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tower of light

April 2017

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tsugumi - white, pensive

The Sixth-Day Flower Child (Star Trek XI, All char.)

st_xi_kink request filled: Spock gets de-aged and the crew (read: Bones and Kirk) are all worried because Little!Spock is refusing to eat, then, several days into this madness, they find Spock all hunkered down in the botany labs, munching away on the flowers there. Consider this my atonement for The Lotus Eater. >_> My thanks to dissociate for the beta.

Title: The Sixth-Day Flower Child
Character: All
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,227
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue.

The Sixth-Day Flower Child
by Renata Lord


Day One

Kirk has never seen McCoy this defeated, not since the Academy denied his perfectly reasonable request to continue his astrophobia seminar.

"I don't know, Jim," the doctor growls at him. "For the last time, there is no current medical explanation! Everything is in perfect working condition, the bugger's so healthy I could make a specimen sample out of him!"

He reminds himself that it's not Bones' fault, and it's not fair to yell about how having his first officer as a goddamned five-year-old definitely does not count as "perfect working condition."

"Doctor, Captain," the little pointy-eared bastard speaks up from the med bed, quite serenely. "I would like to point out that I am neither completely Human nor Vulcan, and therefore would make a poor sample of either species."

Day one passes like a frantic blur, and at its end Kirk lies on his bed exhausted. He promises himself that tomorrow he would be better, more captain-like, whatever the hell that is.


Day Two

It does get better, once McCoy announces that his research shows it's just A Vulcan Thing and he would be able to have the antidote made in approximately three days. Kirk is even starting to enjoy the freedom of not having one Vulcan hovering behind him on the bridge.

And then there is how Uhura squeals over little Spock during lunch time, something about that small face being so "perfectly round" and "absolutely adorable". Kirk thinks she's just glad for a reason to molest toy with her ex-boyfriend again. He doesn't say it, of course.

It's all cute and fluff until Uhura realizes that Spock doesn't want any of her chicken with broccoli. Doesn't want any food, in fact, and hasn't eaten anything since the incident at all. She marches over to sickbay, dragging the kid behind her, and demands to know how the medical unit could be so grossly negligent.

McCoy gives her the "I'm actually a parent, missy" look and replies: "His biostats are normal. Besides, the kid's smart, he'll ask for food once he needs it."

Spock breaks free from Uhura's grasp and climbs onto a med bed. For the rest of the afternoon he lies there reading the latest issue of The Xenobiological Review, as quiet as air. McCoy works in the same room, but they comfortably ignore each other.


Day Three

Now McCoy is starting to get concerned about the kid's lack of interest in food, normal metabolism and Vulcan physiology notwithstanding. He takes Spock to the mess hall replicator, but all the kid asks for is a cup of extra-hot Vulcan Plomeek tea.

"At least he's taking liquids. That's good enough, for now," he reports to his captain without much conviction.

"You sure he hasn't just been sneaking food on the ship?" Kirk muses while biting into an apple, "We do have food lying around, Bones. And the little guy's fast. I've seen him."

"Pretty sure, Jim. I asked if he had anything to eat aside from the tea, he said no. He hasn't even gone to bathroom, from what I can tell."

"Maybe he wets his bed instead?"

McCoy sighs at his friend's fearless stupidity (or stupid fearlessness, whichever). "You know, Jim, he's right behind me and he can hear every word you say. You better pray he doesn't remember any of this when he changes back, but I doubt it."

"I know, I know." The captain's tone turns a little serious after that. "Hey Bones. That antidote…it is gonna work, right?"

"Like everything else on this damned ship, won't know for sure ‘till we try." He answers honestly, knowing this is not what Kirk wants to hear at the moment. Professional ethics is such a bitch sometimes.


Day Four

This is a Very Bad Day, because the Enterprise receives another mission assignment that looks perfectly innocuous but turns into a nightmare by the end of it. It has become a reoccurring theme of sorts.

What is unusual about today is that Spock is not at their side. McCoy goes down with Kirk for the landing party and catches Kirk calling for "Mr. Spock" through the communicator.

"Captain, Mr. Spock's probably taking a nap right now," Sulu sounds momentarily amused before explaining that Scotty gave him the conn so he can go down to the Engineering Deck. Apparently something happened with the warp drive.

"I'm so docking this out from his shore leave time," the captain grumbles before they head out to the Klingon camp with no working phaser. ("We will find weapons once we get there." "Yeah, ones that are pointed at us!" "Small details, Uhura, small details.")

Six hours of small details later, they are beamed back onboard to an Enterprise that is slightly worse for wearing. None of the crew is seriously injured during the multi-warp chase that happened while they were stranded on the ground, which is more than he could have asked for. The fact that his BTX-941 bacteria colony met an ignominious end after the container got thrashed against the wall, however, vexes him beyond belief.

"…so yeah, it's gonna take me another two days before you get your first officer back," the doctor concludes at the end of a long rant regarding cheapass Starfleet medical equipment standards.

Kirk doesn't complain but asks after a pause, "He's okay, though, right? After all that ruckus?"

"Yeah," McCoy rubs his temple, "I did a full check. Light bruise on left forearm, but he's fine."

"He's eating now?"

Oh, fuck. "Not that I know of. In fact, probably not."

The captain swears savagely under his breath. "Go to sleep, Bones. We'll get this sorted out tomorrow. Kirk out."


Day Five

When Vulcans grow up they become logical bastards. When they are little, well, they are just logical little bastards.

Too bad this sentiment is shared only by the captain and his CMO. Everybody else on the ship seems to think de-aged Spock is the cutest thing in the Beta Quadrant next to tribbles.

Which is probably why Spock chooses to stay at med bay for most of the day, even though he's been given permission to roam to the public sectors of the ship. The doctor is very good at keeping non-essential personnel out of his turf, and the doctor doesn't try to pinch his cheeks.

The doctor, however, will perform his duty when a patient's health is at stake.

"Look, kid. You don't like me, and I don't like you."

Huge, dark eyes look straight at him, eerily impassive. "Speculations are not facts, doctor."

"Whatever. The point is, you aren't eating. I'm pretty sure the Vulcans eat on a regular basis, even though they can hold out if they have to. I've seen you eat everyday—the regular you, anyway. So either you give me an explanation right now, or it's the feeding tubes for you, mister."

The kid's expression is still blank, but his voice sounds a little tighter. "I'm not physically ill. You aren't allowed to undertake that procedure without proper authorization."

"Ha! Guess what? The captain agrees with me one hundred percent on this. You wanna talk to him about it?"

"The captain is not my father," Spock says almost disdainfully, his small body shifting slightly on the bed without breaking the proper sitting pose. After a while, he says more softly, "I doubt you can reach my father, but you'll have to get permission from my mother. You can't order me to do anything. She can."

In his heart, McCoy curses all the deities he knows.

Four minutes later he is on the bridge, calmly explaining that dammit he's a doctor not a babysitter, especially not when the kid is their first officer, asking for his mommy who died in a fucking black hole in front of their own eyes.

"Keptain," Chekov starts to say but Kirk motions for him to keep quiet. Sulu shoots a look at his friend, eyebrows creased.

"Uhura, contact Starfleet Command. I want to know where Ambassador Sarek is." Because if it takes an ambassador to make Spock eat his damn food, then an ambassador is what Spock's gonna get.

His communications officer, however, doesn't move.

"Captain, I'm not sure Ambassador Sarek will corroborate with us with regards to his late wife. You remember what happened in that hospital we visited on Vulcan Beta—their people are known to be brutally honest, even with small children."

Kirk winces at that particular memory and runs his hands through his hair in frustration. "Fine. Bones, you are sure he's completely healthy?"

"Yeah. His physical activities have been decreasing, probably to conserve energy. But he's been drinking that tea regularly and his biostats are normal."

"I guess we can wait for another day. He's been doing alright up till now."

"Got it."

That night, however, McCoy's communicator beeps right as he's on the verge of falling asleep. It's Jim.

"Tomorrow, Bones. I don't care what the biostats say, I don't care if you drug him. If he still doesn't eat by tomorrow lunchtime, I want you to hook him up to one of those tubes of yours. That's a direct order."


Day Six

Now Chekov wants to be alone with the kid, but thankfully Sulu talks him out of it. Not a good idea to have an "I-vas-the-one-who-couldn't-save-your-mum" moment with a five year old, when you are all of eighteen yourself.

In his stead, Sulu is the one who gets to have some Happy Spock Super Fun Hour. Since fencing is out of the question, Sulu takes the kid to his botany center, He isn't sure how much information a mini Spock can absorb, but once he starts to talk about his exotic plant collection, he really can't stop. Spock is the perfect listener, nodding at intervals and eyes cataloguing everything, but talking very little. The spontaneous botany lesson is only interrupted by Kirk calling to Sulu to report to bridge in the face of a nasty asteroid belt.

"Stay right where you are and enjoy yourself," Sulu yells before running out of the door, "I'll be right back!" (Nobody on this ship has shown this much interest in his plants before, not even Pavel.)

Except nasty asteroid belt is nasty, and they get visited by one of those many really-powerful-really-bored aliens that makes Sulu think they are living a sci-fi TV show. By the time the crisis passes and the adrenaline subsides, he's dying for some hot food so it's off to the mess hall with him and Scotty, his little guest in the botany center all but forgotten.

He's halfway through his meal when the CMO charges in, looking positively ominous.

Shit. The thought crosses Sulu's mind like cold lightning. Before McCoy says anything he stands up, both hands in the air in a defensive pose: "I'm sorry, man."

"You are gonna be even sorrier if you don't help me find him," it's eerie how nowadays the doctor can say something so threatening without raising his voice.

Logic dictates that they start by the last known point of Spock sighting. McCoy gets out the medical tricorder, just in case. None of that prepared them, however, for the undiluted horror that greets them when they open the door to the botany center.

Every single last one of the flowers in the room is gone. Not withered, not disappeared, but obviously taken by a hand. Sulu stares at the naked stems and feels like somebody's stabbed him right through the heart. As far as he's concerned, somebody might as well have.

"You think—Spock did this?"

Sulu twitches at that thought, still unable to speak.

"Hold on, I'm picking up something. Somebody's still here."

They find the culprit lying peacefully under a Juniperus oceania grove, the small body all curled up. A handful of sorted flower petals lie on the ground next to him, and there is a half-gone Dendrobium sulcatum orchid cluster in his hands.

"I think he's sleeping." McCoy whispers in a tone close to awe. "Amazing. I've never seen a Vulcan sleeping this up close."

The indignation makes Sulu find his voice at last. "What about my flowers!? Most of them are rare! I spent years collecting them!"

The doctor raises his head from the tricorder. "Judging from his weight gain and metabolism changes, I wager he spent a pretty long time eating them."


"What grade did you get in your Xenobiology class?" McCoy goes back to reading the data, "Vulcans are capable of eating raw plants. I'm guessing this one's a picky eater, that's all."

"I'm not asking why he eats flowers! I'm asking WHY DID HE EAT MY FLOWERS!!"

"That's something you can ask him after he wakes up," McCoy stacks the tricorder away, apparently quite satisfied with the result. "Another eight hours and I'll be able to start making the antidote, you have until then to prepare your prosecution speech. Let's go."


Day Seven

This day marks the return of Commander Spock to the bridge, and he is greeted with no ceremony but a collective sigh of relief. The crew is even willing to save the jokes for later. For now, as much as that grown-up Vulcan logic is annoying at times, they are just glad that Spock's back standing next to their captain.

All is right with the universe again.

Except for Sulu.




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♥! Aww, little!Spock is so adorable. Happy Spock Super Fun Hour is the best thing ever

His communication officer, however, doesn't move.
communications, not communication~

Happy Spock Super Fun Hour

Ah, thanks you for pointing that out. I fixed it. :D

I think of Happy Spock Super Fun Hour as one of those Japanese TV variety shows, hehe.
Aw, poor Sulu! They'll grow back, surely.
Love Spock sticking to the med-bay because McCoy can be trusted to leave him be and keep away unwanted attention.
*OP offers you basket full of assorted baked goods and a kitten*
I'm glad you liked it. ^^ And your icon is awesome! <3<3<3
Aww, delightful!

So I've made this community: startwek and I would absolutely LOVE it if you would crosspost this there. And you should join the comm, too! http://community.livejournal.com/startwek/profile

I see you replying to basically EVERY de-age and flashback fic on the entire kinkmeme (and I think I've probably looked at... every page. :O) We obviously have very similar interests regarding ST fic. :) I love your Okami icon, too. So beautiful!

This fic was a delight. It was more detached than a lot of wee!Spock out there, maybe because a lot of it was from McCoy's PoV and he doesn't have quite so many *feelings* about Spock (yet!) but I really enjoyed it that way. And oh, Spock eating flowers is just such a great image, and I'm always harping on people about how there needs to be more Sulu and his botany in this reboot stuff! :D This fic pressed so many of my buttons.

If you don't join and crosspost to startwek, I'll be linking to this on a rec post there some day soon, anyway. :P
Oh yay for the new comm! It's definitely a topic I am very interested in. Baby!Spock is quite possibly what hooked me to STR in the first place.

It's true that some of my fics do come out strangely detached, possibly as a reflection of my personality.... In the end, it's just too sad for me to write a lot of the things up close and personal.

Anyway I joined and will start posting soon. Thanks for creating the comm!
Oh, Sulu! XD Little logical bastard Spock was too adorable for words. But I totally felt all the crew's pain. :p

XD Sulu's voice in this is awesome. We need more fics from Sulu's POV.

Sulu is the one who gets to have some Happy Spock Super Fun Hour. HAHA *gasp, wheeze* no more...it hurts...
We need more fics from Sulu's POV.

I KNOW!!! I never posted this one as a fic because...uh, I dunno, I just never did, but I wrote one crack piece called "The Narada Incident, as told by Hikaru Sulu's Twitter".

It's vaguely Kirk/Spock and McCoy/Sulu.

"What grade did you get in your Xenobiology class?" McCoy goes back to reading the data, "Vulcans are capable of eating raw plants. I'm guessing this one's a picky eater, that's all."

"I'm not asking why he eats flowers! I'm asking WHY DID HE EAT MY FLOWERS!!"

o my god.that made me choke on my drink from laughing so hard.i love this!
I absolutely adore this and I am dying of cute. 8Dbbb Also, I may be stalking you, but yeah.
Aww, that was so cute. Poor Sulu though ^_^
Poor Sulu!

I love little!Spock though. Totally adorable.
That was so cute I can't even explain it. Fantastic work--and Poor Sulu!
awwww, *loves*
this is so beautiful & cute - gruffy!worried!mccoy makes my heart melt... *happy sigh*
Oh, Sulu. <3!
Ahaha, that is too adorable! :D
Tiny Spock eating flowers is too cute for words. Love it!
Flower-eating Spock makes me illogically happy. Child-Spock makes me giggle like a school girl. So now I am giggling like an illogically happy school girl.
I must say that the idea of Paul von Oberstein giggling like an illogically happy school girl...makes for a crack fic in and of itself.
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