January 25th, 2010

tower of light

to go to Korea or not to go to Korea, that is the question

In Hiroshima now. Heading to Shimonoseki and supposedly Korea tomorrow.

The stay in Kyoto was pretty awesome, featuring 1) a trip to Nara for the Mt. Wakakusayama Yamayaki Festival which had beautiful fireworks as a bonus and 2) really fun times with people I met at the international hostel. One of them, who traveled around with me for a good three days, bore an uncanny resemblance to one Zachary Quinto (I kid you not...and people who have seen the pictures agree with me). There was a particularly "oh wow" moment when a little Japanese obasan (old lady), a complete stranger, ran up to me and gave me a near-conspiratorial grin as she said: "HE IS SO HANDSOME!"

In other news, I managed to buy a very nice-looking silk kimono in Nagoya. It's a kurotomesode, and the design is rose-hued phoenix bird against plain black backdrop. Of course the furisode types were lovely, but they were soooo much more expensive. I also really need an obi.....ugh. Luggage would not fit.

Lastly, I'm kinda dreading going to Korea because it's supposed to be extremely cold there right now, and my cold is still quite bad. Ugh. What to do, what to do....