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tower of light

April 2017

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sons and daughters of Alisan

Tried my hand at translating songs again. This one is a famous Chinese folksong Alas, I'm afraid much of the natural charm of the original is lost in my translation.

Green Mountain Peaks
also known as: The Maiden of Alisan

Green are the mountain peaks
And the creek water is hued blue
Alisan's maidens are beautiful as the water
Her young men, strong as the mountain

The peaks are ever green
The creeks a perenial blue
The maiden and the youth shall never be separated
The blue water forever circles the green mountain

Alisan is a mountain range in the Chiayi area of Taiwan.
Youtube vid here (as performed by the legendary Teresa Teng).


Ooooh, I recognize that song! Though I never would've known w/o you including the YouTube vid.

::goes to put it on my list::
Cool. :) I'm not familiar with Cantonese songs in general, but I love Jackey Cheung's 太陽星辰.
I also recognize lots of well-known Mandarin kid's songs, like "The Train is Coming!" and "All Mothers in the World are the Same." (This is b/c my mom ran a day care for about 4 yrs.) I should probably make a list for that too.

Do you translate Chinese-English as a profession? Cause I'm really tempted to just pay someone to meet me at a Starbucks, and go over these songs w/ me.
I don't do translation professionally, although I would certainly like to. In any case, I'd be happy to go over your songs with you. If you feel obliged to compensate me for my time, you can just buy me coffee and bring some interesting conversation. :P I don't know Cantonese though!

Edited at 2010-04-03 01:18 pm (UTC)
I immediately compiled a list after our talk here. Oddly, nearly all the kids' songs I know are in Mandarin, which is right up your alley. O_o;

But yeah, meeting w/ you would be awesome! It's just hard to know when. All my days are busy, and every weekend since 3 weeks ago has had me involved w/ something.

Case in point: this weekend is my volunteering for MoCCA Art Fest, and next weekend is Bollywood and Anime in America at the American Museum of Natural History.

And now I gotta run off to mom's. I'm late again! X_x
Ah, at first glance, I think I know about half of the songs on your list. :) Where in the city are you? I wander to Manhattan periodically. As for schedule, eh, just let me know when things calm down a bit. :)
OMG, we're in May now?! X_x

Whenever people ask me where I live, I just say Flushing (my daily stomping grounds). I split my time b/t Kew Garden Hills (the bf) and Fresh Meadows (the 'rents and little bro).

But yeah, I'm really behind on your LJ. (And all the 'net things I wanna read.) I remember reading that you were interested in studying Spanish. But now I can't find that post.

Busy life is busy. Dunno how you manage so much fangirling and ficcing. Is envious. Zzzzzz.
I'd like to remind you that you still owe me a drabble from the exchange meme a while back. ;) I demand Garak/Bashir!

About the meetup—I'm quite busy in May but I'm free in June if that works for you. :) I will have to ask to meet in Manhattan, though. I don't drive and Flushing is soooo far by train, especially on the way back, heh.