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tower of light

February 2017

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Hey Jude (Star Trek drabble, Bones/Jocelyn)

Written for sacred_20 prompt #2: Saint.

Title: Hey Jude
Pairing: Bones/Jocelyn
Rating: PG

The Daily Mississippian
Stardate 2246.16
Classified Ads Section

I saw you in the Southeast Library reading café last Wednesday around 1330 hours. You were dressed in a light blue skirt and sitting in that long red sofa with your friend. I was the tall guy sitting two rows from you buried in a mountain of PADDs. I was instantly taken by your smile and the fact that you were reading the original annotated edition of Histórica de la Medicina.

I wanted to come over and buy you coffee, but I had the last final to cram for and I thought if I struck a conversation up with you I’d never be able to shut up. Well, it’s five days since and I’ve been going back to the same spot every day, morning and afternoon. Not seeing you again is making me think maybe I should have risked failing that final instead.

If you are reading this, I’d love to see you again in that place and talk to you over a cup of coffee.


The Daily Mississippian
Stardate 2246.23
Classified Ads Section

Thank you Saint Jude, Hope of the Hopeless and Patron of Lost Causes. THANK YOU.


This is insanely cute :D
Thanks. :) I've always wanted to write about them before It All Went Wrong.
I'm slightly in love with Jocelyn and McCoy :) I refuse to believe it was all bad.
I agree. I think that's precisely the tragedy though—it began so beautifully but ended in heartbreak.

Oh that reminds me, I'd written another piece about this:

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This was so touching. Oh, Leonard! ;_;
Aww, so cute!
This is sweet. ^_^