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tower of light

April 2017

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a look at Julian as the "flower of humanity"

renata: but, oh, I LOVE Julian
he IS the flower of humanity T_T

all that is goodly
he could have gone anywhere...but he went to the edge of nowhere because he wanted to help T_T

renata: the irony is, he IS genetically enhanced and thus not quite "human" in that regard
but what makes me truly love him is not his IQ but his integrity and his compassion
(and the fact that he turns to pudding around Garak)
so, the name "flower of humanity" may be talking about his PERFECT GENETICS to some, but to me, it's really about THE INNER STUFF
(though, of course, one would question....if Julian did not get the genetic enhancement...would he ever have a chance to shine as CMO of DS9...)

ligeia: it was heavily suggested Julian was mentally...handicapped or slow
Garak wouldn't care about the shiny enhancements, not really...what draws Garak to Julian is Julian's nature

renata: yeah but if Julian was some random guy working at a fast food joint....

ligeia: lolol

renata: who couldn't talk to him about the novels, the philosophies

ligeia: True

renata: who didn't save him (and all those other people) from certain death
who didn't venture into Cardassian space alone to face Tain for his sake
so, I'm conflicted

ligeia: I think the innocence/etc was what drew him in in the beginning, perhaps…that and Julian was hot

renata: XD XD XD
yeah let's not forget that
my point is, though, Garak approached Julian knowing he was the CMO, Dr. Bashir

ligeia: mmhmm...

renata: would he have been interested in an innocent, say, random human ensign?

ligeia: but why Julian, though, all the same? There are plenty of other prominant people there as well

renata: Well since I drank the kool-aid I'm going to say it's because of fate.....?

ligeia: DESTINY

renata: I think Julian is....mostly at peace with the OUTCOME of the modification? He flaunts his calc powers in front of Garak.

ligeia: (lol, trying to impress him?)

renata: (lololol)
A part of their banter I'm sure. Of course, he feels bitter about the reason WHY it happened.

ligeia: right

renata: So I wonder what does Julian himself think about this subject. Would he have preferred to not be enhanced?

ligeia: He's probably mixed about it? He seemed pretty upset at his dad, at least, on the ep where it was revealed, but ultimately came to terms with it (also his dad took the fall for him XD)

renata: Right, but I think the main reason he was upset because...
he felt that his parents....abandoned him.
And I realized, previous to the blowup, he's been pretty much living on a lie. At least that's how he must have felt himself.
I remember reading on memory alpha that it was speculated he PURPOSELY got a question wrong on his final exam so somebody else can be the valedictorian....and take the spotlight off him. To me, that says so much about the fear and pressure he was living under.