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tower of light

April 2017

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st - garak/bashir, ds9 - garak, ds9 - garak/bashir

Equilibrium (Star Trek DS9, Garak/Bashir drabble, rated R)

Written for buoy as a part of the drabble request meme. Also comes from sacred_20 prompt #17: Confession.

Title: Equilibrium
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating: R

From this angle, Elim Garak no longer appears utterly invulnerable. Julian notes how those eyes, heavy-lidded, are looking up into his face with unconcealed desire and something akin to tenderness. He takes a swipe at the scaled neck ridges, tasting the sweat on his fingertip—as sweet as Tarkalean tea, and only slightly less addictive.

But then Garak starts to speak, and the spell breaks.

"Ask me the question."

He grins and twists his hips just enough to extract a small gasp from Garak. The heat inside him shudders, diffusing through his entire body.

"Ask me the question, Julian." Garak says again, though this time in a soft murmur. "You have always wanted to."

Julian leans down and briefly silences that wonderful, infuriating mouth with a shallow kiss.

"No, I will not. Your lies are always very interesting, Elim. But sometimes I think you are capable of nothing else. You will be like this until the day you die."

"I will have you know I am capable of a great deal of things."

As if to prove the point, Garak grabs his waist with both hands and begins to move with a calculated, exhilarating violence. Julian makes a noise that's not entirely in protestation, almost falling back onto his heels.

Before the heat engulfs him and drags him down under like a wave, he feels Garak arching up to bite him once on the spot under his ribcage—a decidedly reptilian instinct, yet one that feels strangely human in its possessiveness.

"My dear, I think I want to die with a kiss from you on my lips and a lie in my Cardassian heart. I think that would be perfect."




Yes, as you surely know, I can be bribed. Most easily, with porn. XD
Beautiful. Sometimes drabbles can feel incomplete because of the limitation on the length, but this felt complete and very evocative of the amazing energy between these two. I adored it!
Thanks! And this is totally not all that short for me.
Love this!
Thank you. :D
I love the part like "love is a lie but forever"~~~

p.s.: 头像是戴古?
Nice little piece capturing their relationship: the attraction and the feeling that they can't quite trust one another but can't pull away. Well done!

Yes, that's exactly how I pictured their relationship in this one. (Well, one of two scenarios, in any case.) Thanks so much. <3
Oooh, very nice debut! Please go ahead and write more. :o)
Yay thanks. :D I definitely have a few bunnies going at the moment. Hopefully they will be unleashed upon the general populace soon!
Oh I love it so much ^_^
and so great for your first time writing them ^_^
I love this so much! Congratulations on a very well-written delightful first G/B drabble! You captured their playfulness and their love for one another so well. Please continue to write more of these two. Thank you for sharing this with us!

*finally realizes what's the text on your icon* <---LOL FOREVER

Thanks. I definitely have a few other bunnies roaming around...this ship bit me hard, much to my delight. :D
Interesting. Poetic!Garak is new. ^^

He has always demonstrated an interest in literature. (and who is to say Julian hasn't finally gotten through his skull on human lit?)
Absolutely perfect. I love that it's a bit sexy but never loses the teasing play between them that is absolutely essential.