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tower of light

April 2017

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st - in love, st - otp, st - fated, st - cute k/s, st - kirk/spock

my "official" Kirk/Spock fanfic rec post, or something.

The previous post was getting to be a hassle to edit. When I don't have a headache I'll put summary/comment for (most of) them. Continuity wise it's almost all XI because that's my point of entry into the fandom. :P

Please observe all ratings and warnings before reading.

  1. Earth Kids are Assholes by sadlikeknives
    What if Baby!Spock met up with Baby!Kirk during a vacation on earth? So cute. >.<

  2. Break Down and Tell by betweenthebliss

  3. Recovery by the_dala
    A very quiet scene, but I love the Kirk/Spock dynamic in this one. Oooh Spock.

  4. And Many More by the_dala
    Absolutely ADORE this one even though it broke my heart over and over. Oh Kirk. T_T

  5. Four Times Kirk Tried to Seduce Spock, and One Time He Succeeded by belmanoir
    The title says it all.

  6. Stars Apart, Shine the Same by sineala
    Another mind meld fic, one that is done with such love and tenderness. Parts of it just...floored me.

  7. Wilderness Were Paradise Enow by belmanoir
    First time Spock/Kirk, aka Why Math Is Very Important.

  8. Barely Perceptible Green by woebetidesweets
    A take on the domination element of the sexual relationship. This is not necessarily the Spock I envision in my own mind, but it's one way to picture him (and his approach to sex), and I think it's done well.

  9. How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership by sparky77
    Ensemble cast with a lot of Kirk/Spock UST. Kirk is awesome in this one. ^o^ Bones is hilarious as usual. And yay Chekov!

  10. To the Best of my Recollection by svilleficrecs
    It's...a love story. Of sorts. Not a shiny or cute one, but I love how Spock interacts with Kirk. Besides, a happy ending is a happy ending.

  11. Sleepless from st_xi_kink
    In which Kirk asks Spock what does the word t’hy’la mean. He's done it now.

  12. Numerical from st_xi_kink
    Five Times Jim Kirk DID NOT Enjoy Doing It With An Alien Male and One Time He Did. The last part with Spock is breathlessly cute.

  13. We Learn Each Other Slowly by raphaela667
    This is one story that I never wanted to end. The author described it as a story "where Jim Kirk is desperately and painfully in love with Spock", and believe it. It's all there. I love the Kirk in this one. Love love LOVE. Did I mention love?

  14. Our Emotional History is in the Kitchen by raphaela667
    Kirk brings Spock home to meet his mother. A complicated mother/son relationship that is deftly explored. And the bits of K/S there are just so sweet.

  15. Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known by waketosleep
    In which they are made to get married by aliens. True story.

  16. A Level Course and True by brighteyed_jill
    Spock/Kirk. Mind meld aftermath.

  17. When They Have to Take You In by sadlikeknives
    "For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother."—A sequel to Earth Kids are Assholes! Yes!!

  18. Past Sorrows, Present Joy by kagedtiger
    Skillfully weaves the K/S from the new movie with that in the TOS. ^_^
    Sequels: Future Bliss and Out of Time are very highly recommended as well.

  19. This is a sickbay, not a day care center! by speccygeekgrrl
    K&S turn into 6 year olds. An alarming amount of cuteness.

  20. Regret by knights_say_nih
    Another de-age fic. Not so much cuteness but definitely touching. Not my Spock but Kirk is awesome.

  21. The One Where Spock Gets Annoyed from st_xi_kink
    I have no words for this one. You just gotta read it.

  22. and they won't believe you when you write home about it by raphaela667
    All kinds of hilarious and melty. And RumorMill!Sulu=PRICELESS.

  23. Through Water by irrelevant
    Kirk realizes the truth post Delta Vega. He is so screwed. I adore the Kirk voice in this one, very realistic!


Re: addendum

Yeah, there are SO many lines from these stories that just...tugged at my heart. That's the brilliance of fanfiction—they somehow make the characters alive with all those little details and portraits.

P.S.: I am now in the process of cooking up another ficlet if you will be on MSN soon.



當初以為以st fandom的歷史應該會有很多同人, 其實也不一定哩....rec真的很能幫上忙!期待你的新list!(還有自家文~~XD)




我不知在哪找哩....(其實也只不過努力了2天囧)而且總是不太會見文就跳進去, 體質問題很易被雷orz

看了啊~~~/// 所以才希望你多寫一點XDD 告訴你一樣有趣的事, 當時還不知道你會中文, 在看你寫的文時不知怎樣有種感覺 "這位朋友一定很喜歡亞洲文化了" 這樣的=p 整篇文章的氣氛和float就是讓我那樣覺得.

它的题材相当特别,不是以Enterprise上的生活为背景,而是说Kirk和Spock一起度过他们的假期(visit to Kirk's mother, visit to Spock's mother's birth place, etc.)。

Thank you for your rec. I'll be sure to check it out once it is completed. (我自己就是坑王所以我对于坑……很敏感orz)