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March 2017

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World of Warcraft: Kobayashi Maru

World of Warcraft: Kobayashi Maru

A parody of Star Trek: Reboot & World of Warcraft
A companion piece to Kobayashi Maru, Warcraft Edition
by Renata Lord (snowlight@livejournal)

Also available on external webpage.


Awesomest thing ever.
LOL love it!
Thanks! I was particularly inspired by somebody else's WOW take on a Supernatural episode. It made me laughing so hard. XD

(oh hai icon twins)
It was in Chinese....maybe I'll get permission to translate at some point.
*dies* I don't even play WoW and I'm entertained. :P
Oh cool! I was definitely worried non players wouldn't be able to get most of the lingo.
Actually, I didn't get most of the lingo. But it was still funny. And entertaining. Especially since I'm really really tired right now. ;)
after the tedium that is working through ice crown citadel this...is extremely entertaining xD
This, honestly, was amazing.

Totally made my day. :D
No more DoTs needed!

I love that Gaila's on Guild chat, for some reason. I tend to solo while the guild does heroics elsewhere, so I get the achievement spams, too. :)

Thank you for posting! Fun-ness!

Edited at 2009-12-18 08:28 pm (UTC)
The answer is ALWAYS Moar DOTS. ;)

And yeah I know the gchat achievement spam well, hehe. Glad you enjoyed it!
Comedy gold. :D
Is that a GOBLIN paladin?!

I did the Arena Tournament earlier this year with a couple of friends of mine from other realms, and all of the tournament NPCs were goblins. Including all the armor vendors, who were dressed in iconic armor for each class.

Naturally, I looked at it, and went "OMG ICON!". :)
So....so there were goblin shamans too? IT BOGGLES THE MIND!!
Brilliance. ;_;
hahaha, this is fantastic!
Hahahaha, I love it, it's hilarious!
Brilliant and awesome! Good job!
I approve so hard.
This is brilliant. Just shared it with my guild lol.

I am totally not afraid to be a closeted 75 lock anymore.

80 priest
80 shaman
80 druid
80 hunter
80 death knight
80 mage

...at your service.
T_T I feel so inadequate.
Awww, I didn't mean it like that. :) I still remember the day when my little priest went into Deadmines for the first time. :)

I still haven't got anyone over 72 yet.

So, you both have me beat. (ALthough I swear, I am going to get my mage to 80. >.<)
*cackles in glee* OH GOD!

Please, if you ever get another bunny, please do more Star Trek/WoW. :)
peeing my pants over here...

<3 !!!
Words cannot describe my love for you.
If you are the one who drew that ST fanart I'm thinking, then the feeling is mutual. :D
:DDDDDDDDDDD I may or may not be the person you are talking about~
Ahh, two of my favorite things-- WoW and Star Trek. Much love to you! <3 <3 :D