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tower of light

April 2017

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tower of light

Le Wrath di Khan & badass!Julian in DS9 G/B fanfiction

ROBOT CHICKEN: Le Wrath di Khan.

Star Trek II: the puppet opera.
(ST电影II之人偶歌剧版本。太强了太强了太强了太强了O_______o 绝对不要错过!!!)

anon_j_anon possibly killed me with this link. Srsly.


On the characterization of Julian Bashir in DS9 fanfiction, particularly G/B fanfiction which I've read (which admittedly isn't all that much, both because I'm picky as a reader and because a lot of the stories have been swallowed by the abyss that is internet):

I personally prefer "flower of humanity" (genetic enhancement aside) a la Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges Julian Bashir, but a potential problem with that Julian in fanfiction is that he's sometimes rendered too soft and mindlessly fluffy (but of course, when it's done right it approaches personal canon for me, like Letters from the Northern Continent).

Fics which feature a hardass!Julian, on the other hand, are few and far in between—but interesting to read as a whole. The idea of shedding Juilan of his idealism and mercy can be perversely captivating, and to have a G/B romance in that context is fascinating. I think I was introduced to this idea by thornsilver's The Heart of the Matter, and it came to life full force with an even older story, Charon's Time Keeps On Slipping....

Time Keeps On Slipping... is a great story, though of course no story is ever perfect. I find the UST touching, even if a bit too classical "I love him he loves me not." But the story's focus is on Julian with the G/B relationship as an anchor, because Julian is the one so changed, not Garak. The bathtub scene filled me with glee (no, not the porn kind). The ending is...nice. I'm not quite sure what to think of it (forced? sappy? fairytale? original? mixed? confused reccer is confused), but I do like it.

What I would really like to see is how G&B, once they get together (and of course they will, because this reccer have already drank the kool-aid), deal with Julian's transformation. Sure, Garak is used to realism and cynicism and all that, and he has often expressed a desire for Julian to stop being so doe-eyed at the world. But I can't help but think that a part of Garak's fascination with Julian is because of the latter's optimism and idealism. He would approve of Julian finding cloud in every silver lining, but...I dunno, I think there would also be a part of him that would be saddened. It would make an fundamental twist for their relationship, albeit an interesting one.

Lastly, a dirty, dirty confession: I totally dug it when Julian got slapped in Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges.