for it." Kirk informed him at the end. "Let us be absolutely clear about this. If you pull this shit on me again, I'll declare you a traitor to the Empire. You know what that means for your entire clan, and on your mommy's side, too. So Spock, unless you want to grow some balls and get your own command, try to not fucking die on my watch."

So this situation is, truly, most illogical.

But there is no time to think about that. The scent of the human surrounds him, and the mind link faintly pulses as Kirk continues to grind their hands together, skin against skin and nerve ending against nerve ending. He can feel Kirk's consciousness reaching out to him, knocking on the closed door in that metaphysical space.

And Spock wants to ask, "who are you?", because Kirk never knocks, especially when he can simply force his way in. Yet the signature of the mind link is undeniable: the form hovering over him can be no other but his captain. Even so, he hesitates.

"You appear to be in an upbeat mood, Captain."

Kirk lets out a deep, low laugh. The teasing mouth travels downward, trailing small kisses on his collar bone, then grazing over the wound through the black shirt. Spock doesn't quite gasp, but he twitches. Kirk nuzzles against the wound a little more, and extracts one hand to work at the regulation pants. All it takes are a few tugs before the pants come down around Spock's knees along with the underwear, and he feels the touch of cool air on exposed skin.

Both by disposition and by discipline, Spock is far from a shy person. During his six years' tenure at Starfleet, he has done a great deal of things and witnessed many more. The man before him—this impulsive and imperious Terran—has seen him in various degrees of undress in any number of positions; yet now, for the first time, the normally immovable Vulcan feels a speck of panic that is fundamentally alien.

"You look pretty pleased yourself, Commander." Kirk grins at him, blue eyes shining with mock benevolence. The knockings on his mind's door grow louder, more insistent.

Spock cannot formulate a reply, but none is needed. He sees Kirk licking those lips just a little, looking positively innocent now. Then the golden head dives out from his line of vision in a graceful curve, and he feels the flicker of a tongue against his exposed scrotum. Even in the drug-induced fog, that still brings distinct pleasure.

Perhaps it's Kirk's demeanor that evokes his reaction, more so than the action itself. He can see nothing in the restraints, yet in his mind's eye the picture is clear as Andorian crystal. Kirk's smile, how that familiar mouth curls in satisfaction at the sight of his arousal, how that tongue moves from his testicles to his cock's underside, lapping and kissing in lascivious worship. Kirk times each leisurely lick with each stroke of the fingers entangled in his own hand, and the Vulcan writhes in futility, so hoarse is this wanting.

The images are far too vivid. With a start, Spock realizes Kirk has slipped past his mind's defense, and is now projecting those images directly to him through the mind link. But he can't find the voice to protest, not when Kirk's presence feels so natural in his own head, like it's unthinkable to not have him there.

It feels so right. It's actually not, and there will need to be serious inquiries later, but sweet Mount Seleya, it feels so right.

The Kirk in his head smiles at that thought, utterly triumphant. Then wet heat engulfs his cock as a hand grips him at the base, and it's all Spock can do to squeeze Kirk's hand hard, willing himself to not make a sound. As far as he knows the Terran doesn't make a regular practice of sucking anyone's cock, but clearly his captain is a genius in this as much as anything else. When Kirk's tongue swirls around his cock's head Spock reflexively arches up into his mouth, restraints be damned.

Oh. Yes.

When it's over he keeps lying very still, careful to keep his eyes closed. Having cleaned Spock off with a soft towel, Kirk settles back beside him, not saying anything, only stroking the back of his hands slowly. Kirk's mind is still present in his consciousness, however, and Spock hesitates on how to ask the human to sever the connection for now.

Outliers. He tries to file that bit of information into his memory bank without any non-factual value attachment. Fascinating.

//Got you good, didn't I.// He can feel the smirk through the link. It appears they are back on old ground, now. Spock sighs inwardly, finding his body too drained to speak out loud.

//You do not require my confirmation to reinforce your beliefs, Captain. I am most confounded as to why do you still seek them from me.//

Kirk laughs and drops a quick kiss on his knuckle. "But Mr. Spock, it gives me emotional security."

//James, I believe we agreed to refrain from blatant prevarication in front of each other.//

A hand slaps his face almost affectionately.

"You can't blame a guy for being in a good mood after a really great torture session, especially on as ideal a subject as a Romulan." Kirk lets go of his hand, and immediately Spock feels the mind presence receding from him. In its place there is a newly found emptiness, a most curious feeling.

"I hope you have not made him unavailable for my own inquiry purposes." Which is a very polite way of saying: You better have not killed the guy and left me with a dead end. Spock has a fairly good idea regarding the assassin's allegiance ties, but there is always the need to be reasonably certain. Vulcans do not take upon vengeance lightly.

Kirk pats his shoulder in understanding. "Oh yeah, he's gonna be lucid by the time you get to him. I just played with him a little, you know. Gotta show people they really shouldn't try to fucking touch what's mine."

He ignores the possessive pronoun.

"I presume you have exercised your desires to your satisfaction."

"I always do." The human says cheerfully, fingers now ghosting over the entry wound near his heart. Spock waits for him to exert real pressure, and when the pain comes he is not disappointed.

There is some familiarity in that, at least. He has no use for outliers.




I'm not usually into K/S but I was waiting for that prompt to be filled with great anticipation and you did it very well.
Spock waits for him to exert real pressure, and when the pain comes he is not disappointed.

That says so much about them. <3.
Fascinating and such an interesting look at these two. I like the last two paragraphs especially. :-)
Hehe, yeah m!Kirk. Can smile at ya and stab ya at the same time. Wouldn't have it any other way, I guess. :)
You hit an absolute home run with that prompt! I really loved it and hoped someone would do well by it, and you really, really did. Spock's voice is here is absolutely precise and yet surges underneath with this current of true if buried affection, and his viewpoint on Kirk is both wonderfully intimate and wonderfully alien.

Well and gorgeously done! *applauds*
Ahhh, thanks so much. <3 Yeah my Spock is always so in love with his Jim, no matter what universe. *fond sigh*
I hope they were ok with the link all the time!!!!
and i'm really sure about the after seeing the Spock's interrogation the hot sex they will have with the blood of the romulan still in Spock!!

I think in sometime soon, they will be unable of let the barricades up in their link!!
Oh, I like the idea of them doing it after Spock interrogates the Romulan. It brings happy images to my head! (what)
mirror verse does this to you!!!
Awesome fic for an awesome concept! ^__^
This was a great fill for the prompt! I like Spock's wariness at this aberrant behavior of Kirk's.

And this...

"You don't get to die until I give you fucking permission for it." Kirk informed him at the end. "Let us be absolutely clear about this. If you pull this shit on me again, I'll declare you a traitor to the Empire.

Very Evil!Kirk possessive behavior.
It's his way of saying "OMG I lurve you plz don't ever leave me". Except, well, yeah. :P
Hey, I just wanted to say, I think this is fantastic! I usually am somewhat wary of Mirror universe stories, as they tend to be excessively simplistic. But this was totally charming in a very wrong -- the right kind of wrong -- kind of way. Thank you very much for sharing! :D
Sorry for the late reply, but thanks so much. <3 I love writing mirror stories...they give me a challenge. :)
I'm so glad I came across this awesome story ^^ It's both fresh and cute; and the last part really shaped those two's characters in the mirror universe
I love it! ^^