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tower of light

April 2017

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st - in love, st - otp, st - fated, st - cute k/s, st - kirk/spock

mostly Reboot K/S art rec

(OT but—Snow Day today! So happy.)

On a Mission by yawmin
Breathtaking watercolor. The closeup says so much with no words at all.

There is No One Here by yawmin
Fluffy winter goodness.

Regret by jou
Anything by jou tends to be amazing, but this one absolutely killed me. Mirror!Spock! Long hair! UNIFORM! Angst! Oh I will <3 it until the end of time (and then some).

Tribble!K&S by ayumi_lemura
I cracked up so hard.

Valentine's at K-7 by lama_mama
Another art piece (this one a comic strip) inspired by the tribbleverse. Adorable in entirety and beyond sweet in ending.

Puppy!Kirk and Kitty!Spock by smartass89 & various
Follow the link in the comm to the personal LJ. There are some NSFW stuff, but omg, mainly it just kills with the cuteness.

Year of the Tiger by momo_girlie
Wee!Spock in traditional Chinese attire. Do you have ANY idea how cute that is, people!!

A wild NEWBIE appeared! by cannedebonbon
I love talented newbies. And SPOCK IN CLASSICAL EUROPEAN ATTIRE is so much win, IDEK.

Puppy!Jim plus...NC17 stuff, yeah by cannedebonbon
Somehow I love the first one even more than the 2nd one. Although it has just hit me: OMG puppy!Jim looks like AKAMARU from Naruto!!! (Does that make Spock....Kiba?)

And, of course, last but never the least
Reboot Crossover with SPN by asukajude
Adorable beyond measure. Made me and a whole lotta people go "awwwww".


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