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tower of light

April 2017

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The REAL Trouble with Tribbles (Star Trek TOS, Kirk/Spock)

Written for the premise: What if there is a Tribble!Kirk and Tribble!Spock amongst the vast tribbles army in the TOS episode "The Trouble with Tribbles"? This is, as you might suspect, TOTAL CRACK. It might contain mpreg too, but can tribbles (which are born pregnant btw) really have mpregs?

Major thanks to dissociate who fed the tribbles with me.

Available in Russian thanks to the lovely eldariel:

A very cute Chinese version was translated by helenharris (<3):

Also, fanart! :D
One by ayumi_lemura
Another one by aleniakalain
One on DA by surrenderdammit

Available in audiofic mp3 format courtesy of bigmamag. :)

And, LO AND BEHOLD, dissociate made the actual tribbles!

Title: The REAL Trouble with Tribbles (or, how the tribbles conquered the Klingon Empire)
Author: Renata Lord (snowlight)
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,450
Disclaimer: Still not mine, much to my chagrin.


Spock refuses to coo. He deigns it too undignified.Collapse )




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hee-hee <3

This was super cute! ^^
I now want a blue tribble (and a golden one, to keep it company).
Mwahahhaha, I HAVE BOTH, courtesy of dissociate. HOMEMADE TRIBBLES YO!
You do have a flair for writing tribbles. Brilliant story.

omg. so much cuteness. I loved how spock was all worried about tribble!jim, and then t!jim finding t!spock at the end and the SNUGGLING (cause you knows that what that was)

oh and this line :With a soft thud he moves off the table and dashes for the door. Something comes from behind him, however, grabbing onto him and refusing to let go. At first contact he knows instantly that it's Jim, and no other. They hug tightly, as if discovering each other for the first time.

"Ha, gotcha!" Jim sounds tired, but happy. "Never gonna let you go now."

omg! so much cuteness, do not know what to do with all the squeeing i'm doing on the inside.
Oh God, I loved this so much!!! Hilarious and funny and kinda sweet and I'm gonna bookmark it forever!
Haha Spock doesn't want to coo! Hahaha Jim procreates for both of them! And so much love for the Tribble Overlords, this was awesome!

I put this on my reclist at my journal

(Link http://amerasu1013.livejournal.com/5693.html#cutid1 )

Hope that's okay?
Thank you for the rec! It always makes me very happy to know that other people have taken a hit of my crack, so to speak. :P
Oh my gods, I love you for this. You had me grinning and laughing and aww-ing throughout.
Haha, thanks. And your username plus that icon! Awesome!
I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself :,D I made a bit of a doodle fanart---> http://surrenderdammit.deviantart.com/art/SPiRK-tribbles-194023500

if you want it taken away, just tell me :) it was a spur of the moment doodle, inspired by your story, so...yeah...if you don't approve I'll just delete it :,D
Haha, it's very cute, thanks! <3
SO MUCH LOVE. Thank you for writing this, it's too adorable for words. <3 <3 <3

This line in particular cracked me up: "'How endearing,' the doctor answers with the tenderness of an iron shovel". Oh, McCoy . . .
This is probably the most awesome crack!fic I have encountered. Like on a level of awesome that it would be silly for me to even attempt to analyze how fabulous it is. Sooo much <3
Oh lord, I'm smiling like an idiot. This was glorious xD



Re: snowlight姑娘,求授权

没问题,谢谢~ :D
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