September 5th, 2010

tower of light

Primogeniture (BBC Sherlock drabble, Mycroft + Sherlock)

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all my Sherlock writings can be regarded as Holmes brothers gen or pre-slash. Alas, the heart ships what it ships.

And for this one, I hope to God I didn't get the peer system wrong....

Title: Primogeniture
Characters: Mycroft, Sherlock
Rating: G

Mycroft Julius Holmes became the 7th Viscount Holmes at the age of twenty and ended his tenure in the House of Lords by twenty-four. Yet it would be fair to say that his real career did not start until afterward, when he left all spotlight to occupy, in his own words, a minor position within the British government.

It was a familiar position for the Holmes men to be in. Mycroft did all the right things, exactly as the 6th Viscount Holmes had done before him. Service. Duty. Crown and Country—all those probably got engraved into the DNA somewhere along the line, together with the gift and the curse. They'd had ancestors laying buried underneath those words in Westminster, recalcitrant and solemn.

Sherlock hated it.

Despite all his genius, it never occurred to him that Mycroft would turn out just like Father.