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tower of light

April 2017

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st - human please

Ten Lies My Captain Told Me (Star Trek XI, Kirk/Spock)

Written as a birthday present for nashaya_rin. LL&P baby!

Ten Lies My Captain Told Me
by Renata Lord (snowlight)

9. Trust me, humans do this all the time.

8. Learning Vulcan was a piece of cake.

7. Your Dad's coming to visit us? Awesome!

6. No Spock, I totally wasn't jealous just because the Deltan ambassador was hitting on you instead of me.

5. Aliens made me do it!

4. Why would I have any knowledge about what would happen if you added tricordinate chrontium solution to common alcohol?

3. It's lovely in Iowa this time of the year.

2. Bones said it’s okay.

1. The computer malfunctioned. I did NOT get fat!


0. But I have done nothing to deserve you.

End Note: The last lie was going to be "Don't worry, I won't die on you." But considering that this piece is for Rin, the Queen of Fluff, I had a change of heart.


how a few words can change the genre to a complete 180. o.o
/evil smile

All's well that ends well?
my favorite one had to be number 9, I can even see the innocent smile he used to say it
i love them!!!
but i prefer your alternative 0!!
You....you do? O_o
because there are lies no?
i totally see Jim tell that to Spock even if he doesn't know if he will live, because he loves him. Is super angst but is epic romantic like them!!
I agree with ariadnechan, I prefer the original last lie, and I'm glad you put it up there even though you didn't actually include it in the story. But then I'm a sucker for angst.

I liked this a lot! :)
Well, I'm glad I cut the cake both ways. :P Thanks!
I agree, your original last line has more of an ..impact.

Though I think 5 is hilarious
Awww~! This was lovely! And I vote for the fluff last line. :-)
Yes it's good but made me cry hard TAT
hahhaha. I love this.