December 2nd, 2010


10 years ago, you didn't know me, I didn't know you....

Looking at the ksadvent posting calendar makes me happy. :) I'm really glad I (and aprilleigh24) did it this year! (And I'll be posting along with ragdoll987 and gallicka so....whee!)

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Oh and: MOST PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN MY HOLIDAY CARDS BY NOW! If I promised you one and you haven't received it (and you don't live in Asia/South America), please let me know. Ta!
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30 day Fanfic meme: Day 14+15

List of questions here.

Day 14. A fic that breaks your heart

I Still by 雨野 (Naruto, Sasuke/Kakashi) (in Japanese)

This is THE fic that breaks my heart, over and over and over again. But for an English fic, the first thing that comes to mind is—

Twenty Things James Potter Never Told Anyone About Sirius Black by guns_and_butter (Harry Potter)

No, I still haven't gotten over It. Why do you ask?


Day 15. A fic you've read more than 5 times

Star by Trinity Helix (Prince of Tennis, Atobe/Tezuka)

He is, and always will be, a star.
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Rin - 所谓孙郎,在水一方XD says:
the house of the rising sun says:

另外在youtube上面翻了HxH的音乐剧来看。最大的感觉仍然是:我家小伊真的是大美人啊~~~~ 而且唱起歌来气势满点(今 俺を殺せるか お前には出来ないね)!>_< 至于西索后面……他的小苹果……我就什么都不说了……