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my English fanwork master list (fanfics, graphics, translations)

中文同人清单12/18更新。English list updated 2012-11-22.

Fandoms covered: Skyfall ★ Marvel (Thor/Avengers/Comics) ★ Star Trek (XI/TOS/DS9) ★ BBC Sherlock ★ Supernatural ★ Final Fantasy (VIICC & VIII) ★ Various anime (Naruto, One Piece, Black Blood Brothers, etc) ★ Misc. (World of Warcraft, Formula One RPS, etc)

Personal favorites are denoted by a ♥ sign.

James Bond/Q
  1. Nothing Like You - Twenty years after National Gallery, Q greets a new 007.

Marvel - Thor/Avengers
  1. Eternities Unsaid [Thor/Loki] - Loki exists only in Thor's imagination. Available in French as les éternités silencieuses. by daffenger.
  2. Sugar High [Thor/Loki] - In which the brothers encounter chocolate. Not as sappy as it sounds.
  3. Monstrosity [Thor/Loki, Rated R] - Even when his voice is fucked out of him, Loki lies with his body.
  4. Spellbound [Thor/Loki] - Pre-movie canon. The first three spells ever cast by Loki.

Gen, Other Pairings, Crack
  1. Lock and Key - Journey into Mystery-comic verse. What happened to Serrure before Thor found him in Paris.
  2. My Father's Eyes [Gen, Hela+Loki] - Hel's POV on her father's fall into hatred and madness.
  3. Flowers in Asgard [Odin/Frigga] - Just before they were arranged to be married.
  4. a rose is still a rose [Gen, Frigga, Loki, Thor] Frigga mourns.
  5. The Three Children Loki Raised and the One He Didn't ♥ [Gen, Loki-centric] - Written for norsekink meme prompt: Let's see Loki take time out of his busy schedule of evil plots and fighting superheroes to do some actual parenting. Available in Chinese as 洛基养育的三个孩子,以及他未曾养育的那个 by pkuworm.
  6. "Go the Fuck to Sleep", a Nursery Rhyme by Odin—or, How Did Thor Become Heir of Asgard [Crack] - Frigga asks Odin to put Thor & Loki to bed. Odin encounters...difficulties.

Blood and Water Series [Mycroft +/Sherlock, et al]
In chronological order.
  1. Six Toffee Apples - Guy Fawkes Night. Sherlock is 5.
  2. The Rabbit Hops over the Log - In which Mycroft teaches Sherlock the mystery of making ties. Available in Russian as Заяц прыгнул на бревно... courtesy of kaoririna.
  3. Insomnia
  4. Blind Spot/盲点 (in Chinese)
  5. Of Fortune - West End, Mao Tse-tung, and fortune cookies. Available in Chinese as 关于命运 by Mimiluku.
  6. To Everything There is a Season - A moment between the brothers before a piano, after the funeral of their father. Available in Russian as Всему свое время courtesy of vipera_berus89.
  7. Primogeniture - Available in Russian as Наследство courtesy of vipera_berus89.
  8. Dead Nerve - Dentists are not therapists.
  9. On a Field, Sable - Sherlock has never made peace with his father. Translated into Chinese as 不在 by asukajude.
  10. Throne
  11. Lhasa - Translated into Chinese as 拉萨 by asukajude.
  12. Stradivarius and Grace ♥ - Five moments in Sherlock's life, with or without the Stradivarius that Mycroft gave him. Translated into Chinese as 关于琴,关于爱 by asukajude.
  13. Origin/原点 (in Chinese) ♥
  14. Hello and Goodbye/再别 (in Chinese)
  15. Ecdysis/蜕变 (in Chinese)
Stand-Alone Fics
  1. An Interview with Mycroft Holmes' Umbrella, OBE - Pure crack, as the title indicates.
  2. The Kidnapped [Mycroft/Sherlock, Rated NC-17] - Originally written in Chinese by alexwish2005, translated into English by yours truly.

Star Trek – Deep Space 9
  1. What the Cardassian Moon Saw [Gen, OFC] A tribute to both Hans Christian Anderson and series finale What You Leave Behind.
  2. An Indecent Proposal [Garak/Bashir] - Marriage proposal, Garak style. Also available in Chinese as 非常求婚, translated by gwen7.
  3. Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them ♥ [Garak/Bashir, Rated R] - A sequel of sorts to An Indecent Proposal, with Julian and Cardassia trying to get used to each other.
  4. The Dragon Charmer [Garak/Bashir, Rated R] - As the title indicates. Julian first person POV.
Drabbles: Equilibrium (Garak/Bashir, Rated R) ★ Impure (Garak/Bashir, Rated R) ★ Artistic License (Garak, Bashir, Dukat) * 10 Genres in 10 Snippets (Garak/Bashir)

Star Trek – DS9 Scanslations
  1. Sugared Medicine by MUKOUDA Tessen (Garak/Bashir, Rated NC17)
  2. Addicted to You by MUKOUDA Tessen (Garak/Bashir, Rated NC17)
  3. Perfume by MUKOUDA Tessen (Garak/Bashir, Rated NC17)
  4. Room #1102 by MUKOUDA Tessen (Garak/Bashir, Rated NC17)
  5. Erosion by MUKOUDA Tessen (Sloan/Bashir, Rated NC17)

Star Trek – Kirk/Spock
All ST writings are in ST:XI verse unless otherwise noted

  1. The Four Times Spock Said Yes to Jim Kirk and the One Time He Said No ♥ [Kirk/Spock] - My serenade to the original OTP.
  2. LoveBrilliantScars [Kirk/Spock] - James T. Kirk isn't getting younger.
  3. The Four Times Kirk Didn't Say "I Love You, Too" and the One Time He Did [Kirk/Spock * Rated R] - A snapshot of the first half of Kirk's life.
  4. As All Rivers Return to the Ocean [Kirk/Spock] – And they wed.
  5. The K&S Family Series [Kirk/Spock] – Married, with kids. Oh dear.
  6. The Peanut Butter and the Jelly [Kirk/Spock] – The four times a human phrase went right over Spock's head...and the one time it really didn't.
  7. Miracle [Kirk/Spock, McCoy, George Kirk] – All his life, Jim Kirk only ever asked for two miracles.
  8. The Last Will and Testament of James T. Kirk [Kirk/Spock +All] – See title.
  9. ....both muscle atrophy and bone density loss are at acceptable level [Kirk/Spock] – Jim is very old now and can't take care of himself anymore. Spock does it for him.
  10. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)? [Kirk/Spock+T’Pring] – 4 times Spock was propositioned and declined (logically, of course) and the 1 time he accepted (also logically, of course).
  11. Capsicum annuum Vulcanis [Kirk/Spock, McCoy * short] – Bones, the unsung hero.
  12. The REAL Trouble with Tribbles ♥ [Kirk/Spock, TOS crack] – What if there is a Tribble!Kirk and Tribble!Spock amongst the vast tribbles army in the episode The Trouble with Tribbles? Now also an audiofic courtesy of bigmamag. :) Also available in Russian (НАСТОЯЩИЕ проблемы с трибблами) thanks to the lovely eldariel. Also available in Chinese courtesy of helenharris.
  13. Memories Like Burning Snow [Kirk/Spock, All * short] – From The Search for Spock, Kirk saying goodbye to the Enterprise.
  14. Hour of the Wolf [Kirk/Spock * Rated NC17] – Implied voyeurism and graphic bestiality. -_-||||||
  15. 800 ♥ [Kirk/Spock] – Written for the ST XI kink meme prompt "Pike told Kirk: 'Your father banged 800 women, I dare you to do better.'"
  16. 愛をするひと (Those Who Love) [T’Pring, Kirk, Spock] – Kirk seaches for Spock post TOS. He encounters T’Pring instead.
  17. Spockunzel [Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda, T'Pau] –Unapologetic fairytale schmoop AU.
  18. Songs of Seleya [Kirk/Spock * Rated NC17] – Contains sensory deprivation, handporn, Smart!Kirk, roleplay, fake Vulcan, even faker Vulcan rituals, and slight D/s elements.
Star Trek – Reboot Mirror Universe Kirk/Spock
  1. Think No Evil [Kirk/Spock, Uhura * Rated NC17] – Uh…my attempt at mirrorverse PWP.
  2. Outliers [Kirk/Spock * Rated R] – Spock survives an assassination attempt and expects punishment from Kirk. The captain, however, has other plans.
  3. Perfumed [Kirk/girl!Spock] –Girl!Spock is the Captain's Woman.
  4. Unbroken ♥ [Kirk/girl!Spock * Rated R] – Sequel of sorts to Perfumed. Aftermaths of a nuked Vulcan in mirrorverse.
  5. You are Warm in My Hand [m!Kirk/Spock, m!Kirk/m!Spock * Rated R] – M!Kirk loses his Spock and finds a replacement.
  6. Ghosts of Our Yesterdays [Kirk/Spock * TOS/XI * Rated R] – A retelling of The Conscience of the King.
  7. Russian Roulette [Kirk/Spock] – Christmas, mirror universe style.
Star Trek – Gen, Crack, and Other Pairings
  1. Sweet Music to My Ears [Kirk+All, crack] - Three words: Starfleet's Got Talent.
  2. Love, Gaila ♥ [Gaila+All, crack] - Love/Relationship Advice Column, written by our favorite Orion girl.
  3. The Narada Incident, as told by Hikaru Sulu's Twitter [Ensemble, crack] - See title.
  4. When I Grew Up I Called Him Mine [T'Pring, Spock] – Love, Vulcan style.
  5. To Love and Not to Hold [Spock/Uhura] – The moth and the flame.
  6. The Lotus Eater [Spock+Kirk] – Spock encounters a childhood memory on an alien planet.
  7. Kobayashi Maru, Warcraft Edition [Kirk+Spock+McCoy et al, crack] – "Dammit Jim, I'm a druid, not a masochist!"
  8. The Sixth-Day Flower Child ♥ [All] – Deaged!Spock refuses to eat on the ship. Mayhem ensues.
  9. Harajuku Princess [Gaila * short] – Because you know Gaila used a fake ID to get a tattoo when she was a tween. :P
  10. Con Te Partirò [Spock, T'Pring, Uhura] – The haunting of a woman and a planet.
  11. Echoes of the Name [Joanna, McCoy * short] – Joanna finds out why her mother never calls her "Jo".
  12. The Impossible Dream [George/Pike, George/Winona * short] – Pike reflects on his relationship with George Kirk.
  13. Skin [Gaila, Uhura] – Two girls and their respective tattoos.
  14. A Very Condensed and Wildly Inappropriate Plot Guide to Star Trek XI [Ensemble] – See title.
Star Trek XI - Translations
  1. TOW Jim Kirk causes a scene in a bar (again) by Rin-chan [Kirk/Spock] – Yeah. See title.
  2. TOW Commander Spock points out the truth by Rin-chan [Kirk/Spock] – The closest is so wide open now.
  3. TOW Jim Kirk needs a glass of champagne by Rin-chan [Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda] – Jim Kirk, meet Ambassador Sarek.
Star Trek XI - Graphics
  1. World of Warcraft: Kobayashi Maru [All Char] – Craaaack.
  2. How to Bag Your Own Spock: a Four-Step Manual [Kirk/Spock] – Candy porn collaboration with alexwish2005.
  3. Star Trek icons and color bars – From the TOS series. The "chicken soup for the soul" batch.
  4. K&S Bears in Asia ♥ [Kirk/Spock] – I traveled to Asia and took Kirk and Spock teddy bears with me. Cuteness ensued.
  5. K&S Bears in the Sonoran Desert [Kirk/Spock] – ...then they went to Arizona.
Star Trek - Drabbles


Drabbles: 10 Genres in 10 Snippets (Dean/Castiel) ★ by the power of the name (The Angels, gen) ★ but let judgment run down like water (Michael, Anna) ★ 26: About Michael (Michael et al)
Dean/Castiel: Confucius Says [Dean/Castiel, the Angels] - The angels sit down for a Chinese New Year's family gathering dinner. No, really. Also available in Chinese as 子曰, translated by asukajude.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core
  1. Premonition [Angeal/Sephiroth/Genesis] - Genesis dreams.
  2. Illumination [Angeal/Genesis] – I’ve always figured that knowing Genesis is a kind of curse for Angeal.
  3. Adoration ♥ [Angeal/Genesis] – An eleven-year-old Genesis declared Angeal to be the apple of his eye in front of the whole class. Disaster ensues.
  4. Habits [Sephiroth/Genesis/Sephiroth * Rated R short] – Of the post-coital kind.
  5. Possession [Genesis/Sephiroth/Genesis] – Genesis is a biter.

Final Fantasy VIII
  1. Edge of Clarity [Seifer/Squall] - Walking between the darkness and the light. Or, about a water filter.
  2. One Last Dance [Seifer/Squall + Rinoa] - In which Rinoa says goodbye.
  3. Sins of the Fathers ♥ [Seifer/Squall, OCs] - "The body can endure compromise and the mind can be seduced by it. Only the heart protests."
  4. Do Unto Others [All Char, Seifer/Squall implied] - Zell creates a Counter Strike team, but all does not go as planned.
  5. The Home in the Storm [Seifer/Squall] – Squall returns to Seifer in the middle of a storm.
  6. The Sun in the Flower [Seifer/Squall] – In which Seifer gets flowers. Lots of them.
Final Fantasy VIII - Drabbles:

  1. Blue as Blood ♥ [Yondaime + Kakashi + Sakumo] - Sakumo's wish, and the Hokage's. Translated into Chinese as 蓝如血 by nashaya_rin.
  2. Incognito [Shisui/Kakashi] - Boys play tough with each other.
  3. Heaven Can Wait [Shisui/Kakashi * Rated R] - Sequel to Incognito.
  4. Five Times A Character I Love Did Something I Hated by Hatake Kakashi [Kakashi + All] - Because Kishimoto is a douche bag in so, so many ways.
  5. Warmth [Neji + Kiba] - A winter night at a ramen shop.
  6. Raining on Ashes [Sasuke + Sakura] - An undated and unsent letter.
  7. The Day of Ceasing [Yondaime + Kakashi] - When do the dead die? Side drabble: endless. Available in Chinese as 安息日 courtesy of limonenejade.

Formula One RPS
  1. A City Called São Paulo ♥ [Ayrton/Michael] - Before his one last race, Michael reminisces about a city at once alien and familiar to him. Also available in Chinese: 一个名叫圣保罗的城市, translated by akio.
  2. The Most Loneliest Day ♥ [Ayrton/Michael +Bruno] - Deja vu kicks you in the head. Really hard.

World of Warcraft
  1. Kataphileo [Duncan/Catelyn] - Kataphileo [Greek]: v., to kiss repeatedly, intensively, and earnestly.
  2. Opus Dei [Salandria] – The childhood of the promised Blood Knight.
  3. Leaving Andorhal [Thassarian/Koltira] - Post-Battle of Andorhal in Cataclysm.

  1. The End of the World [One Piece - Zoro + Luffy] – A conversation at the end of the Grand Line.
  2. Rough Diamond [One Piece - Smoker/Hina] – First kiss was in the rain.
  3. Ghost of a Memory ♥ [Black Blood Brothers - Zelman Clock] - Thou hast forgotten, but the world shall end when I forget. OC POV (no, not that kind).
  4. Sight [Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Yomi/Kurama] - Kurama asks Yomi a question of the wrong kind.
  5. Visage [Bleach - Yoruichi/Soifong] - Just a little kiss.
  6. Foresight [Code Geass - Suzaku/Lelouch] - About a grave.
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