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tower of light

April 2017

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Echoes of the Name (Star Trex XI, Bones & Joanna)

Title: Echoes of the Name
Characters: Joanna & Bones
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: G
Note: For drabble challenge at where_no_woman.

Echoes of the Name
by Renata Lord

For the first twenty years of her life, Joanna McCoy periodically wondered why her mother's nickname for her was Anna instead of the plain 'ld Jo. All her friends from school called her Jo, but in her mother's house and the church, she was always Anna.

She had asked her mother, once, but Ms. Jocelyn Darnell had a subtle way of not answering questions she did not approve of. Wasn't Anna a nice name? It suited her better anyway, with the intellectual, feminine air. Joanna knew then it would have to remain one of the mysteries of her childhood, much like how did she get that dark mark on her kneecap or if she really had a non-imaginary friend named Nico.

Shortly after her twentieth birthday, she boarded the famed U.S.S. Enterprise for a visit to her father. Their reunion was a little awkward, but warm. She noticed how the man mostly avoided saying her name when they were alone together, and when he did say it was Joanna, accompanied by an embarrassed smile. Joanna.

They ate meals together. They talked and looked at old albums. He shooed off young crew members away from her, his daughter. He wanted to know everything about her, and she didn't know where to start for knowing him. He wanted to hear about her friends, her favorite food, and her adventures with kart racing. She let it slip that mother was always worried about if those races were safe.

"Always wear a helmet and you'd be fine," father said, "Speaking of which, come over here. We should check in with your mom."

It was her first time seeing mother's face on the video screen. Mother looked somewhat stern, which was usual.

"Hey Jo," the man next to her began cheerfully, "Guess who's standing next to me right now?"




I really like this. I love how McCoy had an effect on Jocelyn for years, and it's kind of left open as to whether that's a good or bad thing.

Great fic! :D
Wah, oh I love this so much. I guess it never really clicked that they could have the same nickname. ♥ Well done~
Thanks! Oddly enough, it was one of the first things that occurred to me. :)
Very cool.
Very interesting take on the future dynamics between this family unit. I really enjoyed the small detail of the name being brought out like this.
Thanks. :) I love bringing little details to the canon universe in fanfics.
Loved this:)