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tower of light

March 2017

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Spellbound (Thor, Thor/Loki)

Title: Spellbound
Author: snowlight
Pairing: Thor/Loki (preslash)
Note: Pre-movie canon. The first three spells ever cast by Loki.


The very first spell Loki performed was to call forth a spark while hiding underneath his bunk. It was but a dying gasp of brightness and heat, nothing like the great fire he would later summon onto Midgard.

The second spell he performed was for the thick tome itself to levitate. Through this Loki learned that magic wasn’t the sterile and impersonal affair as he had imagined. To perform powerful magic, real magic, you had to give yourself over to it. That was the price of power.

His third spell was whispered in front of a mirror. The summer was glorious in Asgard, and from the open windows Loki could hear his brother chasing Volstagg down the halls over some stolen food. The others were there, too, with their riotous shouts and wild laughter. But for Loki, the reverberation of the spell drowned out every other noise, even the sound of his own heart beating.

Perhaps his heart did stop when he opened his eyes again. The figure in the mirror gazed back at him, utterly foreign and wrong. The spell had worked perfectly, but Loki now knew he had wished for the impossible. There were things which no magic could change.

Even with a head of golden hair as radiant as Mother’s necklace, he could never be the golden prince of Asgard. The false color only accentuated his self-enclosed coldness, like a tree that could not find the sun.

But he could feel it. He could hear that sun, closer and closer now. Laughing. Running. Calling his name, like he was the only one who mattered in all the nine worlds.



Oh, this is heartbreaking and gorgeous. I loved the tragedy of Loki - it's what the movie should have been about, really.
it's what the movie should have been about, really.

I totally concur. It's not like that bit of romance with Jane worked....and Thor's transformation was kinda illogical too, now that I think of it.
Really, Loki is the only good thing that ever happens in the movie.
I love this, like no_detective said, the tragedy that is Loki. The last paragraph broke my heart, especially with knowing that he will lose all that not long after.
This is so sad and so brilliant. Great work.
Thank you! <3
Oh this is utterly beautiful.
Oh my, what a perfect blend of sad and sweet.
...you know there's actually a prompt on the Thor kinkmeme which asks for Blonde!Loki

Though in a far less innocent way. = =;

Hahah, I saw that prompt just the other day. That is one awesome prompt. :P
Beautiful and sad. Tragic.