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tower of light

April 2017

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Incognito (止卡)

这是拖了三个多月的卡卡西2006生日纪念文第一弹……= =||||||

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.
Spoilers: Through Kakashi Gaiden.
Pairing: Uchiha Shisui x Hatake Kakashi. Special Guest: Shiranui Genma.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kakashi and Shisui, in their young Anbu days. Not quite the happy couple.
Note: Although this is probably a crack pairing by English fandom standards, I come from a place where Kakashi is practically labeled "property of Uchiha", wee.

by Renata Lord (snowlight)

Like the naked leads the blind
I know I am selfish I am unkind
Sucker love I always find
Someone to bruise and leave behind
—Placebo, “Every You Every Me”


"Shiranui Genma."

Although he had been dreaming about cute girls with soft whispers, the voice that interrupted him was anything but melodious. Rather it was quick, dry, with a gritty built-in edge that cut through the otherwise lazy afternoon Konoha air. Genma wondered who was the pretentious bastard, but then he caught a glimpse of that aged white fox Anbu mask, previously hidden in the lush green leaves of the great oak tree.

He sighed inwardly. This could only mean trouble, especially on a day off like this.

"Hatake-senpai, is it.....?"

If his tone sounded slightly mocking, it was because he had intended it to be so. At the age of fifteen, the youngest son of the Shiranui family was going through a bit of the rebellious stage. To "straighten him out" his father threw him into Anbu a while ago, and already the codes were beginning to suffocate him. Given the circumstances, it was not difficult to develop a sort of formless resentment against Anbu's unofficial poster child, and Genma never saw the need for stopping himself from doing so.

On the other hand, neither did he delude himself into thinking that all his resentment mattered one bit to his supposed target of antagonism. Even in an organization where everyone pretended parading around all day with full masks on was natural, there were a few who were used to donning a mask all their lives. Unable to see each other's facial expressions, the Anbu members adapted to the finer need for communication by gradating their tones and emphasis in speech. However, Kakashi never bothered with such subtleties. He usually spoke with a debilitating flatness, polite when needed but never beyond the functional level. This time was no exception.

"The hokage's office. At once."


Genma opened his mouth to ask what had he been called for, but then it occurred to him that Kakashi himself might not know the answer, and in any case was certainly not obliged to divulge that information. He had just made a slight bow and prepared to leave when another voice stopped him cold in his tracks.

"Kakashi, I was looking for you."

Seemingly out of nowhere, another young Anbu in all his silvery glory had descended upon the top of the tree, much in the fashion of a great bird swooping down from the sky. His voice was not loud, but for some reason exceptionally clear.

Uchiha Shisui.

Genma felt a headache creeping up his temple. As a newcomer, he had to learn a lot of unwritten rules about surviving in Anbu, ranging from "do not take the leftover food from the cafeteria" to "you will never have a decent vacation again". Somewhere in between these two extremes on the seriousness spectrum was a dot labeled "do not cross an Uchiha". And, significantly to the right of that point, there lied "do not cross Uchiha Shisui" spelled out in bold red characters.

It was not hard to see why, for Shisui was the perfect Uchiha. Or one could say, he perfectly embodied the ideal image many people had of his clan: quiet but aggressive, strong-willed to the point of obstinacy, and above all supremely gifted. People willingly made way for him when he walked past them without uttering a word. Even with his white tiger mask on at all times, there was no mistaken his identity. Uchiha Shisui carried himself with that much naked display of power.

Kakashi, however, only acknowledged the new presence with a perfunctory nod, then reverted his attention back on Genma.


That was Genma's cue to move on the spot, and he took it.


Even with the incognito firmly in place, Kakashi could tell that Shisui was staring at him. A little too openly, thus by definition a little too brazenly. But there was no one else around now, not that would have made a difference to Shisui. Few things did.

"The kid was about to leave. You could have waited."

Genma was in fact a year old than Kakashi, but the blonde's relative lack of experience made the line sounding more protective than patronizing, although Kakashi had intended for it to be neither. He sprung out from the thickly shaded branches, landing on the ground with the soft sound one might expect from a leaf falling from a eucalyptus tree. Shisui followed suit, and suddenly the air began to move with a cautious uncertainty.

"Sure I could have," Shisui leaned in towards him, right hand pushing against the tree's rough trunk and left hand resting on the hilt of his own familiar katana, "but I didn't want to."

Underneath the weathered fox face, Kakashi smiled.

It was a rare expression, and a decidedly short-lived one. Shisui certainly did not see it when he pulled off both Anbu masks and Kakashi's black mask down for a hard kiss.


They hadn't seen each other for a while. Or at least it felt like that way, given how their bodies responded to the physical touch, and how they went at each other with a touch of unbridled violence. Shisui was seldom gentle, but then again Kakashi had little use for gentleness. They had both grown up savagely in a world which kept its hardened silence, a world in which softness in men was equated with mediocrity. In their commonly murderous profession, they were the scions of spectacularly murderous bloodlines, having witnessed firsthand how quickly tenderness translated into weakness and mortality.

Sometimes Kakashi wondered what he was exactly doing by being with Shisui, if a word as sterile as "with" could begin to describe the kind of thing they had together. People did not openly comment, but it was impossible to be blind to it. Although never a flamboyant one, Shisui somehow had the ability to show possessiveness without uttering a word. Apparently, by the end of their first month, this year’s new Anbu recruits had all learnt yet another unwritten rule: do not stare at those two, no matter how strangely close they were standing next to each other.

To their credit, the upper echelon at Anbu did not appear to blink twice about it. Boys taking their sexual frustration out on one another were far preferable to them wandering around raping random women. A number of things were allowed to slide, as long as they were being done discreetly and did not cause concerns for public morality.

Even so, there had been times when Kakashi felt they were dangerously threading on that thin white line of benevolent neglect. Shisui did not care to do anything halfway, and in any case Kakashi was hardly the passive partner a bystander might have assumed him to be. He did not hesitate to let his inclination be known, through force if necessary. Being an Anbu, after all, meant that you never had to explain for the scattering bruises on your exposed skin.

So they fucked, they touched each other, and they even spent one or two rare idle afternoons together skipping stones on the Wakaba River, having resolved to waste the time off on something other than liquor. But mostly they just fucked.

Kakashi didn't have a name for it, and didn't stop to think of one. Nor did he bother to ask Shisui what the other thought of it. In a display of typical adolescent psychology, he simply assumed that Shisui had wanted the same things he did, whatever they might have been.

He had no way of knowing back then, but it was an assumption he would eventually regret.


Possibly the middle part of a triology. Yondaime x Kakashi flavor to follow. Feedback and constructive criticism always welcomed. :)


Ah I remember you! ^_^ I wrote a Yondaime + Kakashi story last year called Blue as Blood, and you left a comment after that one too.

As for the property of Uchiha thing—well, in the past two years ItaKaka has been gaining popularity in the Chinese fandom (of which I am a part), but my OTP is more like SasuKaka. Shisui x Kakashi is an interesting pairing, but mainly because I like to fangirl about Anbu!Kakashi. :P
I don't even lurk in the English fandom, so I really don't expect people to remember I wrote what. :P

And I think this is the time I rub it in for you by saying that if you can read Chinese, you can and will get drowned by an avalanche of ItaKaka fics (or Kakashi uke fics in general). But seriously, if you are interested, send me a mail. I have a fair amount of fanart collected over the years.


If you have time, could you be so kind as to rec a few Kakasi-related or Sannin-centered fics for me? I can handle almost any pairing, except for KakaIru (or vice versa). I am looking for things to read in English. If you could, it would be much appreciated. :)


Thanks a lot! :D I'll be sure to check them out!

PS: Good thing you alerted me to the email, because my Gmail classified it as spam (the one word title did it, probably....)


Just as a heads-up, the files are quite large, considering that they do contain literally thousands of image files.

If you enjoy them, please feel free to share the download links with your friends in private, just make sure they never get posted in a public space, that's all. Merci. :)


Is it possible to get some a DL link too? :D I won't share them publicly, I probably won't even privately (I don't think I know anyone else into Naruto anyway...XD)


Sent. Please check Gmail. BTW on yet another note, I LOVE your current LJ layout! Did you make it? If not, where can I get it? :D


Got it! Thanks, I haven't had a chance to DL them yet but will definitely do so tonight. ^_^

I LOVE your current LJ layout! Did you make it? If not, where can I get it? :D

Thanks again! Unfortunately, I can claim neither the layout or the ability to make something that looked that nice. >_> It was made by thefulcrum, the specific layout is here. The only quibble I personally have is that it's in the bloggish format, which means a looooooong list of tags on the sidebar, which you can't disable (unless you display: block it in the CSS).
Awesome! You got Kakashi's personality down so well, from his behavior to how others view him. Also, you get a really good sense of how Shisui may have been, though so little was given canonically. I like the ending, and the description of how they got together, under the environment in which they lived. It seems very...human, natural, and a little bittersweet.

(I will admit, though, to having to google "Shisui" to remind myself of who he was...)
Mind you, the reason I like writing Shisui is because there is so little canon stuff, I can pretty much write whatever I want. A pair I like in particular is Shisui x Itachi. Yum. (I have this weird plot bunny in which Shisui wants BOTH Kakashi and Itachi, but those two kinda just ignore him and went on with their own thing...poor Shisui.)

Appreciated the story very much. Well written, with a spare but evocative use of details.
Thanks! :D I hope you will like the sequel as well.

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