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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

the one where Jim Kirk causes a scene in a bar (again) -- translation (Star Trek XI, Kirk/Spock)

Title: the one where Jim Kirk causes a scene in a bar (again)
Author: Rin-chan (translated with permission by Renata @ snowlight)
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Do not own, sadly.
Note: For Ms. Butterfly.

the one where Jim Kirk causes a scene in a bar (again)
original fanfic in Chinese written by Rin-chan
translated into English by Renata Lord (snowlight)


"....Captain?" the feminine voice redirected his attention back to the person before him, if only momentarily.

"Oh," Jim Kirk adjusted his facial expression, "so yeah, about that time travel tunnel you mentioned...."

....too straight.

The way Spock was standing...his back was too straight.

If it wasn't for the fact that the Vulcan was holding a drinking glass instead of neatly folding both hands behind his back, he could have been mistaken for being hard at work, reporting to his captain on the Enterprise bridge.

...or was this Spock's own way of attracting romantic attention? It would certainly explain why so many girls were flocking around him.

"Excuse me, captain," the obviously unhappy young woman sharpened her tone, "it appears to me that you are somewhat preoccupied."

"Oh? Am I?" even then, Jim Kirk couldn't quite control himself and shot another look in Spock's direction, "uh, don't get me wrong, Lieutenant Molina, I just—I'm just surprised by the conduct of my first officer, that's all."

"Ah," looking over, Lieutenant Molina replied frankly, "Yes, I have noticed. Your eyes haven't really left him since the beginning of this evening."

"So," she shot him a lovely smile, "I think I should go over there and see for myself, as well."


"Rejected already?" a good doctor always appeared in a patient's hour of need.

"Shut up," he gestured to the bar with the empty glass in hand. Definitely shitty luck today. "Hey, another one please."

"He does know what he's doing, doesn't he..." when Jim turned back with a newly filled glass, Bones was smirking but sounding less than pleased.

"Who knows what he's doing?"

"That pointy-eared green goblin—"

"Oh him," and McCoy was puzzled by how did Kirk manage to sound so matter-of-fact about it. And there was a huge grin on Kirk's face, the kind that little kids get when they realize their favorite toys are better than all the other kids' toys. "Of course he knows. Now, watch."

With that, Jim Kirk thrust his glass into McCoy's hands, and sauntered over in his first officer's direction.


"Mr. Spock. A moment, please?"

Spock turned his head and saw that beyond a wall of female cadet uniforms, his captain was nodding at him with a rare serious expression that usually went with "report to the bridge immediately".

He excused himself from the small blockade and left the glass on the nearby table.

"Yes, captain?"

"Nothing important, Mr. Spock," the man in front of him smirked. A self-confident light glinted in those blue eyes, along with an air of accomplishment which seemed entirely out of place given the social occasion.

Spock arched an eyebrow and waited.

"Really, it's nothing," and that smile was getting bigger now. "I merely wish to acertain that when you—"Jim glanced at the female cadets over Spock's shoulders and lowered his voice, "—are so busy with answering the students' academic curiosities, you would still respond in time to my orders."

"I do not believe this concern is necessary—"and here Spock stopped himself mid-sentence.

"If I may inquire, captain," dark eyes bore into Jim's own. They held a shade of amusement, hidden so well that only Jim could tell it was there. "Would this be what is commonly referred to as the human emotion known as jealousy?"

"No, this is simply an instinct found in all male animals," Jim returned the gaze. "The instinct to overcome and conquer a superior being."

"I am honored, captain," Spock nodded.

"But also—"

Before Spock had time to react, Jim's hands had came up to the back of his head, dragging him close. Lips met lips, mouth met mouth.

"The instinct to effectively mark his rights over his territory," when the kiss was over, Jim Kirk appeared to be completely unperturbed by the scene they had just caused in front of the crowd. His hands slid down and rested on Spock's shoulders, as naturally as if they simply belonged there.

"This is...highly illogical," Spock thought about it and offered at last, "but easily understood."




LOL,funny and adorable! Thanks for sharing! :)
lmao, so very cute, and for something so short very IC!


especially when Kirk claims Spock as his favorite toy in front of all those ppl. XD


Toy? What toy? SHUSH YOU!


Loved it. So cute. *g*
LOL, niiice
That was great! <3 Thanks for the translation!
Oh, I just love this one, Spock wins, because he's Spock, and he's just awesome and naturally talented in all things, but Jim wins in the end because...he's Jim.


When Rin-chan writes more (because she will, right?), you are going to translate them. Um...I say so. :3
yeah if she'll do that then I'll make the stories as short as possible.XD
Ohh Spock, what will we do with you...?

Very nice little fic. Liked it a lot! Nice work!
hahahaha that is soo like Kirk XD
Ooo, sweet. Thank you for translating.

I think Kirk is very in character here--showing off for McCoy and Spock at the same time.
COMPLETE AND UTTER WIN for jealous!Kirk and for him marking his territory. :)
Because Jim would be jealous over Spock no matter what, it's logical :D
Thanks for the translation!

"The instinct to effectively mark his rights over his territory

This is a very important instinct.