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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

Con Te Partirò (Star Trek XI, Spock+T'Pring)

Written for spock100 prompt: mine. In the same universe as Coram Nobis and When I Grew Up I Called Him Mine. Bringing a different version of T'Pring (aka Spock's fiancée back home) from TOS to Reboot = tricky business, but basically I am trying to establish a version of Reboot!Spock's pre-Starfleet life through his involvement with Vulcan characters (T'Pring, Sofek). Eventually it will all wrap up in Kirk/Spock, though, because everything ST I write tend to just end up like that. :)

Beta read by dissociate, gracias~

Title: Con Te Partirò (Time to Say Goodbye)
Fandom: Star Trek XI (with TOS elements)
Characters: Spock, T'Pring, Uhura
Rating: PG
Word Count: 500
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Con Te Partirò
by Renata Lord

For where thou fliest I shall not follow.
—Algernon Charles Swinburne, in Itylus


In the years apart Spock seldom dreamed of her, that pale ghost upon the altar of memories. Jim once asked about the color of her eyes and he found himself unable to recall her face. But all Vulcans had inexplicably dark eyes as if given by the night, and she was, of course, the quintessential Vulcan woman.

Some twenty years would pass before Spock could admit to himself that he never planned on permanently returning to Vulcan and, by default, T'Pring. Yet no one, least of all himself, thought that he would actually achieve escape velocity. That star had its claim on him, just as T’Pring had laid hers. She referred to him simply as "mine" in conversation with other people, and it was the most proper, natural thing in the world.

Mine. It was the same in all those dreams, where a seven-year-old T'Pring called out to him with the sweetest of voice that he knew she never had. Come with me, S'chn T'gai, mine.

In truth he belonged to her no longer, both by death and through betrayal. Yet even in his own dreams, something prevented that declaration from rolling off the tip of his tongue. The bond they had once made could not be undone, even if all that’s left were the fragments of his broken link, seeking for its missing half whichever quadrant he went, in vain.

Come with me, still the ghost insisted gently from the darkness. S'chn T'gai, mine, come with me.

Like a musical note he'd long forgotten how to play, her name trembled and reverberated in his heart. T'Pring.. It was the only word he could whisper back into the gloom. T'Pring.

Both Nyota and Jim had asked him if he ever loved her, and on both occasions, Spock failed to give an adequate answer. It hardly mattered, however, because Nyota was in the middle of the breakup script with him, and Jim wasn't the one who found out his boyfriend was bound to marry another.

It was the one regret he had, not being able to explain himself to Uhura. But in the end, what could he really say? The rupture of the mind-link chose to manifest itself after Narada was finished, and for a few days Spock laid comatose in a Starfleet medical center. When he finally did wake up, he found himself looking up at Sarek and caught a glimpse of Uhura leaning on the door, shrouded by a sad rage that did not suit her beautiful face.

Sarek had told her everything, of course.

She didn't ask him why. She only said "oh, Spock" in a tone that reminded him of his mother during the more solitary days on Vulcan. It told him everything he need to know—that he'd broken her heart, and that she'd be able to forgive him someday. Not now, not here, but someday, perhaps.

The sunlight poured in through the window, but in the depth of shadows there echoed T'Pring’s sweet murmur.

Mine. Always.




I love the idea of putting T'Pring in nu!Trek. Very nice. I enjoyed this very much.
Heh, thanks. If I ever get to it, I'll write about T'Pring in TOS too, but in the XI context (hello Spock Prime!).
This felt...very eerie. Because there are all those Vulcan katras floating about in the ether, isn't there. And constantly you hear beloved, and mine, and dearest

Very haunting.
Ouch, now that you mentioned it, it's kinda downright creepy. *shivers*

I hadn't thought of that part of space as Vulcan katra graveyards. But it's only...logical, I suppose.
That was very beautiful.
I read this somewhere else but I can't remember where. I loved it then too. I find T'Pring intriguing.