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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

Foresight (Code Geass drabble, Suzaku/Lelouch)

Written for ishoutedai as a part of the drabble request meme (which is still open, by the way).

by snowlight
Code Geass, Suzaku/Lelouch

Kururugi Suzaku's grave was destroyed last night, most likely just before dawn.

The surprise wasn't so much that it happened, but rather it happened now, more than twenty years after the Glorious Uprising. But in retrospect, some hate never dies.

Like the true favorite of a mad emperor, the Knight of Zero was buried on the royal burial ground, next to an empty slot which, it had been rumored, Lelouch the Tyrant had once chosen for himself. Since the public never learned what exactly became of Lelouch's body, the infiltrators probably targeted the Kururugi site as the next best thing on the menu.

The burial ground is swarming with media personnel now. People want details. They want answers to all the wrong questions. They want to know if Kururugi's remains have been desecrated or, heaven forbid, stolen.

As for me, all I want to know is if the actual content of the casket may ever be recovered. It’s not much—a pocket watch and a lock of hair, tied together neatly with a ribbon. I had scolded him for sentimentalism when he cut his hair and laid it down next to my pocket watch, but he only looked at me with that smile of his, saying that it would have been wonderful for us to die together.


Wow. Perfect!

最后一段尤其GJ~虽然不太记得朱雀有佩戴locket,但是我比较肯定that smile of his是指Lelouch。啊啊~~又让我回想起那洗白白的最后一集了,真的希望两人分别假死就是真正的结局。
信物可以托付……除了那个geass.... -.- 不过我倒希望某人是死透了。
That last line really sounded like Lelouch. Melodramatic to the end...

But I don't remember Suzaku owning a locket. Rollo was the one in the series obsessed w/ a locket Lelouch gave him.

Suzaku did carry a pocket watch that saved his life in episode 1, when it stopped a bullet that knocked him out cold. The watch belonged to his dad, whom he murdered.
Oh righto. Yeah, I don't recall Suzaku having a locket, either. I just knew he had something...my canon is fuzzy because while I watched it I was mostly going "oh god WHAT is this". I'll change that. Thanks! =D
Come to think of it, burying the watch is just a perfect move, cause it's also laying the guilt of his father's death to rest, and now it's not his sins that he has to bear, but Lelouch's.
Wow! This was achingly heart-breaking. ♥