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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

Did Heaven Look On (Star Trek XI drabble, Amanda, Spock)

Written for sacred_20 prompt #8: Apocalypse. Also a part of the drabble challenge at where_no_woman.

Title: Did Heaven Look On
Characters: Amanda, Spock
Rating: G

There were shades of lime and spring green in her little garden as a reminder of her girlhood home. After all the years spent away from Earth, however, she had grown accustomed to the crimson stones and black sands of Vulcan. This planet may be severe and reticent, but it was a part of Sarek and a part of Spock. Thus to not love it, as the lady liked to say, was quite illogical.

When Spock was very young, during the evenings the mother and the son often sat on the balcony, reading books to each other in the crimson sunset. She read him stories like The Snow Queen in Standard, even though he'd never seen natural snow. He read her The Songs of Seleya in Vulcan, showing her the pictures when she couldn't understand his words. Both of them repeated after the other softly, trying to pronounce the syllables right in their second tongue.

On that day, as she ran through the heart of the crumbling mountain into the apocalypse, Amanda Grayson prayed she wouldn't have to let go of her son's hand. She prayed, to whatever god what was willing to listen, for the strength of Mount Seleya's sacred stone.