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tower of light

April 2017

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ff7 - sephy

Possession (FF7, Genesis/Sephiroth/Genesis)

Title: Possession
Pairing: Genesis/Sephiroth
(or vice versa)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Alas, characters owned by Square Enix.
Summary: Genesis left Sephiroth something when he went MIA.

by Renata Lord


The choker was left on the night stand in Sephiroth's bedroom as if it had always belonged there.

A piece made of slightly tarnished silvery metal alloy, designed to be a chain of intertwined snakes with curves all slippery and smooth. It was a relic from one of those accessory fads that swept through Midgar some years back, and an adolescent Sephiroth had seen people parading around wearing these chokers outside dark-colored turtleneck sweaters. It was the fashion statement of that entire winter season. Yet in an oddly subdued gesture, Genesis always wore the piece underneath his clothing, the choker gripping his skin intimately like a custom-made collar. Leave it to a romantic to brand himself like that.

Yet when they slept together for the first time, Genesis did not hesitate to detach the collar in front of him. As much as he was accustomed to scars and pain, Sephiroth could only frown at the patch of skin beneath the metal that came revealed—a ring of dull, ancient red marks, angry and full of sin. Those were wounds sustained for so long, they had already sunken into the flesh and became a part of the body itself.

"Ah, this," Genesis caught the look in his eyes and smiled, "don't mistake me for a masochist now, my love."

Sephiroth ignored the particular inflection on those last two words and remained silent. His eyes followed Genesis' hand as the redhead laid the piece on the night stand next to his bed. Long and slender fingers, deceptively soft-looking when contrasted against the cold metal.

Genesis touched the ring around his neck and gave a little nod. "I'm a biter."

Was there an explanation in there? Or at least a warning? Those musings melted away at the contact of tongues and lips and skin and everything else that was wonderful about the human anatomy in its perfection. Genesis radiated so much sheer heat, as if he was burning up and consuming the world along with him. Sephiroth was suddenly aware of gravity because a dizziness was singing in his head, leading him into a bottomless abyss.

It felt like an act of open aggression, but after some practice Sephiroth learned to overlook the details, like the teeth marks which invariably scattered across his body at the end of every encounter. It was something that he tolerated but never understood, partly because he could not fathom doing the same thing to his partner. Genesis' body was beautiful, and he saw no point in wanton desecration.

Besides, all markings on him fade.


Even though usually he was a lighter sleeper than Genesis, he woke up late on that last morning. By the time he opened his eyes, Genesis had already returned from the shower. The half-nude figure sitting by the bedside looked like the usual morning General Rhapsodos—slightly annoyed, rough around the edges, and in dire need of coffee. But in those blue eyes there was a hint of playfulness, and that piece of silver-colored jewelry dangled in Genesis' hand like ancient wind chimes.

"Put it on for me."

Sitting up in the bed, Sephiroth obliged wordlessly. His hands went around Genesis' neck, avoiding the burn-like mark as much as he could. The chain was a short and tight one, and it was impossible to connect the two intricate ends in front of Genesis and then adjust the chain's position. Nevertheless, Sephiroth's fingers found no real resistance as he deftly made the attachment in one fluid motion.

He saw the other man's eyes widen a little, as if taken by surprise. Then Genesis snapped a finger with apparent delight.

"Yes, but of course. You are left-handed."

He smiled at that statement. The choker's small clasp was on the right side while the corresponding ring was on the left. It was a singularly inconvenient design, but one that suited Sephiroth's condition. His left-handedness was something that everybody always seemed to forget, himself included. People only knew that his Masamune was the bringer of death, they did not particularly care which hand he used to carry it.

"That's why they'd have so much trouble, but it's nothing to you," Genesis flashed a grin but looked away from him. "It's almost as if I picked out the one irregular design out of the hundreds of perfectly normal ones, preparing for this one morning."

It was something Genesis mentioned to him before, how he had waited for Sephiroth because they were always meant to be, even before they had met face to face in Midgar. Sephiroth didn't argue about it. There was no way to change Genesis' mind about something like this, especially since LOVELESS was involved somehow. Genesis believed in Fate. Sephiroth believed in making one's one fate, but he didn't mind making his along with Genesis.

"Maybe you did."

With that, he got off the bed and disrobed quickly. As he stood before the closet looking for a fresh bathroom towel, he felt Genesis slithering up behind him—arms around his chest, fingers in his hair strands. A kiss landed on his shoulder blade, soft lips then sharp teeth. He didn't have to look down to know that Genesis had created yet another mark, a seal made in blood.

"Genesis…" he sighed lightly.

Genesis let go of him with remarkable speed, then grabbed a shirt from the closet and began to dress with typical military efficiency. Sephiroth shrugged and strolled into the bathroom, new towel in hand.

"Hey, Seph."

As he was closing the bathroom door, he heard Genesis calling his name. That in itself was unusual enough to make him pause. The door was almost shut, but he could hear the other man clearly. Genesis' voice vibrated with a strange sobriety, as if he had just woken up from a very long dream.

"For you are beloved by the goddess. Hero of the dawn, healer of worlds…."

"LOVELESS, Act II," he turned on the water and answered.

The only thing that came back to him was the silence.



Postscript: This story took me forever and ever! >_<

My thanks to karadin, for extensive discussions with me with the basic premise. Thanks to her the Damaged!Genesis faded into the background, and I was able to focus on writing Sephiroth's POV. A daunting task all the same, but I am quite pleased now that it is finished. I hope you enjoy this story. ^_^


Ah how intriguing, I like how it sets up as many questions as it answers, leaving us hungry for more!

questions, you say?

Does Genesis love Sephiroth? Yes.
Does Sephiroth love Genesis? Duh.
Why did Genesis leave Sephiroth? Because he emo'ed.

The Three Questions from FF7CC, in a nutshell.

Re: questions, you say?


but I like that I don't know where the mark came from on his neck, and why it's there.

Re: questions, you say?

I do believe that was the contention point of our long (...and ultimately fruitless?) discussion. :P

Re: questions, you say?

well not fruitless if it ended up with a fic you liked, and it gave me a lot to think about too.

Re: questions, you say?

Uh huh. I remember at one point the topic diverged into goddess cult or something. That was pretty epic.

Re: questions, you say?

my mind goes on some strange tangents!
I really liked this! A screwy!Genesis is interesting when matched up with Seph...
Thanks! And trust me, he was waaaaay more screwy in the draft. :P
Beautifully crafted <3

Your icon is very nice! I don't recall seeing that picture....which scene is it from?
Someone else made this one, I think they took it from the scene on the cannon. I love it too as I like the pale, unsaturated look.
Ahhh I know which scene it is now. Thanks again! :D
Ah, that was beautiful! I liked how calm and almost passive Sephiroth was about everything, this suits him just fine^^
Thanks. I don't think he's passive, per se. More like, he's very slow in understanding emotions, both Genesis' and his own. But he definitely fully participated in the relationship, so to speak. :)
Thanks. ^_^
Yeah, Nibelheim is such a turning point in Seph's life (understatement of the year?). It's a part of the his whole tragedy with Genesis—they were never quite on the same side, even though both switched sides.

Thank you for reading & the feedback. I really appreciate it. ^_^
Ooo how nice and intriguing. I like the details in the 'biting' part. Made it all a lot more vivid. For me, at least ^_^
Regardless of stories and settings, I have always pictured Gen to be a biter in bed. :P In the story the biting was all about marking Sephiroth though. Alas, Seph didn't get it...
Totally agreed. I think it might come from the fact that his is constantly talking (aka 'occupying his mouth') and his malicious nature. A match made in marking heaven <3
I don't think Gen's nature is truly malicious. It's more like he sincerely lacked the ability to empathize (not sympathize) with most people. In this he was on par with Sephiroth. But unlike Sephiroth, he was also openly manipulative.
Ahh true. I don't find Crisis Core as being that true to his character... I think in that he was 'malicious' because he was so desperate to heal himself.
But agreed again, he probably picked up that attitude from his supposed parents... maybe not XD

Still, I do see him being relatively cruel in some respects, not evil... more like just winding people up and watching them squirm for personal enjoyment.... a bit of an ego trip or something, because he's so insecure.
Yeah, insecurity is a very big part of Genesis' core personality, especially with regards to Seph. Despite (and perhaps in a way, because of) his love for Seph, he always tried to prove that he was better (and thus worthy of Seph, I suppose).

In his quest to heal himself, and his view of the world since his body broke down, he essentially retreated into himself.

Honestly I don't think his parents were to blame, in the sense that I don't picture Genesis having a horrible childhood or anything of the sort. But it goes back to his inability to empathize with people, so there was always a theme of alienation.
I've always seen his parents as being somewhat distanced, perhaps from the fact that he wasn't really their son (open to debate, but most likely he's not). Not necessarly horrible, just not as warm and parental as "stereotypical" parents are.
I also think that because of the distance between Gen and his parents, Gen got so close to Angeal... and when Gen had to distance himself from Seph (for whatever reason) when he became sick, he turned to Angeal.... and so on so forth D:
I adore the atmosphere of this piece, calm, beautiful, simple, and yet we already know what is ahead, which makes it so fragile and painful.
You should know that your drabbles from yesterday (the day before?) totally contributed to this being finished. It had been sitting on my hard drive for literally months before this. :D
Very beautiful. ^-^
Beautiful. :)