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tower of light

April 2017

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hug me, tb - eric

I really want to find some good The Man from UNCLE (2015) Solo/Kuryakin fics...

Buuuut it seems the fandom is tilting heavily towards the idea of OT3. (And I can't really get into the TV fandom without, you know, actually watching the TV. The personal backgrounds of the characters seem to be completely different.)

For me, the thing with OT3 is that they don't work...the most obvious example is perhaps "White Collar", with the whole fandom (at least when I last peeked) being in love with it but I'm like, meh. I only like two OT3s in theory, one being Steve/Bucky/Natasha a la Marvel and the other being Maya/Mitsuomi/Shin from Tenjho Tenge. I guess I have to really, really like the girl as an independent character for an OT3 to work. Gaby is fine. I like her. I just don't love her. (And I have to say, I don't get her and Illya...at least, I don't get Illya with her. Since when do KGBs fall in love that easily?)

I do want to write a Kuryakin-centric fic complete with Matryoshka metaphor and appropriate historical references. You know, like research. But the Cold War is a daunting topic, and ever since Berlin my feelings have been, well, complicated....


Hi. There is a ton of Illya/Napoleon fic for the movie-verse on Archive Of Our Own(http://archiveofourown.org). I highly recommend this site, some excellent writers. Hope you find what you're looking for.
Thanks for the note! :)