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tower of light

April 2017

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st - garak/bashir, ds9 - garak, ds9 - garak/bashir

Garak/Bashir: I came for the porn and the wit, I stayed for the love. (what?)

I entirely blame Tekko for this, but I have fallen for Garak/Bashir, head over heels and all that, so that now when I watch the Bashir meeting Tain scene all I can thnk of is "OMG OMG OMG he's meeting his father-in-law and he's kicking ass."

Measurements by isagel is what got me in, and Letters from the Northern Continent by thehoyden is probably what sealed the deal. And Literacy by the same author is just cute!

From Memory Alpha:

Robinson's initial performance as Garak received scrutiny as his portrayal was interpreted as Garak being homosexual or bisexual. Robinson denied that his portrayal was intended to portray Garak as homosexual, and, rather, implied that he was omnisexual.[2] As a result of the controversy, Robinson removed the particular characteristic from Garak.

"I had planned Garak not as homosexual or heterosexual but omnisexual, and the first episode I had with Bashir played that way gave people fits. So I had to remove that characteristic from him." -Andrew J. Robinson

What? Just. WHAT?

Oh God, I AM FANGIRLING SO HARD, it's not even funny. >_<

Also, I decided Be the One by BoA is a perfect song for this ship (at least, the fanon of this ship). English version of lyrics here, original Japanese version here.

手段なら 選ばない 誰かも狙っているから
取り合ったり 取られたり 奪ったりもするんじゃない

その胸に don't tell a lie
抽象的ならあってないよな 曖昧なる未来
take a chance, take a chance, カタチにして
so I trust you will be the one




(Youtube related for sentiment, not content)

Re: the Tain video

Man, the quieter and softer Bashir's voice gets, the more sinister and forceful he becomes. XD

Re: the Tain video

He is so good for Garak. <3
Yay for more Garak/Bashir love! I didn't know you were a DS9 viewer too. I thought you got into Trek fandom via the reboot.

Oh, and there was this one episode where Garak and Bashir actually exchanged chocolates! ::dies from squee inside::

And Robinson wrote a DS9 novel called "Stitch in Time" about Garak. There's no slashiness in it, but it's like an actor writing official fic about his own character. You just gotta read it!

The last time I heard the term "omnisexual", it was used to describe Capt. Jack of the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. But omnisexuality was best represented by James Marsters appearance in S2, where he commented on the hotness of a poodle. X_x;;
Yeah, um, I actually never watched DS9 before this. I got into Trek watching through TNG (which I loved), and the Trek fandom via XI. But dissociate loves G/B, showed me the fics the other day, and after some poking around on Memory Alpha I just was mesmerized. So right now I'm kind of blowing through the heavier G/B episodes of DS9. So...if you write me G/B for that drabble meme that would be great too! :P

Oh and I actually got a G/B doujinshi while in Japan!!! :D :D :D
I started watching TNG in 4th grade. When I had to make up math problems for hw, I wrote shit like "Geordi needs 2,000 energon cubes to power the warp core. He lost 30 when the Borg attacked. How many does he have now?" xD

My fav Trek Capt. is Sisko. And DS9 (a.k.a. the dark sheep of the ST family) is my favorite series in the franchise.

Though I did hate on Trek for a while when I went through my B5 phase cause B5 was more daring in terms of long-term story arcs and moral choices.
I wrote shit like "Geordi needs 2,000 energon cubes to power the warp core. He lost 30 when the Borg attacked. How many does he have now?" xD

Hahaha that's awesome! I used to use Pokemon to tutor kids while in high school...it wasn't he same.

My fav. Trek captain will always be the one and only. Sisko grew on me (in the few episodes that I watched)! I also think Kira would have made an interesting captain if she was in Starfleet....

Oh and since you are here, I need help with a bit of canon: Do Cardassians bury their dead like humans do?

It was covered in an episode where Kira had a Cardassian foster father who had adopted her when she was brainwashed and surgically altered to look like his lost and/dead daughter, but he didn't know (my god, it sounds like a soap opera!)... and then, he was dying, so he visited the station to do a Cardassian tradition where you spill all your enemies' secrets to your kids' so they'll have leverage against the family's enemies. MWAHAHA! It's so Cardassian. And maybe even Romulan.

And Gul Dukat was interfering and talking about taking the body to inter on Cardassia.
ST is a soap opera at times! You need to look no further than Amok Time.

And good, now I can write Garak taking Julian to visit Mila's grave!
I haven't seen any TOS eps in their entirety except for "The Trouble With Tribbles" (due to having first seen the DS9 ep where they go back to TOS, which was technical and editing marvel) and another one where the TOS crew worked together w/ the Klingons to drive off a negative energy sucking entity.