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tower of light

April 2017

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百老汇简短repo:2015/10/18 《Allegiance》

地点:Longacre Theatre, Broadway, NYC

Main Cast:
Ojii-San/Present-Day Sam Kimura: George Takei
Kei Kimura: Lea Salonga
Sam Kimura: Telly Leung
Frankie Suzuki: Michael K Lee
Tatsuo Kimura: Christopheren Nomura
Hannah Campbell: Katie Rose Clarke
Mike Masaoka: Greg Watanabe

I really had high hopes for this musical (the topic! George Takei! Lea Salonga!) so I'm rather saddened that it fell kinda flat.

Things That Did Not Work:
  • Music—Aside from "Do Not Fight the Storm" and parts of "Higher", the music was just forgettable.
  • Casting Lea Salonga as Kei—I've seen women in their 40s doing convincing 20-something roles on stage, sadly Lea Salonga couldn't pull it off. She could sing, yes, and I understand WHY she was cast, but...sorry, it just didn't work for me.
  • Plot—As dissociate remarked, utterly predictable. The one part that wasn't, DID NOT WORK. Not saying it was impossible, but it definitely was not explored well. As for the rest, I have no qualms about time-honored themes such as the son rebelling against his father to become his own man etc etc, and Allegiance at times did show flashes of genuineness on this front, but as a whole it felt...far too convenient.
Things That Did Work:
  • It does try to approach the topic of Japanese American internment from a number of (JA) angles, which deserves credit.
  • Christopheren Nomura's voice is very good, and I did like seeing George Takei. (As for Telly Leung—shows promise, I think, but still a bit too green.)
  • And the Frankie + Kei relationship was at least believable.


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I was so miffed that I wouldn't get to see this, but after your review, I guess it's not such a big loss?
It's one of those "I had to go see it because of the topic/people involved" things...but no big loss really.