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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

10 Genres in 10 Snippets (Supernatural, Dean/Castiel)

Also available in the Kirk/Spock (Star Trek) incarnation.

10 Genres in 10 Snippets
by Renata Lord

1. Angst
Dean never did get his amulet back.

2. AU
"I can see the newsflash already, Cas—'Virgin wants you to hook up with a hot gay angel'."
Castiel rubbed his shoulders. They still hurt a little from the wing prop. "I'm afraid I am no angel."

3. Crack!
Dean thought about it long and hard before changing his Facebook status to "in a relationship."
(Sam noted that all his "people you might know" are still the ex-girlfriends.)

4. Crossover
"What's the matter?" Castiel frowned at the man called Dexter Morgan. "You don't think you deserve to be saved."

5. First Time
"Say yes." The human whispered against his lips. "Say you'd kill for me. Feel for me. Fall from your precious heaven for me."

6. Fluff
Sunlight came through the dirty window, and for a moment Dean thought he saw the wings, strong and beautiful.

7. Humor
Dean arched an eyebrow at Uriel.
"You mean, like…like like?"

8. Hurt/Comfort
"You know I've lost the ability to heal others." Castiel said hesitantly.
Sam sighed.
"None of that angel stuff. Just—go in there and see him. It'll help. I know."

9. Smut
It wasn't paradise. It wasn't the Rapture. But his Grace resonated with it and obliterated every thought except that name on his lips.

0. UST
Castiel's warmth lingers on the Impala's passenger seat, even long after he has vanished into thin air.

And an extra one (No 4. Crossover) for asukajude:

"FBI consultant" Neal Caffrey flashed a very charming smile at the angel. Dean didn't like it. He knew that look all too well.


i love the five!!!!
"Say yes." The human whispered against his lips. "Say you'd kill for me. Feel for me. Fall from your precious heaven for me."
and the n2 au!!!!!

are good you are really great with one sentences or whole a fic!!!!

have you seen mine????
(i don't have icons of supernatural so here a dgm one)
Oh, you like Supernatural too? I didn't know that. :) And oh, DGM.... ;)
These are all awesome, but I especially love #5!
Thank you!
Oh yay! I didn't know you liked him. <3
Wow! These were all splendid but my personal faves would 4,5,8 and 9.
#3!!! It had me laughing.

I also really liked 7 and the AU extra, but I'm biased in my love for AUs.
wonderful! love the AUs, hurt/comfort, and UST.
These are great, especially the UST one, and I'd love to read the humour one.

And a White Collar/Supernatural crossover? That is so relevant to my interests.
Yeah, I really like White Collar, too. I'd love t see Neal (trying to?) con Cas. ;) It would be hilarious.
These are gorgeous.

Even though i'm not the biggest fan of angst, i think no.1 is my favourite, it's short and painfully to the point.

But they are all wonderful and make me smile. :)
Thank you. :D I have a hard time reading other people's angst, but I think I end up writing them myself. In SPN there ae so many ways to do angst, it's hard to resist, almost.

Maybe Spock would regard Castiel as an alien species and try to establish contact with his home planet....yeeeeah....