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tower of light

April 2017

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Reminder: help_chile closes tomorrow for this round.

Uh...so I'm kinda amazed my help_chile fic offer is at $35 right now...because I honestly never expected anybody bid for anything close to it. In any case, the bidding closes TOMORROW (3/10) at 16:00GMT (which is like 11:00AM EST according to igrab). If you have the money to spare and you for whatever reason really want that fic of mine...well, last chance, I guess.

(Actually kinda sad about this, because damn I wanted that vid offer by spookyfbi. Alas, I doubt I'd ever win it. /sob This is why I don't ever wanna hear "money is evil", people!)

Also, on a ST novel called The Entropy Effect:

dissociate: Speaking of angst, I read a part of The Entropy Effect yesterday...sooo sad
snowlight: Oh yeah? But happy ending I hope?
dissociate: Yes happy ending. Kirk really does die and there is tons of Spock angst
dissociate: No, no. Kirk somehow comes back in end without realizing what has happened.
snowlight: Phew. In that case, I approve.
dissociate: Spock of course does not tell him what happened...HACHIKO SPOCK SUFFERS SILENTLY
snowlight: Although I admit I want to see the reverse too now….Spock dies, Jim angsts, and it all works out okay.
snowlight: ....oh wait...
snowlight: HELLO CANON

As a popular K/S icon says: We have this kind of stuff for CANON, mofos!


my help_chile fic offer is at $35 right now
\o/ awesome! i love those fandom charity things - it makes me realize that fans CAN be great if they just want to. it's good to realize that sometimes :)

I wanted that vid offer by spookyfbi. Alas, I doubt I'd ever win it.

but, but. it's only at $30 right now, you can still get it! (you should have seen the prices for some vids over on help_haiti, damn. that was really really out of my league... there are people who have so much of money to spare)

+ right now it looks like i'm getting two awesome vidders for an extremely low price, huh. i thought betting would get A LOT higher than this...
I would bid more if that was the only thing I wanted, but I'm also bidding on other stuff with the full intention to win them, so....
oh yeah, there's so much awesome stuff. YAY.
we extend it to 23:59 gmt!
Oh cool. I was worried about the ending time because I can't access LJ at work....
that's why we change it!!
i see that the our was too early for almost everybody!

i'm so exited for the end of it!!

there is a lot of bids right now in progress

in the icon is kanda??
I dunno. Certainly could be....
oh i don't have that icon, but it is from annoncomment7 , but it is a lot like this one!!

and i must read novels !

Star trek canon is like other fandoms' fanon :D