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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

Hour of the Wolf (Star Trek XI, Kirk/Spock, NC-17)

This is the result of my conversation with dissociate revolving around the question “hey what if Spock could turn into a wolf”?
Apparently the answer is that Jim would totally have sex with him like that. So, PWP happened and was beta read by dissociate. Happy Halloween everyone!

Title: Hour of the Wolf
Author: Renata Lord (snowlight)
Pairing: Kirk/Spock (see warning please)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1,700
Disclaimer: There is a company called Paramount...
Warning: Implied voyeurism and (gulp) graphic bestiality?

The lavish welcoming banquet was in itself nothing new; the kind they practically hosted every night. It was the sort of thing the planet Vegov was famous for among interstellar travelers—generous hospitality and immaculate discretion. What happened in Vegov, stayed in Vegov.

Still, it wasn’t every day that a lady gets to host a banquet for a Starfleet captain, let alone the Federation’s very own golden child. Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise was every bit charming and handsome as the media made him out to be. The only thing different was his Vulcan first officer conspicuously absent from his side.

"Somebody has to mind the store while the rest of us are having fun down here, you know." Upon inquiry of his famous other-half’s whereabouts, the captain grinned and reached down to pat the black wolf lying gracefully at his feet. “I got to come planet side because I have to walk the dog.”

The animal stirred at the comment and made a low growl. The ladies giggled and the captain patted his pet again indulgently. "The name's Krinti. It's Vulcan for 'wolf'. Spock says I always butcher the pronunciation, but hey, it's my wolf."

He seemed entirely too self-satisfied by that casual, dismissive remark, and she briefly wondered if those two really were as inseparable as the rumors claimed. It was far from her business, however, so she only smiled and changed to topic to the starship’s adventurous stories. Men of power always loved a good boast.

Another thing the rumors might have gotten wrong was the captain’s womanizing reputation. While he poured on the charm like it was going out of style, his eyes certainly did not linger on any of the hosts or the curvaceous Orion dancers. She had enough experience to not interpret his solicitude as genuine interest. Frankly, if the women on Vegov could not catch his eye, she doubted there were many who could at a first glance. All the more pity, though, because she knew for a fact most of the girls had a bet running on who could first get into this particular captain's galaxy-renowned pants.

Her suspicions were confirmed at the end of the dinner, when the captain declined to escort any host back for the night. Instead, he only bowed and requested to be shown to his guest quarters, if they didn't mind accommodating his wolf. Yes, the wolf stayed in his quarters back on the ship, too. Was this really all that of an odd request, here of all places?

They both knew in Vegov you could room with two blood-feuding Klingons, as long as you paid enough and signed a responsibility waiver.


It was an innocent thing—as innocent as things could be, on this planet. She wanted a challenge, a crack at what the other girls couldn't get. It was almost like professional pride, come think of it. Yet when she stood before the closed door and heard certain sounds coming from the guest's suite, she felt disappointment and relief in equal measure.

It was unmistakably the sound of sexual intercourse. The man was very loud, sounding as energetic as the rumors made him out to be. There were other noises, however, darker and just on the other side of ominous. There was a crashing sound, and she was quite certain it was those stupid Andorian vases hitting the floor.

To openly intrude would have been glaringly impolite, not to mention entirely unprofessional. She took three steps back, the back of her head firmly pressed against the opposite corridor wall, closed her eyes, and willed her mind's vision to project beyond the secure doors. There was no great pleasure in the act of espionage itself, and she seldom did such a thing. But given the circumstances, she understood that Terran saying about curiosity and the cat perfectly.

The smell of thirst and want was the first thing that hit her. There was no finesse, no elegance of seduction. It assaulted her precariously sustained senses, and she had to wait a few moments before the picture would form. The disarrayed room. The broken shards on the carpet. The famed Vegov moonlight seeping through the crimson curtains and shining like blood.

And then, of course, the wolf and the man.

It was the enormous black wolf that had made itself comfortable at the captain's feet throughout the banquet. It had behaved in a way that was thoroughly domesticated, and she'd seen how it arched its back into the captain's caress during the little lulls of conversation. At the end of the night it simply stood up on its feet and followed the human out of the room, never sparing much as a look to the other people. A friend of hers, perhaps in an attempt to have one last go at the guest of honor, even commented on how extraordinary it was for a human to receive the affection and obedience of such gorgeous wild beast. The captain merely smiled and bid them good night.

That obedience had utterly vanished amid the scent of desire, as though a bloodlust awakened under the full moon. The wolf snarled as it held the figure of the famous Enterprise captain underneath its legs and paws, the Terran's hard muscles offering no real protection in the face of animal strength. The human was mostly naked, his golden uniform thrown in a hazardous pile underneath the great P'obin table, and what he wore underneath that was in shreds by savage claws, judging by the red marks on his heaving chest.

She had to take a deep breath to calm down and resist the reflex to call security. This was no scene of violence, even though it was somehow expressed as such. The man was laying sprawled with his back flat on the carpet in the middle of the shattered crystal and ruined black cloth, not struggling but not quite still. It took her a moment before she realized he was writhing in lust. There was no fear, only anticipation of both pain and pleasure. It was written there plainly in the ecstasy on that golden face.

"Please," the human's voice came out in a wet, hot whisper. His limbs trembled on the crimson carpet in supplication. "Please, Krinti, please. You're killing me."

The wolf only growled dark and low in response. It lowered its head to the human's abdomen, leaving bright red marks in its trail. Then it bit down firmly—but for a natural predator, delicately. The human's body spasmed at the contact. The captain of the USS Enterprise was making needy incoherent noises like a bitch in heat, with legs splayed wide open. The wolf's tail brushed against his thigh, their cocks rubbing together in a rough rhythm.

"Take me," the human rasped, arching his body up against the wolf's claws, single-minded in thirst for more contact, pale human skin against the thick ebony fur. The wolf went on licking and biting unhurriedly while restraining the human with apparent ease.

The golden retro lamps flickered and she saw the look of utter rapture in his blue eyes.

"Fuck, need you now. Needed you two hours ago, with all those girls flirting with me like that. You know that right? Made me so hot, knowing you'd get jealous like this—"

The wolf snarled and climbed partially off the human. In a smooth motion, it dropped its head between the human's legs, forcing the captain to spread even wider. The human howled out in pleasure as the wolf wrapped a rough tongue around his hardened cock, sucking almost angrily.

Yet that sound soon changed into a whine as the wolf let go of the human's penis, still stiff and unreleased.

"You bastard—"

The wolf moved with ruthless grace and silenced him with a hot tongue coming out between its jaws, forcing its way between the Captain's lips, fucking his mouth. He must have tasted his own precome, along with the animal's scent. Yet the captain seemed to only melt under the touch, his hands coming up to cradle the wolf's neck almost tenderly. He pulled up his legs and wrapped them around the wolf, thighs tightening but the toes curling in anticipation of pleasure.

It was then the wolf mounted him. With one hard deep thrust, it ripped a mindless shriek from his throat. It didn't start moving within him, however, and only licked the human's face, the hollow of his throat where drops of sweat glistened in the light. The wolf waited for its mate to regain some resemblance of bearing before moving again, still slowly.

"Spock," the captain was nearly whimpering now, writhing against the wolf's body, fingers digging into the fur and clinging to the heat. He breathed out that name again, with wondrous adoration. "Spock."

The awareness of the name the human now called the wolf barely registered in her mind as she continued to watch, transfixed. Another lick on the Adam's apple and the wolf allowed some control to slip, the thrusts becoming faster and far more brutal. The human's body shuddered under the pressure, as if the fragile form would give in; but he only bucked his hips up in invitation, desperate for his lover and moans spilling from swollen lips like wine. When he came it was with a muffled cry, his limbs rigid.

"So fucking good," he sighed contently and arched up to kiss the wolf's neck, voice hoarse. "Spock, baby. You are so fucking good to me."

At those words, for the first time the wolf's body gave itself up in a silent shudder. A few more quick thrusts and it collapsed on top of the human's body, panting, and buried its head in the captain's shoulder blade.

Neither of them moved for a long moment, but eventually the wolf stirred, gently kissing the human's blemished torso as if in apology. It did not extricate itself from the other body, however. Instead the canine penis stayed erect, still impaling the human as it had been. The captain didn't seem to mind—he rolled his hips a few times more seemingly for good measure, eliciting a soft growl from his wolf. But there was no more biting, only distracted licks of half-affection.

The human laughed and dragged a blanket off the couch, wrapping it around both of them.

"Just for a little while, okay?"

The wolf seemed perfectly content.




its wrong of me to think this was hot...well done!
It's definitely wrong of you in case you were wondering....
What's Halloween without some good old bestiality slash? ;)

Btw, I believe this is an appropriate theme song for your fic.
Well, I found this hot. :-)
I have no comment....*facepalm*
Well, seeing how I recently stumbled upon actual video (that at least looked real) of women being fucked by dogs and horses, seeing it in fic form actually seems quite tame, also as it IS still Spock in there.

(Re video: There was this conversation about Vulcan genetalia and how it might be differetn that least to mention of different penises that exist on earth that led to me googling stuff. The places research takes you...)
Well despite the fact I had this song going through my head the whole time, I thought this was pretty fantastic. And kind of hot. Its still Spock, so its okay, right? :D
*fans self*

Um, there needs to be more of this. Yeah, there should definitely be more of this.
the harry potter fandom already popped my bestiality cherry, so all i saw was hot. *rereading like woah*

/runs off
same here, totally Sirius'/Remus' fault...

i'm actually kind of surprised there aren't more kinks like this in the ST fandom. what with aliens and "lifeforms" from all over the universe... yeah, my mind takes me places...
yes, this was extremely sexually satisfying. yum
it was really strange strange and Hot fic!!
but i think it could be better if Spock could be half transformed in humanoid form that could be really awesome and the hottest thing in the universe!!!



i first found the link to this on a K/S livejournal like site. the pitchure on top was of TOS Spock and Kirk, in the middle was a K/S and on the right was 2009 Kirk and Spock. does anyone know the address to that site ?

do you mean the KS archive?


Re: do you mean the KS archive?

no. the pitchure was gray except for their hair, eyes, and clothes, and it was a close up.

Re: do you mean the KS archive?

OOOh...you mean the K/S comm on LJ!!!



Re: do you mean the KS archive?

yes. thank you so much. :) :)
Wow. I can't believe I never came across that before. I loved the woman's perspective on Jim at the beginning and the rest wow. Really nothing to be ashamed of there. Would be interesting to see the why of it though. ;) Thanks so much for sharing it with me.
I think you have just put the idea of a first-time-bestiality fic in my head.

Aww. I'm sorry. :( I only meant the 'why' as in the reasoning behind Spock being a wolf, not the 'why' they where having sex to begin with. I'd make it go away if I could. (But if you do write it please let me know. ^.^ )
This was absolutely amazing o.o

...Would it be wrong of me to plead for more? <.<

You know, I guess I differentiate 'beastiality kink' from 'beast-like sentient being kink.'

This is a really terific story in the second category.

I think it's....rare to see even the 2nd kind in fanfiction, let alone the first kind. I'm glad you enjoyed it all the same. :)
Hell, another kink of mine. Not "animalxhuman" but "human(or like) turned (temporary or what) animal x human".
Totally, totally, fucking totally hooot.

I now need more. *_*