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tower of light

February 2017

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tower of light

Primogeniture (BBC Sherlock drabble, Mycroft + Sherlock)

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all my Sherlock writings can be regarded as Holmes brothers gen or pre-slash. Alas, the heart ships what it ships.

And for this one, I hope to God I didn't get the peer system wrong....

Title: Primogeniture
Characters: Mycroft, Sherlock
Rating: G

Mycroft Julius Holmes became the 7th Viscount Holmes at the age of twenty and ended his tenure in the House of Lords by twenty-four. Yet it would be fair to say that his real career did not start until afterward, when he left all spotlight to occupy, in his own words, a minor position within the British government.

It was a familiar position for the Holmes men to be in. Mycroft did all the right things, exactly as the 6th Viscount Holmes had done before him. Service. Duty. Crown and Country—all those probably got engraved into the DNA somewhere along the line, together with the gift and the curse. They'd had ancestors laying buried underneath those words in Westminster, recalcitrant and solemn.

Sherlock hated it.

Despite all his genius, it never occurred to him that Mycroft would turn out just like Father.


D: awwwwww
They totally make up in the end I swear.
Lovely fic! Loved the insight into Mycroft and Sherlock's background.
Thank you. :) The rest of their background was rather foggy in my head but this part really stood out to me.
哦漏你也阿福了吗你也来萌兄弟了吗!真是人生何处不相逢啊! >_<







这个周末来鸡血+1 XDDDDDD


Re: 泪流满面ing

泪流满面+1,原来我没看过的只有用手的那一篇而已吗…… 可是总算有一篇不虐的了爬去看…… 迄今为止最给力的还是SY那篇餐桌文啊!

[当别人复习备考时我在干些什么]小人还有阿福系列,以及阿福不明生物系列 http://tpringlin.deviantart.com/gallery/#Sherlock-2010[/当别人复习备考时我在干些什么] 周日考完了我去贴吧话说好久没去G/B社区了啊~

Re: 泪流满面ing



Re: 泪流满面ing

晕,那边还能出啥乌龙事件……下周真的要来集中鸡血下了 = = [懒]那你贴吧![/懒]

对,是坑,同时作者据说还有N个蝙蝠超的坑在填,所以前景渺茫 = = 不过几年前看了他一篇歌剧魅影的同人也很给力的(对那家伙居然是男生!)

我觉得这件事情上只有自力更生一条路可以走 <--[懒] 好啊那我就蹲你这了!最近好幸福,我萌的冷CP都有朋友在写文! [/懒]

Re: 泪流满面ing


Re: 泪流满面ing



Re: 泪流满面ing


Re: 泪流满面ing


Re: 泪流满面ing



Re: 泪流满面ing

餐桌文还好了,你知道我在追一篇NCIS女体就是fifth lucky那篇……那才真是提起来就要哭呢TwT

Re: 泪流满面ing

Awww, lovely done - super short and to the point!
Thank you. :D I hope to expand on it some time.
The peerage title is fine, and Mycroft would have inherited the title far enough back to have been one of the remaining hereditary peers before he relinquished his position in the Upper House. It's a little different now; the majority of the Lords in the House of Lords are now elected to their seats, and further reform is planned to do away with hereditary seats in the Upper House entirely.

Viscounts are pretty minor nobility; most inherit little more than a title these days.
Thanks for the elaboration. Good to know that wiki did not fail me. :P And it seemed a bit too...flashy to make the Holmes a Duke or an Earl, so I settled with Viscount. :)
ohh, why must you say pre-slash XD

i would love to have some full slash holmes brothers :D

but alas, yours is the second best thing I can be happy with :D
Oh, I'm so happy to see a fellow shipper! Given the rate my morals are degenerating, I'm sure full-fledged brothercest slash will develop in time.

rate my morals are degenerating

hhaha, at least, you have had morals, that could be degenerating.

I never had some to start with XD

the moment mycroft stepped on screen, i was all likea WOAHHHH, and when it turned out, he was THE brother of sherlock it was like..
well, byebye john /sherlock. (not that I am not reading them, but I like them, but mostly I just settle for them, because because mycroft / sherlock shippers are harder to find then diamonds on the streets *G*

Re: rate my morals are degenerating

This graphic I made for fandom secrets pretty much sums up my feelings on this ship:

At least you can read John/Sherlock! I...I can't. Not really. Thank God I'm not allergic to it like I'm allergic to some other ships which break up my OTP (because OTPs are SERIOUS BUSINESS, obviously), but it's a very...barren feeling, to have a comm like sherlockbbc on your FL and see nothing but Sherlock/John fics (I'm sure there are many good ones, but I just can't bring myself to read them). All my English fandom friends are S/J shippers, too. -.-

well, i do read them

john / sherlock but honestly, they don't really BURN me XD
not the way mycroft does!
and that graphic hahahah!
since we are at confession time anyway, i also read Wincest, but only because some on my flist are avid reccers. wasnt much burning for them either.
on the other hand, I LOVED prison Break brothercest like woah :D
and Petrelli-cest from heroes :D

but back to mycroft sherlock!
to entice you, here a gem I found at the kink meme:

and I forgot to mentioned:

I loved how you named as a second name for mycroft to be Julius :D

Re: well, i do read them

OMG that ficlet is SO awesome. So, so, so...awesome. Brain short-circuiting. Gah. That Sherlock is exactly the kind I have in mind. Thank you so much for digging through, well, everything else to find it!

And yes, I figured Julius sounds cultured and dignified, et cetera. :P Not sure if I should give Sherlock one.
Sweet. So bitter. (Here from brothermine).
Very nice - snappy, punchy: both in a deeper way as opposed to a more common way (because this is Holmes&Holmes after all). My brain is just not functioning right now.

I like it.

Holmescest is quite, quite delicious to me. I'm not particularly worried I think that :3 really. Though the only other incest pairing I've enjoyed is Quincest (Bleach)

I've seen a few fic - there was one which I read about two years back which was ACD-Canon that kinda made me go Oh- that just odd but damn it's hot - plus I had one in my mind before I realised somebody else had already written it! :(
Yay for acceptance! I am actually really, really afraid of posting non-gen H&H stuff to any comm. I think people are going to go "omg wtf is wrong with her". :(

As for that fic you had in mind--I say go for it anyway! :D