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tower of light

April 2017

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st - gaila, playful

30 day Fanfic meme (Redux) - Day 6-10

Day 06. A guilty pleasure fic

The La Beneamata series by myself & asukajude (Football RPS, Matthäus/Klinsmann, Beckenbauer/Cruyff)

For so many reasons. So many. All those plot bunnies which may never see the light of day...

Day 07. A fic with a wonderful kiss

I almost never remember any kissing scene—as in, I know kissing must have been involved at some point, I just don’t remember any of its particulars. Having said this, although I’m trying my hardest to not re-nominate any of fics already mentioned in this meme from 4 years ago, I’ll have to go with….

the bridge or the pulley by michi_thekiller (Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy VIII, Seifer/Squall, Leon/Seifer)

And one day, this boy would be big and tall and muscular, harsh in his beauty, and strong, certainly strong enough to press one against a wall in a deep green garden, to be tongue and teeth and not to listen so well when one said no because there was a yes folded inside of it.

Just one of the many parts of that glorious fic that has always stuck in my head. :P

Day 08. A fic you plan on reading (old or new)

Kissing Gourami by草加ミチル (Prince of Tennis, Atobe/Tezuka)

Gakuto and Ryou’s POV on Atobe and Tezuka. The last time I read this it wasn’t completed yet I think. Some parts of it, OMGOMGOMG.


Day 09. A fic that makes you happy

I don’t even remember the name or the author of this tiny gem of a fic but it ALWAYS cracks me (and whomever I’m describing it to) up….

It’s a present-day Arthur/Merlin fic. The idea is that Merlin, after all these years, has FINALLY found Arthur’s reincarnation (you know, once and future king and all). So Merlin’s all like, MY KING let us work together to bring England back to Glory (yes with a capital G)! And the young Arthur goes, YEAH TOTALLY I’M GONNA START BY CAPTAINING THE FOOTBALL TEAM TO BECOME WORLD CHAMPIONS BECAUSE THAT’S CLEARLY THE FIRST STEP!

Day 10. A fic that reminds you of someone

尘埃飞舞 by River_RS (MCU, Thor/Loki/Thor, Natasha/Clint)

Due to the Hong Kong AU setting I can never think about without thinking about iris242x….. Also—yes, whatever else, bloody good fic. Not just for Thor and Loki, but for Natasha and Clint as well.


Thanks for the 尘埃飞舞 rec. HK triad world and MCU is strangely compatible. Though I find it strange the line of thought in Chinese fic that is filled with disdain for gay people (The we're not gay, we are just in love or the abuse to actual gay men).

Edited at 2014-10-07 09:22 am (UTC)
Yeah that's all tied up in 10 kinds of misogynist crap in the popular Chinese culture (not being apologist for it, just pointing out the origin). Things are changing of course, but too slow for an individual's lifetime.