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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

26: About Michael

Inspired by the wonderful 26 series by Tkeyla in the ST fandom. :)

26: About Michael
by Renata Lord

Abraham once asked him why would God decree such a sacrifice at the altar. He replied that the true sacrifice could only be the dearest and the best.

Brothers and sisters have died with his name as the warcry on their lips.

Castiel looks entirely too human in this vessel. He wonders, briefly, if he should have left a mark upon the mortal body when he resurrected it from dust.

Dean Winchester will say yes because, whether he believes it or not, his whole life has been but a brief prologue to this moment, this grand promise.

Elephants would never have made it onto Noah's Ark if it wasn’t for Michael's, ahem, intervention. (In other words, he pointed Noah’s wife to a bag of peanuts.)

Forgiveness is a gift that's not his to give.

Gabriel left without saying goodbye, and somehow that hurt almost as much as Lucifer's rebellious parting.

Hell is measured by its distance from God.

"I am neither the Judge nor the Jury. I am the Judgment."

Jerusalem stands mute and barren, for the songs have breathed their last.


Lucifer is the name he will always call him. Not the Devil, not Satan, but Lucifer, the Light Bringer.

Martyrdom is, theoretically speaking, not a bad idea at all.

Nothing shall separate me from the love of God.

"Oh, so you are just going to stand there and leave me to do all the smiting now?"

Politeness is saintly.

Quis ut Deus? (*)

Raphael was once known as the great healer, though Michael suspects this brother of his hasn't cured so much as a boy's head lice in the past one thousand years.

Samuel Winchester looks every bit as innocent as the Morning Star.

Titanic's box office record has his brother's handprint all over it. Do not argue with him about this.

Understanding humans is not a part of the job description.

Visions are often mistaken for hallucinations, but then again there is an inherent touch of madness in ecstasy.

Witches always ask for the firstborn.

X-rated clubs, that's his chosen vessel's preferred location of hangout on a rare off-day. Well, that and any hole-in-the-wall eatery which serves pie.

Years become centuries, and centuries bleed into eons. Yet the darkness still comprehends not the Light, to the end of days.

Zachariah is exactly the kind of angel who would cast the first stone, though in certain situations this trait is eminently useful.

* Quis ut Deus? (Who is like God?) is the literal meaning of Michael's name. The implicit answer is that no one is like God. This phrase is often seen on Michael's shield, and according to certain Christian traditions he rhetorically asks this as he slays Satan.


I love these. F, G, H,I and J are my favourite.